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ECS Engineering Career Services ECS Orientation Meeting John Archambault and Kathy Prem M1002 ECB 608.262.3471, ECS Engineering Career Services • Serve freshmen through PhD’s; current students and alumni • Main focus is engineering – Also serve computer sciences, physics, pharm sci and MBA OTM • PostDoc/Exchange Students – limited service ECS Engineering Career Services • Main offices located on the mezzanine level of the Engineering Centers Building (ECB) – room M1002 – Eng. Student Development Suite • On-Campus Interview Suite – room 1002 • ECS Locker rooms – Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 4:30 PM ECS Engineering Career Services • Connect students and employers for – Summer internships, co-ops and professional (after graduation) employment • Advise students and provide resources on all aspects of the job or grad/prof school search – Resumes, interviewing, considering job offers and grad/prof school applications • John Archambault, Director – Advises CEE, CMPE, EE, GLE, IE and MSE • Kathy Prem, Associate Director – Advises BME, CBE, EMA, EP, MS&E, ME and NE ECS Engineering Career Services • Provide campus recruiting software, myECS, to – Post resume profiles (AVAILABLE TO EMPLOYERS SEPT 13) • Complete by this date for max opportunities – Search all job listings – View campus visits, such as career fairs, campus interviews and information sessions – Ease student sign-up for campus interviews – House database of employer who hire by major – Host other job search databases and resources ECS Employer Database • Campus Recruiting Employers • Job Posting Employers • Profile Access Employers • Outside Databases – Hoover’s – Vault – GoinGlobal ECS Engineering Career Services • Membership required for access to myECS for campus interviews, advance career fair list, job postings, resume referral, other on-line resources • You do not need to be a member for career fairs, staff appointments, ECS workshops, office resource library ECS To Take Advantage of myECS • Attend an ECS Orientation Meeting • Provide a printed copy of Member Contract & Resume Profile to ECS – If you brought these documents, give them to a staff member at the end of the meeting – If you did not, complete an attendance card anyway and give it to a staff member at the end of the meeting • Pay the one-time fee of $20 ECS Calendar & Events Tips • Today – Begin process of activating myECS account • Continually update Profile throughout semester – Begin your resume • Know difference between resume and myECS profile • Have resume polished by career fair • Resume reviews: – Drop off by 9/9 pick up on 9/12 – Drop off by 9/14 pick up on 9/19 – Individual appointments or 48 hour review service after 9/26 ECS Why do you need a resume? • To obtain an interview – It’s an advertisement for you • Be honest and factual • Shows you in your best light • Emphasizes strengths, qualifications, interests – Post on myECS, submit directly to employers • To hand out at career fairs – It’s your introduction • Professional presentation – easily scanned • Format and content are equally important – Bring multiple copies to the fair • 1 or 2 versions? ECS Why do you need a resume? • To prepare for and guide the interview – It’s an outline for your discussion • Tailored to each position – projects, experience • Be prepared to talk about anything on your resume for 5 minutes – Give a copy to everyone you interview with • To follow-up after an interview – It’s a reminder • Refreshes your recruiter on your interview discussion – Send with your thank you for every interview ECS What should you include? • Name & contact Information • Objective • Education • Experience • Projects • Skills / Awards / Interests / Activities / Publications • Anything else you think is important… – High school information ok to use as a freshman or sophomore ECS Contact examples ECS Objective • Write 2 – 3 phrases outlining the type of position you are seeking and your special interest areas – Co-op, intern or professional – Engineering major – Interests in particular industries or functional areas •Do not: •Use words like “challenging” •Focus on what the employer can do for you •Do: •Be straightforward •Customize to the opportunity •Indicate your interest areas ECS Objective examples • Bad example: – A fulfilling position in mechanical engineering where I can expand my communication and leadership skills. • Straightforward, useful information: – A geological engineering co-op position in water resources management or remediation for a maximum of three work terms. ECS Education BS Mechanical Engineering, expected Dec 2012 University of Wisconsin - Madison – Major GPA 3.5/4.0 Cumulative GPA 3.1/4.0 – Other Possibilities • Coursework – limited list only! • Academic projects – can also be a separate section • Areas of emphasis • Honors, scholarships ECS Education example University of Wisconsin-Madison B.S. Engineering Mechanics, expected May 2012 – Engineering GPA 3.2/4.0, Cumulative GPA 2.8/4.0 – Academic Design Projects • Mars Wind Machine: Completed stress and displacement analysis of Giromill airfoils. Determined most effective internal airfoil construction and material. • High Voltage Power Line Hybrid Crossarm: Developed an efficient design process. Completed stress/strain analysis for worst case scenario; appropriate materials selection/dimension analysis. – Selected Course Work • Advanced Strength of Materials, Finite Elements, Material Fatigue, Aerodynamics ECS Experience • Highlight any engineering or relevant experience – Potential section titles (might change for each position): • Experience Or… – Engineering Experience – Other Experience Or… – Industrial Experience – Academic Experience ECS Experience • Format the same as the education • Use action verbs and phrases – See pages 18-19 of ECS Job Search Guide • Quantify descriptions whenever possible, using #, $ and % – Managed the operation of a municipal pool service over 1000 customers each day. Supervised a staff of 7 lifeguards. Required strong organizational skills. Saved $3000 for college expenses. ECS Experience example Developed low-stress, clear and textured optical quality polycarbonate film products used in display and data storage applications on state-of-the-art extrusion lines using Six Sigma tools. • Team leader in commercialization of product with projected revenue of $4.8 million in 2002. • Key team member in commercialization of product with projected revenue of $8 million in 2002. • Trained all incoming staff (14) over course of semester. ECS No experience? • Everyone has experience! – Academic projects • Also appropriate in education or own section – Volunteer experience • Also appropriate in additional information – Any work experience ECS Not just engr. co-op/internship • All jobs are important – Indicate strong work ethic – Shows skills like leadership, communication, time management, working with others, meeting deadlines, etc. – May also balance a GPA below 3.0 • Worked 20 hours/week while full-time student • Paid 80% of college expenses through part-time work Silverspring Golf Course, Middlebury, IL Caddie, Summers 2005-2007 – Developed strong interpersonal skills in working with variety of customers and management. – Enhanced already strong work ethic by working 12 hours/day for 3 months each summer. Saved $3,300 over 4 summers. – Promoted to caddy master in 2007. – Trained and supervised eight new hires. ECS What skills do you have? • Computer skills – Be inclusive: languages, platforms, programs • Language skills • Convey the level of proficiency – Proficient – Fluent – Familiar with ECS What else should you include? • Activities – Engineering or community organizations • Volunteer experience • Awards, scholarships, honors • What else are you interested in/spend time on? – UW Marching Band, intramural sports teams, restoring old cars, and Eagle Scout ECS Is the format important? • Resumes are looked at VERY quickly – ½ content, ½ appearance – In general, one page for BS students, often 2 pages for MS students – White space is necessary between sections – Quality printing on white or light paper so it’s easy to read – Use bullets, bolding, etc. • But not too much… ECS Is your resume ready? • Proofread • Have a friend/roommate proofread • ECS – Drop-off review – Appointment after Career Connection ECS Career fair resume • For the Career Connection only, include at the bottom of each resume: – Student ID – Work Authorization • (See your profile for wording) – Candidate Type • (co-op/intern/professional) •Intern Will now or in the near future require sponsorship 902225558 ECS Final Product ECS ECS Interviewing Preparation • Prepare to Interview – Practice with friends/family • Handbook review – 75 questions – Questions to ask • Interview workshops/Mock Interviews – See ECS Calendar ECS Interviews & myECS • Campus Interviews associated with career fair • No electronic sign-up, not in myECS • Talk to employers at fair • Interviews on 9/22 & 9/23 • Campus Interviews AFTER career fair • myECS sign-up for interviews • You MUST sign-up for each interview you have • Interviews start 10/4 – sign up starts 9/27 (7 am) – Posted on myECS in two places: • Datebook AND Job Postings ECS Sign-up Possibilities • You can sign-up for a campus interview if you are either – Qualified to sign the interview schedule – Granted priority (invited) to sign the interview schedule – Interview sign-up opportunities are different each day – Sign-ups begin each weekday at 7 a.m. ECS 1 st Day of Interview Sign-up • Reserved for priority students – You will have only 1 day (24 hours) to sign-up – If you miss 24 hour sign-up window, no guarantee • Employers grant students Priority – Priority supersedes qualification match ECS 2nd Day of Interview Sign-up • Qualified Sign-up – Based on Employer’s Job Description Qualifiers • Major, degree level, work authorization and type of job sought (intern, co-op or professional) • Compete against all other qualified students for remaining interview slots • Alternate Priority Selections – Employer chooses at same time they make their priority selections • Compete against other alternate candidates for remaining interview slots – Signing-up after other Priority students sign-up ECS Request Priority Sign-up • How do I improve my odds of being granted priority by an employer? – Develop an excellent profile, with deliberate key words – Request priority for the employer on myECS • You are allowed 50 requests each semester – Talk to employers at the career fair – Contact employers directly – network!!