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Service with 22 years experience looking for a Supervisor position.


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    December 1969
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Miles Van Tassel 510 Flat Rock Rd 864-419-6565 [cell] Liberty SC 29657 [email protected] Career Summary An electrical engineer with a track record of successful start ups, fast repairs and innovative solutions to technical production problems. Experience in contin uous strip industries. These industries include paper, plastic, sheet metal, tex tiles both woven and non-woven. Adaptable to new products as the generations of control equipment improved. Familiar with many different manufactures with knowl edge of their limitations and the quality of their innovations. A leader in p roject management installing and starting up non-woven lines overseas. Team-ori ented in construction and trouble shooting. Served as an GE Apprentice where I ran machine tools. Promoted to electrical apprentice. Performed building mainten ance and worked in the 15KVA power generation building. Previous experience wit h analog control systems. Conducted testing and troubleshooting of analog DC dri ves and control boards. Areas of Expertise -PLCs and Software Siemens - TieSoft, Step7 WonderWare - InControl Beckhoff - TwinCat Allen Bradley - CompactLogix , RSLogix 500 / 5000, PLC5 GE - 90-30, 90-70, Versa Pro, Series Six, Logic Master PLC Direct - DirectSoft32 Yokogawa - FAM3, WideField Modicon - Modsoft Omron - CX Programmer Reliance - AutoMax V2, V3, V4 Ladder Logic, Function Block Diagram Sequential Function Chart or Graph Set Areas of Expertise - AC and DC drives and Servos Siemens - SimoReg, SimoVert, 6SE70 Toshiba - Toshvert Fincore - 2200, 3160, 3260 Yaskawa - SigamWin-MotionWorks, 515 Reliance - GV3000, MaxPakIII, FlexPak GE - DC300, AC300, AC500 Allen Bradley - Drive Explorer ABB - ACS600 Areas of Expertise - HMI, MMI, OIT, Displays WonderWare - InTouch Maple Systems - EZ Builder Beckhoff - TwinCat Allen Bradley - Panel Builder32, Factory Talk UniOp - Designer Proface - GP-Pro/PBII Cuttler Hammer - PannelMate Reliance - ShopMax Areas of Expertise - Communications EtherNet/IP Modbus TCP/IP Modbus DeviceNet Profibus DP Areas of Expertise - Misc Software CAD - AutoCad Electrical, Visio Editors - PFE, Mega Edit, TextPad Visual Basic OS - DOS, Windows (95, 98, 2000, XP) Microsoft - Word, Excel, Outlook System Backup - Acronis, VM Areas of Expertise - Electrical Power Equipment MCC, motor control center assemble Switch gear maintenance 15KVA line splices Steam turbine dis-assembly AC/DC motor maintenance Areas of Expertise - Industries and Applications Paper making Non-Woven industry: Blend, Carding, Crosslapper, Needle Punch, Tenter Textile lines: Wash ranges, Sanforizor, Tenter, Slasher, Dyeing, Finishing Steel lines: Pickle, Slitter, Paint Container cranes Winders, constant tension center winder, surface winders Professional Experience Automated Designs LLC. (Liberty, SC March 2009 - Present Owned by Miles Van Tassel, A service oriented business providing quality suppor t and service for breakdowns and start ups both here and overseas. Owner of Automated Designs LLC. Provide on site service for breakdowns. Project Management: Installation and start up of a non-woven line in India. Start up service in the automotive industry. ProCtec (Greenville, SC) October 2007 - March 2009 This is a German based company that started a field office in the US in 2002. Applications Engineer Quote and design systems as per customer specification. Supervised the assembly. Travel and start up. Met NEC standards. Design and start up of a non-woven line using Allen Bradley control components a nd AC drives. The system included a carding machine, crosslapper, needle loom an d winder. Breakdown and modifications to local Siemens control systems. Support of legacy control systems. Automated Designs LLC. (Liberty, SC) October 2006 - October 2007 Started and owned by Miles Van Tassel, A service oriented business that focused on servicing the textile industry.. Owner of Automated Designs LLC. Provide on site service for breakdowns with 24 hour support. Modifications and start up in the non-woven industry. Electric Systems Inc. (Chattanooga, TN) March 1992 - October 2006 A major supplier of control systems for the South East textile industry. This b usiness was sold to NSC-USA, then sold again to RA Moore. Industries also inclu ded paper and tire making. ESI control equipment included web handling and proc ess control. Field Service Engineer Engage customers on a daily bases to solve their technical problems while genera ting repeat business. Influenced the compensation structure of the sales quotes to include profit as a bonus. Changed the control design of dye lines saving 1.3 million in lost production fo r our customers. Determined why ABB drives had a 10 percent failure rate. Developed software for edge tape winders. Lead start up man for constant tension center winders. Taught on site customer training schools. Developed programmed learning training tutorials. GE (King of Prussia, PA) October 1988 - March 1992 Service Engineer Engage customers on a daily bases to solve there technical problems while genera ting repeat business. Attended the GE field engineering program. Including: PCB certification, safety training, project management and, container crane certification. Attended the GE Corporate Entry Leadership Conference, CELC. Replaced defective assemblies on production runs installed DC drives sold to cus tomers. Taught customer training schools. Drive, PLC and DCS start ups. Expedited and tracked parts. Wrote quotes for drive systems. See Education January 1985 - October 1988 GE (Erie, PA) May 1981 - January 1985 Electromechanical Apprentice The GE apprentice program is a four years of on the job training with night scho ol courses. Ten percent of the class is dismissed each semester creating a comp etitive environment. The top two of the class are chosen for the electrical opti on which I accepted. Operated saws, grinders, lathes, milling machines and CNC machines. Installed and repaired control and security systems. Conducted building maintenance including sub-stations. Industrial electric installation: conduit, lighting systems, wire pulling, motor maintenance. Power house 15KVA generation: Wire pulling/splicing, turbine maintenance. Safety training, high and low voltage. GE (Erie, PA) July 1979 - March 1981 Trouble Shooter GE manufactured locomotives and DC drives in Erie PA. GE constructed drives and control systems with field offices around the world. The systems at this time were analog and manufacturing was in the process of being automated. Tested and repaired analog circuit boards. Inspect and test incoming vendor electronic parts. Education B.S. - Electrical Engineering Pennsylvania State University 1/1985 - 5/1988 3.1 GPA 3.5 years to complete. EIT certified Certificates and Night school GE Apprentice Program GE Field Engineering Program Basic Auto Mechanics Basic Digital Principles Microprocessor Fundamentals I, II Introduction to Mini-Computers Cobol Programming I GE Process Lines GE AC/DC 300 GE Crane Drives GE Winders FactoryLink IV