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Patra Publication’s See & Earn (See advertisements & Earn Money) --:: A prestiigiious part--tiime jjob on iinternet::-A prest g ous part t me ob on nternet © 2008-09. All Right Reserved ( First Edition: 2008) Versiion 1.01 Vers on 1 01 Written, Edited and published by : M r . B N P at ra Ads : H.No. 9. Indipur Kamakhyanagar DKL , Orissa, India 18 P R E FA CE ‘SEE & EARN’ is a know-how E-book for part time internet job. The objective of this e-book is to give you a solid income opportunity of earning from your home. And the best part is that our company absolutely demands no fees to start up. I am not telling you a story. It’s the fact and I would make you earn here! Tell me. It sounds good, “ See and earn”. But what to see ? Who will pay you ? & why ? Yes ! This e-book describes it answers in step-by-step. Don’t miss any word or line. Do the practical work. And tell me your feedback. I am sure to hear from you that you have started earning !!! Then why to wait ? Start … Table of Contents Introduction How it works Brief Overview Action Plan (Step-by- step) FAQs CO-ordinating work Appendix Go to Previous page Go to next page. Read this page again Get a job in 72 hours Visit Sponsored Ads INTRODUCTION From the Publisher… start up. Lets us give you a little idea about the field you are going to start today. W elcome ! You are finally ready to step into the world of internet jobs. And it is just a few steps ahead to start your jobs for which you have been waiting till now. Take a look at each step. Do start practically. Each step is prior important for a successful The internet has revolutionized every aspect of human life including the way of living.Starting from writing a letter by email to make life partner is possible through internet. And the great thing yet to discuss is the earning through internet. Yes, the earning through internet. You find there are millions of people all around of the world earning money on internet. But the difficulty is that most of us unaware to get the idea of earning through internet or lack of opportunity to get a best job that could really work !!!! Isn’t it ?? Is Internet job is difficult to start ??? You also find there are a number of agencies run their advertisement in news paper, magazines and internet claming to teach you to earn huge amount of money through internet. But most of them charge you heavy fees for their course before you earn. This is the main reason most people find it difficult . But here is something different. Absolutely there is no charge before or after you earn. Just do the job and get paid. However after a long time hard work I got able to publish this E-book for all of my readers worldwide who are passionate to earn practically using internet with no preinvestment. It is available in almost all leading book stores, magazine stores with a best affordable price. Service to society: ‘See& Earn’ is designed to educate its readers regarding the internet job works and its earning opportunities in part time. So it plays a great role to motivate its readers to be self independent instead of fighting for the existed job vacancies. Hence not only it aims to educate its readers but a service to our society for the solution of ‘unemployment crises’ - By Mr. BN Patra, Indipur, K.Nagar, DKL.Orissa India. Make it happen. Please be sure that you are going to make it happen practically. Because it is designed especially to be suitable for beginners’. But you should have a strong desire and determination to succeed. Start your mission now. Get a job in 72 hours Visit Sponsored Ads Get your dream friend with in you city. Join free now. Click here Sponsered Ads. HOW IT WORKS. What is See & Earn : ‘See & Earn’ is the know-how manual of a system of earning while you see advertisement on internet. It describes the inside secrets that how to see advertisement and get paid from the companies. You see ads Company gets publicity you get money. Do see an advertisement and earn money. It is a revolutionary concept in online advertising. In this system companies pays you to view advertisements (ads.) on internet. It opens to anyone to start work and get paid. Actual concept Let me explain you its science. You know companies spend millions of rupees for their advertisement. You’ll surprise that they pay in lakhs for a few seconds of advt. in TV channels. We see ads on TV and the TV channel make profit from these ads and gives us entertainment programs. But Here we get money if we see advertisement on internet !!! Why companies pays to see ads. Simple ! Company gets profit showing its products , services to the internet users like us. We earn money for each ad we see from the advertiser. Here is a win-win situation for both companies and us. Answer Me !! I think you have understood that why we get paid from companies to see their ads on interent. Isn’t it ??? Now next step is how to get this opportunity on internet. Download wallpapers free. Make your PC a special one Visit here. Sponsered Ads. How to get this opportunity here ? Here is our company called Multi-stream Media Inc. who offers payout for reading emails advertisements. It collects ads. revenue from other companies and pays a percentage to the public showing the ads of different companies. To maintain integrity with advertisers it only distribute ads to its registered members. See the diagram that how money comes to you . Step : 02 Step 01: Multistream Media Inc. arranges to collect ads. from different companies It shows these advertisements to the online consumer like you and me through its unique system. Step 03 We get paid for each advertisement we see from Multistream Media Inc. (Different companies tie up with Multistream Media Inc to distribute their ads on internet. Multistream Media Inc. collects ad revenue from them and distributes their ads to its registered members. It pays to those members who actually see these ads.) Answer Me !! Do You understand how it works ? How and where money comes from ? Yes you must... Otherwise see above page again. ******************************************************* See a brief overview of your work before you start. BRIEF OVERVIEW. ( See what to do with this complete e-book) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Apply for Registration. Note your User Id and password while registration Log in now using your id and password Go to your member account page. See your internal inbox for browse ads Click on one ads at a time. See it till the company credits you your payment. It takes approximately 60 seconds for each ad. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Checking your earning instantly Getting Ready to see another advertisement. Checking daily earning reports. Starting co-ordinating work for referrals. Join other and build your team Maximizing your earning . Payout process. Getting cash in hand. You must see its amazing earning potential against your working volume. Here nothing to sale or purchase. Our Company pays you only to see ads. and referring others to see. It is not necessary that you always keep on seeing ads . You can get paid if your friends also see ads. But they should join under your referral. I will tell you in next chapter that how to join others. Joining other is free and costs nothing. They will be paid the same like you. In addition, you will get paid when they see their ads. Here is the type of income you could get from the company. Income 01 : The best part of this company is that it offers $ 10 sign up bonus for its own reputation. Income 02: Then it pays you $ 0.02 for each ads. you see in your member account. Earning potential : Income 03: Also you will get paid $ 0.01 for each ads. your friends see and also $0.01 for your friends of friends if you refer them to this system. ( Two tiers referral programme) Calculate your income in the first month! Your sign up bonus in first month Let at least you see 15 ads. in a month You invite at least 100 friends and they each see 15 ads. in a month = = 15 X $0.02 = 100 X ( 15 X $ 0.01) = = = Income $ 10 $ 0.3 $ 15 Let your 100 friends invite their own friends 50 each. And they at least see 15 ads in a month. = 5000 X ( 15 X $0.01) = $ 750 ________________________________________________________________________ Just doing this simple work you will make your first month income = $ 775.3 ( Approximately Rupees 34,875 in India in first month) NOTE: It may increase or decrease as per your working volume. But it costs nothing to achieve as it is all the way free to join for all. There is no sale or purchase. Only to join others to see ads. Tell me , is not it easy !!! So gear up for start up action now. Life’s other name is friendship. Get a true friend in your city. Click here Sponsered Ads. ACTION PLAN Please take out a note book. When you complete step 1, Write step 1 is completed. When step 2 , then write Step 2 completed…. Like this , complete all steps till you get cash in your hand.…. Go slow and steady…….step-by-step….Win the race. ____________________________________________________________________ Step - 1. Do registration with the company. Apply for the registration for a member account. Note a. your user id and password. Registration will take only 10 to 15 minutes. Click here to register Registration support??? b. Wait for approval from the company. It will take 24 to 48 hours. Complete Step – 1 and then only go to step -2 If you have already registered then go to Step 2 Step – 02: Log in to your member account. Click and click “ My account” on top. Click at this button “My account” Then use your “user id” and password to go to your member area. Step-03 : See your account is approved or not on the top of your member area. See the figure below Your personal user id will be here See your account status “ waiting approval” just after registration Do not confuse with the above ad. This is a company promotional free ad. Go to your account clicking on here. Just after registration your account status will show “ waiting approval” till the company approve your application. It may take 24 to 72 hours or more . So better you to log in after 2 days. Now break time….. ************************************************************************************************** AFTER 2 OR 3 DAYS……… ************************************************************************************************** Log on to your member area. See your account status. Is it approved or waiting for approval ?????? If it is approved then go to step-4. Step-04 : Go to your member area once you see that your account is approved. See my account is approved. A see-view for your knowledge. Remember , an account gets approval after 24 -72 hours of registration only. This is a snapshot of my account which is approved. You can also log-in and see your status in your member area. Step-05 : Now click your internal mailbox. on it. See new paid ads. click You will see the numbers of ads waiting for you. See one model snapshot. New message waiting. Means I have two ads now to see and get paid. This is one ad of a company. I need to see it for 60 seconds to get paid. See below how. Step -07. If you see any new message waiting then click on that. You will see displaying message . Now click on the ad and wait…… see the below figure. You have to click in this position when you see an ad in your member area. You will see a mesaage like this. …..see below. The ads is not displaying because the page is now loading………. So you see the message above . You wait till the ads loaded fully . After some time you will see your account has been credited with $0.02 . Just see the figure below . Step 8 : When you see your account has been credited you click the yellow button to see the next advertisement. See the message, “Your account has been credited” Means you have been paid here. Step 9 : Again you continue the same process till you have ads. to see . Step 10. Now go to “Member home” page. And see your earning. Then you can log out and check ads after 1 or two days. *********************************************************************************** This action plan has taught you how to log in , see your member area, see advertisements and get paid. Also, how to check your total earning. ************************************************************************ Now see the FAQ ( Frequently asked questions). You will understand this system better. Then you will go to the co-ordinating page to maximize your earning from this system. 1. How to click ads and get paid. Ans : Click here to read it again. 2. I get paid in member account. How do I get cash in my hand. Ans. When you reach minimum $ 25 in your member account company send you money through paypal account. 3. What is paypal ? How do I open it ? Ans: PayPal is a company who acts as a media for online transaction worldwide. Company sends money to your paypal account and paypal send money to your address by cheque. Benefit of opening a paypal is that you don’t have to disclose your credit card or bank account to any third parties. Paypal is the universal trusted company for online payment. So sends you money through paypal only. Opening of paypal account is free of cost. You can open a paypal account clicking here. Paypal’s official website is 4. Is it necessary to open a paypal account now ? Ans : I suggest you that if you don’t have a paypal account you wait till you reach to the minimum level. You can open it any time. 5. How does it cost to open a paypal account ? Ans : It is free of cost for anyone. 6. What happens if I can’t earn $ 25 in first month? Ans : It will be transferred to your next month balance. 7. Simple tell me how can I go to my member area? Ans : Log in . Click button ” My account”. Use your user id and password. Now see your member account is open. 8. How to check my daily earning? Ans : After opening your member account you can clearly see your daily earning. Do you have any queries ? Please write to [email protected] You will get your reply at my earliest. One best idea : You go though the company FAQ page to get clear information of this system. Log on to and see Co-ordinating work is called the referral work. Referral means to refer others to join in this system. You will work to join others to see advertisement as like you. Why ? Because if they join and see advertisement. They get paid. But you get extra commission when they see any advertisement. This is the only way, you can maximize your earning. You can get paid up to two down line level. It is not necessary that you always keep on seeing ads. Whenever anywhere your down line referral see an ad. you automatically get paid $ 0.01. Ex . You refer 500 friends and each of your friends join 20 each. Then you get your team 10000 people. If they each see 01 ad per day then you get 10000 ads X $ 0.01 = $ 100 per day. => $ 3000 per month. So if you understand this system then work honestly for few months. Make your team as big as possible. Then enjoy a decent income online . Get up each morning and check your earning from your down line referral. You down line will see ads every day to earn themselves and you will paid for their work. Definitely you will be happy to see your income ….. Am I true ?? Now learn how to refer other……….start…… 1. Use your Referral link. The most important things is to join your friends in such a way that they will come under your referral. So you need to join them using your referral id. Referral id is the unique link that the company provides to track your referral in their system. When somebody click on that link & gets signed up, he/she comes directly under you. You will get notification in your email. For example. My own referral link is 2. Get your referral Link. See my above link. The last word written in my link is bnpatra. So in a referral link everything is same expect the last word. The best idea to get your referral id is to write like this. Just write your user id in the blank above and your referral id is ready. Say, your user id is john985 So your referral id will be I hope you have understood. 3. Co-ordinate your link with as many as people you can. Once you have got this, try to share your referral link with anyone on the web. Write email to your friends, relatives , tell about this system. Then tell them to join with this system. Simply provide you unique referral link and if they join and see ads you get paid including them. How to co-ordinate your link with others ? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. By email. By SMS By free classified ( both online and offline) By newspaper advertising By banner advertisements By get paid to see ad companies. By your own creativity. 1. By email : This is the first step to start your co-ordinating work. Once you have felt this system is good. Then why not to join starting from your own friends !! Just write a personal email to your friend and tell him/her about this system. Add your personal referral link at the end of the mail. Your friend click on this and if joins he/she comes under your referral. Now your first work is to write a list of email id of your friends in your note book. Prepare this list and send an email. Do it now. Then see the result Just follow the model email . Copy and paste in your compose box. Edit your personal referral link . Send it to as many as possible. Your first promotion job is over. ==================================================== MODEL EMAIL Hi I am your friend. How are you ? I hope you will be fine. I am going to tell you such thing you will be surprised. Do you know ? I have joined a company by which I have started earning now. If you have 1 hour spare time in a week then you too can earn using the same. Yes, I ensure you that it is free from all other ordinary online jobs. Because you don’t need to pay anything to join or work. You just work and company pays you. Your work is only to see company’s ads and get paid for it. I have just start work and also started earning. I got $10 bonus from company while joining. Its still company offers to increase its reputation. So you join now and tell your feedback soon. Just click my personal referral id to join Here write your personal referral link. If you have any doubts while joining then call me < Your phone no>. You too can write email for anything you need assistance from me. I hope we both will make our earning big working together. Your friend < Your name> ========================================================= 2. By SMS : One thing you need to know here is that SMS is an indirect method to promote your work. Means the ultimate is to give your referral link by email. So open your own telephone contact note book. Prepare a list of your relative who could do this system. Send them a SMS telling about this new system. Tell them to send their email id to you. Once you get their email id just copy and paste the above model email to them. You work is over. If they join and start working you get paid for their work. 3. By free classified : Classified is a system to put a small advertisement of this system and get your customer for your job. Classified online is almost free that is being offered by so many websites. But by newspaper classified you need to pay an amount for advertisement. Just see a model classified and use it where you need. Still wasting money while checking your email ? Receive Emails On Topics That Interests You And Get Paid For It! Get $10 Just to signup! Here write your personal referral link. List of websites where you can use your classified free of cost *. Learn to use your classified in a proper category. Like business, part-time job, online job. Computer jobs etc. * You can use if you feel its totally free. Because time to time some of the website changes their free service to a fees. So these sites are only indicative. 4. Newspaper advertisements: Newspaper advertisement is good to start. But start slowly. Start from line classifieds advertisement. Go for display advertisement if you have got a good response. Do not go for expensive advertisement at first. Note your progress. See the response and go. The prominent newspapers in India are The Times of India, The Hindu, The Indian Express etc. The best day to advertise for this system is Sunday and Wednesday in India. Give a small ad. Provide your email id and ph no to get your customers. Receive their email id. Then send an email about this system with your referral id . Then your primary work is over. If they join and need any assistance for joining then provide your telephone number. Answer their query at your best. Tell them also to use the FAQ of company website after joining. 5. By Banner advertisements: Banner advertisement is a part of online advertisements. You need a banner from the company to advertise. The company automatically joints your personal referral id in the banner. Now try to place your banner in any popular websites who offer banner advertisements. Pay your fees in advance and they display your banner in their sites. If the people see and click the banner it automatically takes them to the company website and join them under your referral. 6. By get paid to see companies: The best idea is to join other get paid to companies as an advertiser. They show your ad directly to the people for a fee. Here is a company who show your ad to people worldwide. Click here and try. 7. By your own creativity: You may create any new way to promote your own referral link. Like Online blogging, online chatting or joining online friendship networks sites like orkut etc. But be sure that you are not violating the company advertising rules. You must go through the advertising rules of company from your member’s area. Never charge any fees locally to offer this opportunity to the people for joining. If you get caught then you will be in trouble. Try to maintain the integrity of and its reputation. Visit company’s s adv. resources. Click below A true story. It is common that most of people come across all new opportunities at same time. But at last a few of us succeed. Why ? It’s because only lack of consistent effort. Remember I repeat; it is only consistent effort. Means to keep on trying till you achieve your target. Lets see. Suppose you have joined this program. Do not expect to click on ads 24 hours and to get money. Because it is audience oriented. You will receive advertisement when an advertisement meets your selected choice. So joining is not just the last step of your work. It’s the beginning. The only one way to earn in millions from this system is to build up your team referring others. If you have a large team then they have different profiles. So you may not get ad today. But your down line may get. But ultimately you’ll earn from them. If you are really interested to work and earn a big then start work from today. From this moment only. You must be successful because; a. b. c. You don’t need any fees from your friends ( referrals) while joining You can assure your friends $10 bonus for free sign up. It has two tiers down line system. Means your total team is the number of referrals you made plus your referral made. Now you should start work immediately as you have learned so far. For any more assistance you can directly contact to the support team of company at any time by phone, mail or email. ( I have given you the phone support and mailing support of company as shown in its official website . You can go to the contact page of the site for more details.) Quick tips to work. 1. Open your email and list all the emails in your contact. See all your inbox or outbox for the emails in your contact. Then send them one model email as in this book. Include your own referral id. Then tell them to join and start work. Same in your mobile contact. SMS few line about this system. And request your contact relatives to join sending their email for more details. If they send then you forward the model email as I told you above. Go to each free classified service. And advertise your list in every possible position. 2. 3. Let you start the above three steps…Now see how big your team is !!! You list all your high school friends, college mates, hostel mates, colleagues , relatives . They will not less than 30 in numbers. Lets say you have a mobile or telephone index note book. Your contact members would not less than 20 in numbers. In the third step, you try to list your advertisements in more than 50 free classified websites that I have given you in the list. If at least 3 members join from one advertisement then it would not less than 150 members. Now see you would at least get 200 members in a few days if you work sincerely. Just imagine your income below So you got 200 members primarily. Lets say those 200 members also have 20 referral each. So your total team member would be 200 X 20 = 4000 members. If this team of 4000 people see only 1 ad per day then you get = 4000 X 0.01 = $ 40 in a day This would be around $40X 30 = $ 1200 per month = ( Rs. 54000/- Per month in India). Remember it is not a small amount for a part time job. So why to wait ! Start with your pen and paper. List all your friends. Follow quick working steps. Go……… A. 1. Registration process step-by-step. Click here to go to the company website. ( You may see the company website like show below.) Sign up here Click Sign up as show above. ( Hits$ is the official website of Multi stream Media Inc. to run this system) 2. Now verify you email address in Step 2 of registration. See the figure below. Enter you email id to verify Enter your email there and click “Verify your email address” button 3. Now check your email to see a confirmation of email from this company site. ( ) Look at my email inbox for an example. See this mail in your inbox My other private email is blocked for viewing. 4. Click a link in your mail inbox to confirm your email verification. 5. Immediately fill up the required details clearly. You will see a form like this Column 5: If you do not have a pay pal account then leave ‘Paypal email’ column blank while you sign up. You will add it later on when you reach minimum Payout level. Then in column no. 16 you tick your interest of choice . You will receive advertisement of these categories. Minimum choice 10 and maximum choice is 25 categories. Note : (urgent!!) 1. If you do not have a pay pal account then ‘Paypal email’ column leave blank while you sign up. You will add it later on when you reach minimum payout level. 2. Give your user name and password as per your wish. Like user id = john2589 3. Enter zip code means your postal pin code. 4. Leave “ Home owner” field blank if you are out of USA 5. Then in column no. 16 you tick your interest of choice . You will receive advertisement of these categories. Minimum choice 10 and maximum choice is 25 categories. 6. 7. Read the terms of service and click “Join Now” button. Now follow the next instruction and complete sign up process. You will receive a thank you message for joining. See the figure below. White list means you have to add their email id in your contact list. Other wise it will go to your spam or junk folder. You can’t see it in your inbox 8. Registration process is completed. Now wait for approval from company…. See step -2 of action plan now. LAST LINE MESSAGE. Remember ! The life we live is the choice we make. Means we can do everything if we think to try and to achieve. So its up to you. You can make it happen too….. If you have any comments or feedback then you may please contact me at [email protected] or you too can call me at +91-9235655613 ( Indian times 1500 to 0600 hrs) Written, Edited and Published By : Mr. BN Patra © 2008-09. All Right Reserved. ( First Edition: 2008) Versiion 1..01 Vers on 1 01 Disclosure: This E-book is designed to provide accurate information on internet jobs at par the best of publisher in regards to the subject matter covered. It is sold with an understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional consulting service as in the E-book matter covered. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required the service of a competent professional person should be sought. This book is not a job provider by any means. This is a set of valuable information with a purpose of educating its readers. Copyright © All rights reserved. No part of this publication including heading and style can be used or reproduced by any means or translated in any other language without the written permission of publisher. Any person who does any unauthorized act in relation to this publication is liable for legal action.