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Reasons Why Outside Ac Fan Wont Turn

An air conditioner is a workhorse in the home, and many people believe they cannot live without one. So, if your air conditioner isn’t cooling, there may be some issues with it.


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Reasons Why Outside AC Fan Won’t Turn Off An air conditioner is a workhorse in the home, and many people believe they cannot live without one. So, if your air conditioner isn’t cooling, there may be some issues with it. But the problem isn’t always with the HVAC system, but sometimes it is with the fan. It could be the outside AC unit not turning off even if the air conditioner is off. The fan sets to operate for a minute or two after the compressor goes down. It is because it handles circulating all the cool air in the system. But it should not run for more than five minutes. If it occurs, there could be an issue that causes the outside ac fan to turn off. Outdoor ac unit that runs continuously is not harmful to your fan, but it is often a more significant issue. How does the fan function? Although the blower fan works with your HVAC units, it is a different electrical system. Your furnace and air conditioner do nothing more than heat and cool the air inside them. Your blower fan removes the hot air out of the home. Then it moves it through the air conditioning unit and finally distributes it back to home. According to the Commercial Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning in Dunwoody, GA, the thermostat tells these systems to work together. Examine the Switch for the Fan All heating and air conditioning thermostats include a “Fan” switch. But it is sometimes a physical switch that you must switch from “Auto” to “On.” There is a problem if your thermostat FAN is set to AUTO, but your system continues to run even when “turned off.” But, if your outside ac unit runs continuously and never shuts off, this is not normal. It shows that you have a problem with your air conditioner. HVAC Thermostat's Fan Switch Knowing which “fan” the fan switch controls is essential, as an HVAC system has two main fans. The condenser, also known as the outside unit, is the part of your air conditioner or heat pump outside. Your condenser has a fan. The fan controls the unit itself, not the user. This fan will switch on and off with the compressor of the device. The indoor unit is usually your air handler or furnace. When you bring your hand up to vent, you can feel air blowing through this fan. It is also the fan controlled by the thermostat’s switch. The problem is not with the HVAC system, and it’s your inside fan. It’s also not that it won’t turn off; it’s that you set it not to turn off! Why Is There a Fan Switch on Your AC Thermostat? 1/3 Consider the fan switch to be a whole-house ceiling fan. When turned on, it draws air through the HVAC return and blows it out of the supply vents. The most common use for this setting is air filtration. The more air you move through your air filter or air purifier, the cleaner your indoor air will be. Problems and solutions of outdoor ac fans won’t turn off. According to Air Duct Repair and Replacement in Dunwoody, GA, many issues cause outside AC units not turning off. Examine Your Thermostat If the outside ac fan doesn’t turn off, you should first check the thermostat. It’s possible that you knocked it over during cleaning and set the temperature too low or turned it from “auto” to “on.” If it’s the first, your system is always trying to achieve a low temperature in your home. Since it never does, the fan and the entire system will run. If it’s the latter, the fan will continue to operate until you reset the switch to “off” or “auto.” Solution: Set your thermostat to a few degrees higher than room temperature and set it to “auto.” You should see that the fan shuts down instead. If the fan continues to run, the thermostat may be malfunctioning, or the wiring may be faulty. It is a job for Commercial Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning in Dunwoody, GA, to diagnose or repair. Limit Switch and Relay Much of the outside AC unit runs continuously and causes many issues. It contains a limit button to control the fan. Its function is to start the fan before the compressor turns on. It is to keep it running after the compressor turns off. This component is usually found in the air handler and has two settings: “manual” and “auto.” Set to “manual,” and resetting it to “auto” may halt the fan. But, sometimes, this switch malfunctions, and it’s a cheap part. Thus, it requires a pro to check if it’s defective and replace it if it is. Solution: The cabling from the thermostat to the fan goes through an air handler relay. It is a different type of switch that should open and close in response to thermostat signals. But if it becomes stuck in the closed position, the fan will not turn off and replace the relay. The whole system operates. The complete system may be working and delivering warm air. But it may be because you haven’t been keeping up with maintenance tasks. For example, it is replacing the air filter and keeping the exterior housing clear. In extreme cases, the evaporator coils in the indoor unit may ice up, worsening the problem. If de-icing is important, switch the system off using the breaker. It allows the ice to melt before switching on the system. Then, finish up any maintenance work you’ve been putting off. 2/3 Solution: Consult a professional service for maintenance. If the temperature outside is scorching If it’s hot outside, your air conditioner may fail to keep up with the setting you’ve set on your thermostat. It is why the outside AC unit is not turning off. To see if this is the case, adjust your thermostat up 5-10 degrees and observe if your air conditioner turns down. In this case, the issue is caused by the fact that your AC system is too tiny for your home. When temperatures are high, an undersized AC system will struggle to cool your home. But it results in a system that operates. Solution: If this is your problem, you will need to get a Commercial Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning in Dunwoody, GA, to inspect it. Also, if your air conditioner is too tiny for your home, you may need to replace it. Maintenance of the Fan To avoid the issue of the outside AC fan won’t turn off, hire Air Duct Repair and Replacement in Dunwoody, GA. Minor problems can pile over time, and you may not even realize you’re spending energy and money each month. Furthermore, if the pressure on your system becomes too great, you may feel no heating or cooling at all. It is unpleasant if it occurs during one of the coldest or warmest times of the year. Especially when it is impossible to schedule an HVAC repair appointment, you should also have them checked out as soon as possible if you hear any unusual sounds coming from the HVAC system. 3/3