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When writing papers and essays, there's always a need for creating citations. The only way to use others' work is by giving them credit to ensure your work is not plagiarized.


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Quick and Free Citation Generator by ESSAYFREELANCEWRITERS™ Benefits & Perks of ESSAYFREELANCEWRITERS Citation Maker About Citing Do not waste your time entering titles, authors, and publications manually. Our online citation tool will cite everything automatically for you! Bibliography Download You can copy and paste formatted entries from the citation machine. Also, you can download bibliography page directly to your computer and add to the paper. Create Your Own Citation Click on Create your own citation at ESSAYFREELANCEWRITERS citation creator to make citation manually in your references and easily download them. Why Citing Matters Citation is a quotation or a reference to a source. The source could either be an author, book, or paper. Citation allows your readers to go back to the sources you have used in your work. Citation matters because of the following reasons. 1. It gives credit to the author Giving credit where it's due is important when writing scholarly work. 1/5 You acknowledge the author's ideas and words you incorporate into your work. Giving credit also shows credibility in the research you have done in your topic of discussion. 2. Citation prevents plagiarism Plagiarized work can result in legal action. It is a crime. You can get expelled from your college or university. Creating citation lists helps you avoid plagiarizing other people's work. When writing, every paraphrased material and quotations must be cited to avoid plagiarism. 3.It’s a sign of credible research Your readers can counter check the materials you have used in writing your work. They will connect your work with the author's texts for to show c your credibility and knowledge of your subject. It also shows you took the time to research before writing your work. 4. Citation makes your work look professional Employers and professionals look for accurate and precise citations. Your work looks organized and professional when citation is done correctly. Citation is a basic skill required in writing and is highly appreciated by readers. Citation generator that is easy to use to complete your work When writing papers and essays, there's always a need for creating citations. The only way to use others' work is by giving them credit to ensure your work is not plagiarized. There's more to citation than reference list formatting. There are rules involved in how your paper and cover sheet should be structured. The in-text citation also has rules on how they should be used. EssayFreelanceWriters has created an online citation generator for you to save time on writing citations manually. We have highlighted simple steps to follow to get your citation ready. Follow the highlighted steps 2/5 From our online citation generator website, select the citation style 4 biography generation.The most common citation style includes MLA, APA, AMA, and Turabian. Select the content type you are citing. You can either choose between newspaper journals, books, videos, or websites. On this step, you can either use manual or automatic citing. The manual setting requires you to fill up a straightforward form. Our citation generator machine will look for the sources you are using when you press "Search." The machine will generate a formatted reference from the citation builder Download the reference in document format. The generated information gives room for or correction where necessary and allows you to save the references again. At EssayFreelanceWriters, our citation machines use several citation styles. Common styles we work with APA APA (American Psychological Association) style is mostly used in engineering, social sciences, and education. To link sources using the APA format, parenthetical in-text citations, and a References list are required at the end of the paper. Chicago Chicago style is mostly used in humanities and history writing.It is also used in social sciences. The advantage of using Chicago-style is that it links up text to sources through footnotes and endnotes. MLA Modern Language Association (MLA) is used primarily in humanities such as English history, philosophy, religion, music, linguistics, language, etc. The work cited list and in-text citation in MLA use parenthetical to create these citations at the end of the paper for linked sources. Turabian Turabian is commonly used in history, art, and literature. 3/5 Turabian is a unique citation style as it uses superscript numbered footnotes or adds notes after the quotation of each source. This style adds identification flexibility and clarity on references and bibliography entries. AMA American Medical Association (AMA) style is an academic style citation mostly used in social science and medical fields. The citation is based on superscript and Arabic numerals. ( 1, 2, 3, 4.....) Your references list and in-text citations are directly connected because the sources mentioned in-text the first become the first in the final list. ASA ASA (American Sociological Association) style is popularly used in academic work. The general rule in using ASA is to put your work in italics. IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE special style is used in complicated format works. It is an engineering formatting style. Square brackets and correct numbering is required when using this style. Havard A zoologist created the Harvard style of citation. The Harvard style varies from one university to the other as it has different punctuations. The style is mostly used in humanities and social sciences. APSA American Political Science Association (APSA), provided by EssayFreelanceWriters in our citation generator, is mostly used in the political science discipline. You only need to mention the author and the date combination when mentioning both online and published materials in your citation. CSE Council of Science Editors (CSE) styles cover various disciplines, including life sciences and medicine. CSE style is of two types; name-year style and citation-sequence. Our citation generator ensures that the numbers are cited after mentioning the facts and not the author's name. 4/5 5/5