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New Era's New Slangs.......




All Computer Slang  #  #1  $  $_$  %)  &APOS;S  ><  >,<  >.>  >.<  >//<  >3  >:(  >:)  >:D<  >:O  >O<  >_>  >_<  &HEARTS;  <#  <>  <><  <.<   <_<  'EM  (!)  (8)  (:  (A)  (H)  (K)  (L)  (N)  (S)  (U)  (Y)  (YN)  (^^^)  (_8^(I)  *  *$  *$$  *<:-)  *.*  *G*  *O*  *S*  *_*  +1  +REP Love You More than love (<3) Hate Grin Sarcasm, look left Them Sarcasm Musical note (MSN) Happy Angel (MSN) Cool dude emoticon (MSN) Kiss (MSN) Love heart (MSN) Thumbs down (MSN) Seriously Heartbroken Thumbs up (MSN) Fingers crossed (MSN) Shark Homer Simpson Indicating a spelling correction Starbucks Starbucks Clown Every file on a computer Grin Confused, surprised, shocked Salute In love, dazed Partner Me too Boost reputation on XBox Live  +_+  -. -_ .-.  .BIZ  .CO  .COM  .EDU  .GOV  .MIL  .NET  .ORG  //  /B/  /O/  /O\  /R/  /S  /THREAD  /W  0.0  0.O  0/  012  0_0  10  10-1  10-2  10-4  101  10CHAR  10Q Dead man Annoyance Annoyed, tired Sad, unhappy Top level domain for business Alternative to .COM Top level domain for commerce Top level domain for education Top level domain for governments Top level domain for the military Top level domain originally for network providers Top level domain for non-profit organizations Love, I love you 4chan's random image board Happy, arms in the air Frustrated, hands on head Requesting Sarcasm End of a thread on a forum Whisper Surprise Raised eyebrow, WTF Waving Forever Shocked Perfect looking woman Radio code for 'Receiving poorly' Radio code for 'Receiving well' Understood, OK Basic introduction Padding where at least 10 characters are required Thank you  10X  11  111  112  12  120  123  1234  1314  1337  133T  143  14344  1437  153  180  187  1AAT  1D  1UP  2  21  211  212  22  220  224  24/7  241  250  2B  2BH Thanks One louder than 10 Excited European emergency number The police LOL! (101! = 5! = 120) I agree 1 thing 2 say 3 words 4 you (I Love You) Forever (Chinese) Elite Elite I Love You (letters in each word) I Love You Very Much (letters in each word) I Love You Forever I Adore You (letters in each word) Turn around, 180 degrees Police code for murder or death One At A Time One Direction (band) Extra life in a game To Quit Police code for robbery Speak with someone A .22 caliber handgun Second To None Today, tomorrow, forever Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week Two For One Stupid person (Chinese) To Be To Be Honest  2DAY  2EZ  2G  2G2BT  2K10  2K4U  2K9  2L8  2M  2MI  2MORO  2MOZ  2MRW  2NITE  2NYT  2U  2U2  3  3 WHEELIN  3>  30STM  313  333  360  381  39  3DG  3G  3Q  4  4/20 Today Too Easy Too Good Too Good To Be True 2010 To Cool For You 2009 Too late Tomorrow Too Much Information Tomorrow Tomorrow Tomorrow Tonight Tonight To You To You Too The letter E Driving with one wheel off the ground Hate (opposite of <3) 30 Seconds To Mars (band) Area code for Detroit Half evil XBox 360 Complete circle I Love You (3 words, 8 letters, 1 meaning) Thank You Three Days Grace (band) Third Generation mobile phone network Thank You For April 20th, WEED smoking day  401K  404  411  419  42  420  420 FRIENDLY  4221  4377  44  459  4CHAN  4COL  4E4  4EVA  4EVER  4G  4GET  4GM  4M  4RL?  4SHO  4SRS  4U  4WD  4X4  4YEO  5  5 BY 5  5 HOLE  5! Retirement investment plan Page not found error Clueless Information Nigerian Email Scam The answer to life, the universe and everything Weed, Pot Person who likes smoking pot 4ever 2gether 2love 1another Hell in LEET .44 Magnum I Love You (phone digits for ILY) Internet message/image board For Crying Out Loud Forever Forever Forever 4th Generation Forget Forgive me Forum For Real? For Sure For Serious? For You Four-Wheel Drive Four wheel drive vehicle For Your Eyes Only LOL (5=101 in binary) Loud and clear, fine Gap between goalie's legs in hockey LOL! see 120  50  5150  520  555  5N  5X5  637  666  6_6  72  721  73  730  7DAW  8)  8*  8-)  8-|  808  80S  81  823  831  86  88  881  886  888  88888888  8BALL  8D Police (from Hawaii Five-O) Police code for crazy person on the loose I Love You (Chinese) Thai for HaHaHa Fine Loud and Clear Always and Forever (letters in each word) The Number of the Beast Looking down Suspicious 72 hours, 3 days Love You (7 letters, 2 words, 1 meaning) Best regards (Amateur Radio) Crazy Seven Days A Week Cool Kiss Cool (sunglasses) Nerdy (wearing glasses) Police code for disturbing the peace The Eighties, 1980s Hells Angels (HA 8th and 1st letter) Thinking Of You I Love You (8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning) Get rid of something Heil Hitler (H is 8th letter) Bye Bye (from Chinese pronounciation) Bye Bye (Hong Kong Cantonese) Ate, ate, ate Clapping 1/8 ounce of cocaine Manic  9  911  93  99  999  9JA  9_9  :$  :&  :>  :<  :'(  :')  :(  :(:)  :(|)  :)  :*  :-(  :-)  :-*  :/  :0  :3  :9  :?  :@  :B  :C  :D  :DD  :F Parent watching US emergency number Rough suburb of Paris Parent stopped watching UK emergency number Nigeria Rolling the eyes Embarrassed Tongue tied, speechless Mischievous smile Sad, frowning Crying Crying with joy Unhappy, sad Pig Monkey Happy Kiss Sad Smile Kiss Sarcasm Surprised, shocked Cute/goofy face Yum, licking Confused Angry Buck teeth Very Sad Happy Very happy Drooling  :J  :K  :L  :O  :O)  :P  :Q  :S  :T  :X  :[  :]  :{)  :|  ;(  ;)  ;-)  ;D  ;O  ;P  =)  =*  =.=  =/=  =0  =3  =D  =F  =I  =P  =S Smirk Vampire teeth Snake's tongue Laughing Surprised Clown nose smiley face Sticking tongue out Smoking Confused Side smile Zipped lips Sad Vampire Happy Happy with a moustache Disgust, disapproval, not funny Crying Wink Wink Wink Joking Winking and sticking tongue out Happy Kiss Tired Not equal to Surprised, shocked Cute/goofy face :D Vampire Indifference Sticking tongue out Confused  =W=  =X  =[  =]  ?  ?4U  ??  ?_?  @  @[email protected]  @@@  @[email protected]  @}--->--- A&F  A&R  A/N  A/W  A1  A3  A7A  A7X  AA Weezer (band) No Comment Sad Happy What? Question For You What? Confused, lost At Confused, surprised Warning of parents nearby Hypnotized, dazed A rose Always And Forever Abercrombie & Fitch Artists & Repertoire Author's Note Anyway Top quality Anywhere, Any time, Any place Frusration, anger (Arabic) Avenged Sevenfold (band) Alcoholics Anonymous African-American Automobile Association American Automobile Association Battery size Average At Best Apple Audio Compression Always and Forever Alive And Kicking As A Matter Of Fact Always A Pleasure  AAA  AAB  AAC  AAF  AAK  AAMOF  AAP  AAR  AARP  AAT  AAWY  AAYF  ABBO  ABBR  ABC  ABD  ABDC  ABF  ABG  ABH  ABO  ABP  ABS  ABT  ABT2  ABU  AC  AC/DC  ACAPELLA  ACC  ACCT  ACE  ACK  ACLU  ACME  ACP  ACT At Any Rate American Association of Retired Persons And Another Thing At All Times And Also With You As Always, Your Friend Aborigine Abbreviation American Born Chinese Already Been Done America's Best Dance Crew (TV show) All But Face Asian Baby Girl Actual Bodily Harm Aborigine Already Been Posted Absolutely About About To Anyone but (Manchester) United Air Conditioning Alternating Current Rock Band Vocal music without instruments Actually Account Excellent, great Disgust, frustration Acknowledgement American Civil Liberties Union A Company that Makes Everything Automatic Colt Pistol SAT type test  ACTA  ACU  AD  AD HOC  ADAD  ADD  ADDY  ADED  ADEROL  ADGTH  ADHD  ADL  ADM  ADMIN  ADN  ADR  ADS  ADSL  ADTR  AE  AEAE  AEAP  AFAIAC  AFAIC  AFAICS  AFAICT  AFAIK  AFAIR  AFAP  AFC  AFF Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Army Combat Uniform Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord) For the specific purpose Improvised, impromptu Another Day Another Dollar Attention Deficit Disorder Address All Day Every Day Drug that helps you focus All Dogs Go To Heaven Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder All Day Long Administrator on forum, network etc Any Day Now All Due Respect Aim(ing) Down Sights Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line A Day To Remember (band) American Eagle (clothing) And Ever And Ever As Early As Possible As Far As I Am Concerned As Far As I'm Concerned As Far As I Can See As Far As I Can Tell As Far As I Know As Far As I Remember As Far As Possible Away From Computer Affirmative  AFFA  AFI  AFK  AFL  AFN  AFP  AFRL  AFRO  AFS  AG  AGC  AGG  AGGY  AGH  AGM  AGP  AGRO  AGT  AGW  AHA  AHEM  AHO  AHT  AI  AIB  AIDS  AIGF  AIGHT  AII  AIIC  AIIT Angels Forever, Forever Angels A Fire Inside (Band) Away From Keyboard Australian Football League All For Now Away From Phone Away From Real Life Hairstyle from Africa Always, Forever and Seriously Aggressive Automatic Gain Control Cool Aggitated Ain't Gonna Happen Annual General Meeting Accelerated Graphics Port Hostile, angry Aggravation, trouble America's Got Talent (TV show) All Going Well Expression of discovery or realization Throat clearing sound Idiot (Japanese) Out Artificial Intelligence As If Am I Boverd? Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome All In Good Fun All right Alright As If I Care Alright  AIKRN  AIM  AIMBOT  AIMH  AIMO  AIN'T  AINEC  AINT  AIO  AIR  AIRHEAD  AISB  AISI  AIT  AITE  AITR  AITYD  AIUI  AIYA  AJ  AK  AK47  AKA  AKI  AKML  AKS  AKTF  AL  ALA  ALAP  ALAS All I know right now AOL Instant Messanger Trageting script in games Always In My Heart Idiot Am not/are not/is not And It's Not Even Close Am not/are not/is not All In One Blanked, ignored Stupid person As I Said Before As I See it Alright Alright Adult In The Room And I Think You Do As I Understand it Cantonese expression of exasperation Apple Juice AK-47 Assault Rifle Alaska Assault rifle Also Known As Autumn, fall Avada Kedavra My Life (Harry Potter) Ask Always Keep the Faith Alcohol In the style of (French) As Late/Long/Little As Possible Expression of regret, sorrow  ALCO  ALF  ALG  ALI  ALIE  ALIHAL  ALK  ALKQN  ALLOW  ALOL  ALOTBSOL  ALPHA  ALRATO  ALT  ALU  ALV  ALWP  AM  AMA  AMAA  AMAP  AMC  AMD  AMEX  AMG  AMIGO  AMIRITE  AML  AMN  AMOG  AMP Alcoholic Animal Liberation Front Ain't Life Grand Best Friend Init At Least I Have A Life Alcohol Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation Let it be, forget it Actually Laughing Out Loud Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life Head person of a group Later Alternative character in RPG Arithmetic Logic Unit Asta La Vista, goodbye Actual Laughter Was Produced Ante Meridiem (before midday) Amplitude Modulation (radio signal) Ask Me Anything Against Medical Advice Ask Me Almost Anything As Much/Many As Possible American Motors Corportation Advanced Micro Devices American Express Ah My God Friend Am I Right? All My Love Any Minute Now Alpha Male Of Group Amplifier Ampere  AMPED  AMT  AMTRAK  AMV  AMW  AMZ  AN  ANC  ANF  ANFAWFOS  ANFSCD  ANIME  ANO  ANON  ANS  ANSI  ANTI  ANTM  ANY1  ANYWHO  ANZAC  AO  AOB  AOD  AOE  AOK  AOL  AOM  AON  AOS Excited, fired up Alpha-Methyltryptamine American passenger railroad corporation Anime Music Video America's Most Wanted (TV show) Amazing Author's Note African National Congress Abercrombie & Fitch And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor And Now For Something Completely Different Japanese style animation Anorexic Unknown person Answer American National Standards Institute Against America's Next Top Model Anyone Anyhow Australian and New Zealand Army Corps Adults Only Any Other Business All Of Day Area Of Effect Age of Kings (game) All OK American Online Age of Mythology (game) All Or Nothing As Of Now Ahead Of Schedule  AOT  AOTA  AOTS  AOW  AOYP  AP  APB  APC  APE  API  APM  APO  APP  APPROX  APPS  APR  APT  APU  APYR  AQ  AQAP  AQF  AR  ARD  ARE  AREA 51  ARF  ARG  ARGH  ARIGATO  ARK As Opposed To Among Other Things All Of The Above Attack of the Show (TV show) All Out War Angel on Your Pillow Associated Press All Points Bulletin Armoured Personnel Carrier Mad, crazy Application Programming Interface Actions Per Minute Authorized Personnel Only Application (computer program) Approximately Applications (software) Annual Percentage Rate Apartment As Per Usual As Per Your Request Adventure Quest (game) As Quickly As Possible Ay Que Funny, LOL Assault Rifle Alright Misspelling of 'our' Top secret military base in Nevada Laugh Alternate Reality Gaming Expression of frustration or anger Thank You (Japanese) Act of Random Kindness  ARPA  ARPANET  ART  ARVO  ASA  ASAIC  ASAIK  ASAP  ASAS  ASAT  ASAYC  ASBO  ASCII  ASD  ASDFGHJKL;  ASF  ASG  ASIC  ASL  ASLP  ASN  ASO  ASP  AT&T  ATA  ATAP  ATB  ATC  ATD  ATEOTD  ATF Advanced Research Projects Agency (made early internet) Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (early internet) Alright Afternoon And So On As Soon As I Can As Soon As I Know As Soon As Possible As Soon As Sensible As Simple As That As Soon As You Can Anti Social Behaviour Order American Standard Code for Information Interchange Sequence of letters on many keyboards I'm bored And So Forth Asgarv (Swedish for LOL) Application Specific Integrated Circuit Age, Sex, Location Age, Sex, Location, Picture? Any Second Now I see At Some Point American Telephone & Telegraph Ait To Air Actual Time of Arrival Any Time, Any Place All The Best Air Traffic Control Attention to Detail At The End Of The Day All Time Favorite  ATGATT  ATH  ATI  ATK  ATL  ATM  ATMO  ATN  ATOY  ATQ  ATST  ATT  ATTN  ATTT  ATTY  ATV  ATVB  ATW  ATWA  ATX  ATYS  AU  AUD  AUO  AUP  AUS  AV All The Gear All The Time (motorcycling) All Time High Array Technology Inc. (graphics card maker) Attack Atlanta, Georgia At The Moment Automated Teller Machine (cash machine) According To My Opinion Any Time Now Always Thinking of you Answer The Question At The Same Time At This Time All The Time Attention Ain't That The Truth Atomizer from electronic cigarette All Terrain Vehicle All The Very Best All The Way Air, Trees, Water, Animals All The Way Alive Austin, Texas Anything You Say Alternate Universe Gold Australian Dollar I don't know Another Useless Post Acceptable Use Policy Are You Serious? Anti-Virus Audio/Video Adult Video  AVA  AVG  AVGN  AVI  AVO  AVPM  AWA  AWD  AWESOME  AWHFY  AWK  AWKS  AWKY  AWNP  AWOL  AWP  AWS  AWSM  AWW  AX  AYB  AYBABTU  AYBRB2U  AYC  AYCS  AYE  AYEC  AYFR  AYFT  AYK  AYKM  AYL Angels and Airwaves (Band) Average Angry Video Game Nerd Audio Video Interleaved (media format) Afternooon A Very Potter Musical As Well As All Wheel Drive Amazing, wonderful, cool Are We Having Fun Yet Awkward Awkward Awkward All Work, No Play Absent Without Leave Arctic Warfare Police sniper rifle As We Speak Awesome Any Which Way Ask All Your Base All Your Base Are Belong To Us All Your Base Are Belong To Us At Your Convenience As You Can See Yes At Your Earliest Convenience Are You For Real? Are You Free Today? As You Know Are You Kidding Me? Are You Listening?  AYO  AYOR  AYPI  AYR  AYRTON  AYS  AYSOS  AYT  AYW  AYYO  AZN  B  B&  B&B  B&E  B&M  B&W  B)  B-DAY  B/C  B/W  B2B  B2C  B2W  B4  B4MV  B4N  B4U  B4YKI Hey, You At Your Own Risk And Your Point Is? Are You Ready? Tenner, ten pounds Are You Serious? Are You Stupid Or Something? Are You There? As You Wish Hi, hello Asian Bro Be Banned Band Bed & Breakfast Breaking And Entering Bricks and Mortar Black and White Smiley with sunglasses Birthday Because Between Black and White Back To Back Business To Business Business To Consumer Back To Work Before Bullet For My Valentine (Band) Bye For Now Before you Before You Know It  B7  BAAS  BABYSITTING  BAC Banned (B7=B&=Band) Boss Holding the weed too long Back At Computer Blood Alcohol Content By Any Chance Bankers Automated Clearing System Good Cool, confident person Gangster Baby Get Bust A Gut Laughing Bored As Hell Evil laugh Bye Leave Child, baby Blatant, obvious Back At Keyboard Fool, idiot Smoke marijuana Stoned, Wasted Successful ball player Playing basketball Living the good life Courageous, manly Below Average Mentality Exclamation of happiness Person lacking style By Any Means Necessary Amount of data through an interface over time Great party Old car  BACS  BAD  BADASS  BADMAN  BAE  BAG  BAGL  BAH  BAHAHA  BAI  BAIL  BAIRN  BAIT  BAK  BAKA  BAKE  BAKED  BALLER  BALLIN  BALLSY  BAM  BAMA  BAMN  BANDWIDTH  BANGER Sausage  BANGING  BANGTIDY  BANJAX  BANTER  BAO  BARBIE  BARE  BARF  BARKING  BARN  BASER  BASIC  BATE  BAU  BAY  BB  BB4N  BBALL  BBAM  BBB  BBBW  BBC  BBE  BBEG  BBFL  BBFN  BBG  BBIAB  BBIAF  BBIAM Very beautiful, sexy Sexy, fit Break, destroy Playful, witty chat Be Aware Of Barbecue Lots of, very Throw up, vomit Mad, crazy Barnacle, person who latches on Drug user Uncool, boring Obvious Business As Usual Baby Big Brother Be Back Bye-Bye For Now Basketball Be Back After Meal Bugging Beyond Belief Big Beautiful Black Woman British Broadcasting Corporation Babe Big Bad Evil Guy Best Buds For Life Bye Bye For Now Best Be Going Be Back In A Bit Be Back In A Few Be Back In A Minute  BBIAS  BBK  BBL  BBM  BBML  BBN  BBQ  BBR  BBS  BBT  BBV  BBW  BBWL  BBY  BBZ  BC  BCBW  BCC  BCD  BCE  BCF  BCG  BCNU  BCOS  BCS  BD  BDAY  BDN  BDOML  BDONG  BDRIP Be Back In A Sec Boy Better Know Be Back Later Blackberry Messaging Be Back Much Later Be Back Never Barbecue Better Be Quick Blonde, Brunette, Redhead Be Back Soon Bulletin Board System Be Back Tomorrow Brags Beats and Variance (poker) Big Beautiful Woman Be Back Way Later Baby Babes Before Christ Bow Chica Bow Wow Blind Carbon Copy Behind Closed Doors Before Common Era (like BC) Best Cousin Forever Birth Control Glasses Be Seeing You Because Bowl Championship Series Big Deal Birthday Busy Doing Nothing Best Day Of My Life Bad and Wrong Blu-ray Disc RIP  BDU  BEANS  BEAR  BEAST  BEASTLY  BEB  BEBE  BEBO  BEEF  BEF  BEG  BEH  BELF  BELLIG  BENJAMIN  BENT  BENZ  BER  BERK  BESITOS  BESO  BESOS  BEST  BESTIE  BESTY  BET  BETA  BF  BF2 Brain Dead User Battle Dress Uniform Ecstacy Large man with body hair Person/thing that is good, awesome Being good at something, cool Babe Babe A social networking site Problem, fight, argument Best Enemies Forever Best Email Friend Big Evil Grin Expression of disinterest, IDC Blood Elf (WOW) Belligerant (when drunk) $100 bill Dishonest, corrupt Beyond Economical Repair Idiot, fool Little kisses (Spanish) Kiss (Spanish) Kisses (Spanish) Best Regards Best Friend Best Friend Black Entertainment Television Pre-release version Better Boyfriend Best Friend Battlefield 2 (game)  BF4L  BFA  BFAM  BFB  BFF  BFF4L  BFFAE  BFFE  BFFL  BFFLE  BFFLTDDUP  BFFN  BFFWB  BFK  BFMV  BFN  BFP  BFTP  BFUT  BFWB  BG  BGD  BGF  BGL  BGM  BGT  BH Best Friends For Life Best Friends Always Brother From Another Mother Better From Behind Best Friends Forever Big Fat Friend/Female Best Friend Forever For Life Best Friends Forever And Ever Best Friends For All Eternity Best Friends Forever Best Friend For Life Best Friends For Like Ever Best Friends For Life Till Death Do Us Part Best Friend For Now Best Friend Forever With Benefits Big Fat Kiss Bullet For My Valentine (band) Bye For Now Bad For Pics Big Fat Positive ie pregnant Blast From The Past Best Friends Until Tomorrow Best Friend With Benefits Bad Game Baby Gangster Black Gangster Disciples Best Girl/Guy Friend Big Game License, likes fat people Background Music Britain's Got Talent (TV show) Be Happy Bloody Hell Big Head Bad Hair Day  BHD  BHH  BHM  BHO  BHS  BHUM  BIAB  BIC  BICBW  BIDDIE  BIDDY  BIEH  BIFF  BIFFL  BIFFLE  BIG  BIG TIME  BIG UP  BIL  BILY  BIM  BIMBO  BIN  BING  BINGO  BINS  BIO  BION  BIOS  BIRD  BIS  BISCUIT Bless His/Her Heart Big Handsome Man Barak Hussein Obama Be Home Soon Sexy, fit Back In A Bit Believe It Comrade But I Could Be Wrong Good looking girl Girl, woman Best I Ever Had Best Friend, BFF Best Internet Friend For Life same as BFFL Great, really good More than usual Expression of respect Brother In-Law Because I Love You Barbados Stupid girl, usually pretty Buy It Now But It's Not Google Here it is, similar to Voila Glasses, binoculars Biological (toilet) break Believe It Or Not Basic Input Output System Cocaine Young woman Best In Slot Attractive person Cookie  BISLY  BISOU  BIT  BITTIE  BITW  BIZ  BK  BKA  BL  BLAD  BLAH  BLANK  BLAR  BLARG  BLAST  BLATES  BLAZE  BLAZED  BLAZING  BLD  BLEEZY  BLEH  BLEM  BLG  BLICK  BLIM  BLIMEY  BLIND  BLING  BLINK  BLK But I Still Love You Kiss (French) Binary digIT - 1 or 0 Girl Best In The World Business Burger King Better Known As Bad Luck Bottom Line Brother/friend (from 'blood') Nothing to say Ignore Expression of boredom, BLAH Expression of boredom Damn Good time Blatently Smoke Weed Stoned Smoking weed Bad Life Decision same as BLUNT Expression of boredom High on marijuana Boys Like Girls (band) A very black person Small piece of HASH Expression of surprise, OMG In love Flashy Jewelry Blink 182 (band) Black  BLL  BLNT  BLOG  BLOKE  BLOL  BLOOD  BLOOPER  BLOTTO  BLOW  BLOWN  BLT  BLTN  BLUD  BLUE  BLUE CHIP  BLUEBERRY  BLUF  BLUNT  BM Bud Light Lime Better Luck Next Time Weblog, online diary Guy, man Big Laugh Out Loud Gang member Close friend Mistake, embarrassing moment Drunk Cocaine High Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich Better Late Than Never Mate (from blood brother) Sad High-quality, low-risk Form of marijuana Bottom Line Up Front Marijuana cigar Bowel Movement Black Man BMW Best Mates For Life Blow Me A Kiss Bebo Me Back Blow My Brains Out Body Modification Ezine Best Mates Forever Best Mates For Life Be My Guest Body Mass Index Bless My Life Big Man On Campus  BM4L  BMAK  BMB  BMBO  BME  BMFE  BMFL  BMG  BMI  BML  BMOC  BMP  BMS  BMT  BMTH  BMTTVE  BMUS  BMV  BMW  BMX  BNB Image file format (bitmap) Bitchy Men Syndrome Before My Time Basic Military Training Bring Me The Horizon (Band) Best Mates 'Til The Very End Beam me up, Scotty Be My Valentine Bavarian Motor Works (car manufacturer) Bicycle Motocross Bad News Bears Bed 'N' Breakfast Bread 'N' Butter Big Name Fan Blow And Go Batteries Not Included Brand New In Box Big Name On Campus British National Party But Not Really Brand New Without Tags Brand New With Tags Body Odour Replacement swear word Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch Beginning Of Day Person, DUDE Book of Exalted Deeds (MMORPG) Whatever Technical expert Toilet Poorly educated, vulgar person (Australian) Buy One Get One  BNF  BNG  BNI  BNIB  BNOC  BNP  BNR  BNWOT  BNWT  BO  BOBBA  BOBFOC  BOD  BOED  BOF  BOFFIN  BOG  BOGAN  BOGO  BOGOF  BOGSAT  BOH  BOHO  BOI  BOILER  BOKE  BOL  BOLO  BOLSHY  BOLTOP  BOM  BOMB  BOMBSHELL  BOMM  BONE UP  BONG  BONKERS  BONZA  BOO  BOOGER  BOOHOO  BOOK  BOOM  BOOMERS  BOOMM  BOOMS  BOOMTING  BOON  BOOT Buy One Get One Free Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around Talking Gunshot sound Bohemian Boy Ugly woman Gag, almost vomit Best Of Luck Be On The Lookout Bolshevik, communist Argumentative Better On Lips Than On Paper Bro, dude, friend Something really bad Something really good Very attractive woman same as BOOMM Learn about, revise Water pipe for smoking dope Crazy Brilliant, excellent Boyfriend/Girlfriend Dried nose mucus Crying Cool (predictive text ) Great, amazing Psilocybin (magic) mushrooms Bored Out Of My Mind same as BOOMERS Good looking girl Someone who has been a NOOB for ages Vomit Inexperienced person  BOOZE  BOOZER  BOS  BOSS  BOT  BOTCH  BOTDF  BOTOH  BOTS  BOTTS  BOTW  BOUL  BOUT  BOWL  BOWS  BOXORZ  BOYO  BOZO  BPM  BPS  BQ  BR  BRAH  BRAT  BRAVO  BRB  BRBK  BRD  BRE  BREAD  BREDA  BREDRIN Alcoholic beverages Public House, bar Boyfriend Over Shoulder Cool, awesome Back On Topic Mess up Blood On The Dance Floor (band) But On The Other Hand Robots, automated processes Back On To The Subject Blog Of The Week Bull About Part of a marijuana pipe Elbows Boxers Friend, mate Incompetent person, idiot Beats Per Minute Bits/Bytes Per Second Be Quiet Best Regards Bro, friend Annoying, spoilt child Well done Be Right Back same as BRB Black Rock Depths (WOW) Sexy girl Money Boy, man, dude Friend  BREDRINS  BREH  BREKKIE  BREW Close friends, brothers Brethren, brothers Breakfast Beer Tea Brother Best Regards Be Right Here 1 kilogram of a drug Very cold Drugs, dope Brilliant, cool Pants, trousers Brother, buddy, friend Woman same as BRO same as BRO Umbrella Fan of My Little Pony Bro Heroin Dead Be Right There same as BRO Brother same as BRU Brother, friend Broken Mate Brother Boy Scouts of America Backstreet Boys Bachelor of Science (university degree)  BRGDS  BRH  BRICK  BRICKS  BRILL  BRITCHES  BRO  BROAD  BROCHACHO  BROHAN  BROLLY  BRONY  BROSKI  BROWN  BROWN BREAD  BRT  BRU  BRUDDA  BRUH  BRUH BRUH  BRUK  BRUV  BRUVA  BSA  BSB  BSC  BSER  BSF  BSG  BSL  BSNS  BSOD  BSOF  BSOFN  BST  BSTL  BSTS  BSU  BT  BT DUBS  BTA  BTAIM  BTB  BTBAM  BTD  BTDT  BTDTGTTS  BTDUBS  BTE  BTGOG  BTHO  BTHOM  BTK  BTL  BTM  BTN  BTO Back Stabber But Seriously Folks Battlestar Galactica (TV show) British Sign Language Business Blue Screen Of Death (Windows) Big Smile On Face Big Smile On Face Now But Seriously Though Bam, Said The Lady Better Safe Than Sorry Boring Status Update BitTorrent British Telecom same as BTW But Then Again.... Be That As It May By The By Between The Buried And Me (band) Bored To Death Been There Done That Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt same as BTW Best Time Ever By The Grace Of God Beat The Hell Outta Beats The Hell Outta Me! Back To Keyboard Between The Lines Be There Moment Better Than Nothing Bachman Turner Overdrive (band)  BTOBS  BTR  BTS  BTT  BTTF  BTTT  BTU  BTW  BTWITIAILWU  BTWITIAILWY  BTY  BU  BU2M  BUB  BUBS  BUBZ  BUCK  BUCKS  BUD  BUDDY  BUEY  BUFF  BUG  BUGLE  BUH  BUL  BUMMED  BUMMER  BUMP  BUN Be There Or Be Square Better Be There Soon Bump To Top (forum posts) Back To The Future Back To The Top British Thermal Unit By The Way By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You Back To You Backup Been Up To Much? Buddy, friend Champange Babe Pet name for BF or GF Fight Money Dollars, money Marijuana Friend similar to DUDE Good Looking Bother, annoy Cocaine Expression of dismay, disgust Man, dude, boy Disappointed, upset Bad Luck Bring Up My Post Smoke marijuana Ugly  BUN IN THE OVEN  BUR  BURD  BURE  BURK  BURMA  BURNED  BURNT  BURR  BUSKING  BUSTED  BUTCH  BUTT DIAL  BUTT HURT  BUTTER FACE  BUTTERS  BUTTERZ  BUZZ  BUZZ KILL  BUZZ OFF  BUZZED  BV  BVB  BVM  BW  BWC  BWDIK  BWL  BWOI  BWT Pregnant same as LOL Bird, girlfriend Girl, woman Idiot, fool Be Upstairs Ready My Angel Insulted Out of it, having smoked too much pot Cold Playing music in public for money Very Ugly Caught Masculine Accidentally call from a phone in your pocket Offended, upset Girl who is good looking except for her face Ugly Ugly Excitement Feeling when high Ruin a special moment Go away Tipsy, slightly drunk Bad Vibe Black Veil Brides (band) Blessed Virgin Mary Beautiful Woman Black and White But Who Cares? But What Do I Know? Bursting With Laughter Friend, buddy Misspelling of BTW  BWTH  BWW  BYAM  BYKI  BYKT  BYO  BYOB  BYOM  BYP  BYT  BYTM  C But What The Hell Buffalo Wild Wings (restaurant) Between You And Me Before You Know It But You Know That Bring Your Own BYO Beer BYO Music BYO Meat Beg Your Pardon Bright Young Thing Before Your Time Better You Than Me See Computer language Speed of light Microsoft programming language Command and Conquer (game) Copy & Paste Come On Confirm/Deny Class Of ... Affirmative, Roger that Consumer to Consumer Cam to Cam Plastic explosive Comment for Comment Cam for Cam Very happy Cool As A Cucumber Misspelling of CBA Do you understand? Store for temporary computer files Broken, dead  C#  C&C  C&P  C'MON  C/D  C/O  C1  C2C  C4  C4C  C:  CAAC  CAB  CACHAI  CACHE  CACTUS  CAD  CADDY  CAKE  CAKING  CAL  CAMEL  CAMO  CAMPER  CAN DO  CANON  CANTO  CAP  CAPISH  CAPO  CAPS  CAPTCHA  CARD  CARDY  CARE  CARPE  CARRIED  CARTY  CASJ  CAT  CAUSE  CAVE  CAZ  CBB  CBBC  CBC Computer Aided Design Cadillac Kilo of cocaine Flirting Cyberathlete Amateur League (gaming) Brand of cigarettes Camoflauge Player who lies in wait for a target It will be done Original, official Cantonese Shoot Do you understand? Captain, Mafia boss Bullets Mushrooms Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart Amusing, eccentric person Cardigan I don't care Vomit, throw up Told off, DISSed Party in a car Casual Cool person Computed Axial Tomography Because Give up, give in Crazy in a nice way Can't Be Bothered Children's BBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation  CBD  CBH  CBI  CBR  CBS  CBT  CC Cute But Dumb Child Bearing Hips Californian Bureau of Investigation Confederation of British Industry Captive Bead Ring (body piercing) Can't Be Stuffed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Credit Card Carbon Copy Crowd Control Country Code Coricidin Cough & Cold (Dextromethorophan or DXM). Collectible Card Game Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Couldn't Care Less Cisco Certified Network Associate Creedence Clearwater Revival (band) Closed-Circuit Television Counterclockwise Carrying a Concealed Weapon Compact Disc Cross Dresser Compact Disk Rewritable Cult of the Dead Cow Crudely Drawn Cock Code Division Multiple Access (voice/data transmission) Canadian Calm Down Please Compact Disc Recordable Compact Disk Read Only Memory Casual Encounters same as CBB same as CBB same as CBB  CCC  CCG  CCIE  CCL  CCNA  CCR  CCTV  CCW  CD  CD-RW  CDC  CDMA  CDN  CDP  CDR  CDROM  CE  CEEB  CEEBS  CEEBZ  CELL  CELLY  CEO  CEPT  CEREAL  CES  CET  CEWL  CFC  CFL  CFN  CFO  CFV  CG  CGA  CGI  CHA  CHADROOL  CHAMP  CHAMPION  CHAO  CHAP  CHAV  CHAW  CHEA  CHEAP SKATE  CHEDDA  CHEDDAR  CHEERIO  CHEERS  CHEESE Cellphone Cellphone Prison cell mate Chief Executive Officer Except Serious Consumer Electronics Show Central European Time Cool Chlorofluorocarbon Canadian Football League Ciao For Now Chief Financial Officer Call For Votes Computer Graphics Color Graphics Adapter Computer-Generated Imagery Yes Stupid person Uncool Good, great Goodbye (Spanish) Man Poorly educated, vulgar youth Chewing tobacco Yeah Mean/stingy person Cash, money Money Goodbye Thanks Goodbye Drug, starter heroin Money  CHEESY  CHEEZ  CHELA  CHEM  CHEVY  CHI  CHIB  CHICK  CHICKEN  CHILAXING  CHILL  CHILL OUT  CHILLAX  CHINK  CHINWAG  CHIO  CHIPOTLE  CHIPPY  CHIPS  CHIRP  CHIRPSE  CHIZ  CHIZZ  CHOICE  CHOLO  CHONG  CHOO  CHOOB  CHOONG  CHOP IT UP Corny, lame Cheese Beer Chemistry Chevrolet Chicago Life force, energy Stab Girl Kilogram of cocaine Chilling and relaxing Relax, hang out same as CHILL Chill and relax Offensive term for an Asian or Chinese person Chat Sexy, good looking, girl Mexican-style restaurant Fish and chip shop Money Weak, corny Insult Flirt Swiz, swindle Chill out, relax Nice, great Mexican Gangster Good looking, attractive, cute You High level player who acts like a noob Good looking, buff Talk  CHOPPER  CHOUT  CHOW  CHP  CHU  CHUG  CHULA  CHUNDER  CHUNG  CHUTIYA  CHYA  CHYEA  CI  CIA  CIAO  CIB  CIC  CID  CIG  CIGGY  CIHY  CINI  CIO  CIR  CITA  CK  CKI  CKL  CL AK-47 assault rifle Chill Out Watch Out Bye Food California Highway Patrol You Drink Offensive term for a Native American Cute, sexy Be sick, vomit Good looking, buff Mild Indian expletive Yes, yeah Yes, yeah Confidential Informant Central Intelligence Agency Italian for Hi or Bye Complete In Box 'Cause I Can Acid, LSD Cigarette Cigarette Can I Help You? Cinema Check It Out Committed Information Rate (minimum bandwidth) Caught In The Act CRIP Killa Chair-Keyboard Interface Chuckle Chain Letter Craig's List  CLAP  CLAPPED  CLARET  CLASS  CLEO  CLI  CLICK  CLIQUE  CLM  CLOCK  CLOUD  CLOUD 9  CLT  CLUBBING  CLUBHEAD  CLUT  CLUTCH  CLWY  CM  CMAR  CMB  CMC  CMD  CME  CMEO  CMHO  CMI  CMIIW  CMIYC  CML  CMN Gonorrhea, STD Shot Blood Cool, excellent Chief Law Enforcement Officer Command Line Interface Kilometre Group of friends Career Limiting Move Look at Hit The Internet (non-local storage, software etc) Feeling of euphoria, high Currently Listening To Visiting nightclubs Person who goes to clubs a lot Clumsy person Perform under pressure Can't Live Without You Call Me Cry Me A River Call Me Back Casi Me Cago (Spanish LOL) Command Close My Eyes Crying My Eyes Out Cry My Heart Out Count Me In Correct Me If I'm wrong. Catch Me If You Can Call Me Later Call Me Now  CMNT  CMOS  CMS  CMT  CMU  CMYK  CNA  CNC  CND  CNN  CNY  CO Comment Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Content Management System Comment Cracks Me Up Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/blacK Certified Nursing Assistant Command and Conquer Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Cable News Network Chinese New Year Commanding Officer Corrections Officer Company Counter Offer Carbon Dioxide Certificate Of Authenticity White woman that dates black men Close Of Business Mistake, mess Thinking too highly of yourself Cash On Delivery Call Of Duty Call Of Duty 4 (Game) Computer program Write a computer program Coeducational (men and women together) Coalition of Gears (game) Cocaine Coca Cola Crying Out Loud Top bud of a marijuana plant Without underwear Communist  CO2  COA  COALBURNER  COB  COCK UP  COCKY  COD  COD4  CODE  COED  COG  COKE  COL  COLA  COMMANDO  COMMY  CONDO  CONGRATS  CONT  CONVO  COO  COOKIE  COOL  COOL BEANS  COOLIN  COP  COPACETIC  COPY THAT  COPYCAT  COPYPASTA  COR  CORNY  COS  COSPLAY  COTCH  COUCH POTATO  COUGAR  COUGER  COUGH  COUPLE  COURSE  COW  COYB  COYG  COYOTE  COYS  COZ Apartment Congratulations Continued Conversation Cool Small file relating to a website Awesome, great Cool, awesome, great same as CHILLing Officer of the law Close of Play Cool, OK, excellent I understand Someone who copies someone else Post that has been copied and pasted God Uncool, overused Because Costume Play Relax, chill Lazy person who sits all day watching TV Older woman looking for a younger man Older woman looking for a younger man Confess, come clean Two people in a relationship Of course, certainly Offensive term for a woman Come On You Blues Come On You Gunners Person who smuggles immigrants Come On You Spurs Because  CPC  CPI  CPL  CPM  CPP  CPR  CPT  CPU  CQB  CQC  CQTMS  CR Cost Per Click Consumer Price Index Cyberathlete Professional League (gaming) Cost Per Thousand C Plus Plus, C++ (programming language) Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Colored People's Time Central Processing Unit Close Quarters Battle Close Quarters Combat Chuckle Quietly To Myself Credit Copyright Carriage Return Derogatory word for a CRIP A form of cocaine Offensive term for a white person Good times/gossip/music/drinking (Irish) Crazy Really crazy Crying Real Big Tears Cyclic Redundency Check Chat Room Chuckle Laughing Weird, undesirable person Someone who views your profile but doesn't make contact Trainers Cry House, residence Said after a lame joke to break the silence Christmas Community Restoration in Progress (gang) Gang member  CRAB  CRACK  CRACKA  CRAIC  CRAY  CRAY CRAY  CRBT  CRC  CREASING  CREEP  CREEPER  CREPS  CREY  CRIB  CRICKETS  CRIMBO  CRIP  CRM  CROAK  CROW  CRT  CRUNK  CRUSH  CRUSTY  CRV  CS  CSA  CSB  CSI  CSL  CSM  CSS  CST  CSU  CSV  CTC  CTD  CTF  CTHU  CTM  CTN  CTO  CTR  CTRL  CTRN  CTS  CTU  CU Customer Relationship Management Die Marijuana Cathode Ray Tube Crazy and drunk Infatuation, attraction Dirty, unwashed person Compact Recreational Vehicle Counter-Strike Cheap Shot Artist Cool Story Bro (sarcastic) Crime Scene Investigation (TV show) Can't stop laughing Client Side Modification Counter Strike: Source Cascading Style Sheet Central Standard Time California State University Comma Separated Values Call The Cell Crash To Desktop Capture The Flag Claim To Fame Crack The Hell Up Chuckling To Myself Can't Talk Now Check This Out Click Through Rate Control (key) Cant Talk Right now Chuckles To Self Counter Terrorist Unit See You  CUCKOO  CUDDY  CUFF  CUFFED  CUG  CUH  CUIAB  CUL  CUL8ER  CUL8R  CULA  CULO  CUOL  CUPCAKE  CUPPA  CUS  CUSH  CUSHTI  CUSS  CUT  CUTCH  CUTE  CUTIE  CUTY  CUWYL  CUZ  CUZZ  CUZZO  CV  CVV  CW Mad, bonkers, crazy Buddy, friend Overprotect, smother Taken, has a BF or GF Closed User Group Cousin, homie, bro See You In A Bit See You Later. See You Later See You Later See You Later, Alligator Ass (Spanish) See You On Line Soft, loving person Cup of (usually) tea Friend High grade marijuana Good, great Curse, swear See You Tomorrow See You There Snuggle up Someone/thing that is attrative in an innocent way Cute, attractive person Cutie Catch Up With You Later Because Friend, cousin Friend Curriculum Vitae, resume Card Verification Value Clockwise Continuous Wave  CWB  CWOT  CWT  CWTCH  CWTCU  CWTSY  CWUC  CWYL  CYB  CYBI  CYDI  CYDM  CYE  CYF  CYL  CYL8R  CYM  CYO  CYOOT  CYT  CZ  D BO  D&D  D&M  D'S  D-DAY  D/C  D00D  D12  D2F  D2M Crazy White Boys Complete Waste Of Time Hundred Weight, 100lbs (112lbs UK) Hug or cuddle Can't Wait To See You Can't Wait To See You Call When You Can Chat With You Later. Count Your Blessings Can You Believe It? Can You Dig It? Check Your Direct Messages Check Your Email Cross Your Fingers Catch You Later See You Later Check Your Mail See You Online Cute See You Tomorrow Condition Zero (game) Steal Dungeons and Dragons Deep and Meaningful Dayton rims 6th June 1944 Designated day when operations are due to commence Disconnected Dude Dirty Dozen same as DTF Dead to Me  D8  D:  D:<  D;  DA Date Suprised, shocked Angry Crying The District Attorney Dad Excellent, the best Digital Audio Broadcasting Defence Against the Dark Arts (Harry Potter) Don't Ask, Don't Tell Does Anybody Else same as WTF Damn Unfashionable person Uncool, not trendy, untidy Offensive term for an Italian Don't Ask Me Cost of something Don't Ask Me How I Know Don't Ask Me How I Know That/This Damn Very potent marijuana Incredibly good, awesome Touching of fists greeting Don't Ask Questions Drug Abuse Resistance Education Darling Damn Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency That Dining At The Orifice Cool guy  DA BOMB  DAB  DADA  DADT  DAE  DAFUQ  DAG  DAGGY  DAGO  DAM  DAMAGE  DAMHIK  DAMHIKT  DANG  DANK  DAP  DAQ  DARE  DARL  DARN  DARPA  DAT  DATO  DAVID  DAW  DAWG  DAYUM  DB  DBC  DBD  DBEYR  DBF  DBI  DBJ  DBMS  DBNT  DBR  DBS Digital Audio Workstation Close Friend Damn Douche Bag Dime By Comparison Don't Be Dumb Death Before Dishonor Don't Believe Everything You Read Dat Be Fair Douche Bag Index Don't Beg It Don't Be Jealous Database Management System Don't Bother Next Time Damaged Beyond Repair Don't Be Stupid Don't Be Sad Don't Be Scared Doing Big Things Dragon Ball Z Don't Care Department of Children and Families Drum Corps International Don't Count On It Dream Come True Deaf, Dumb, Blind Drug and Disease Free Drop Dead Gorgeous Don't Do It Day Month Year Distributed Denial of Service (network attack) Dance Dance Revolution (Game) Don't Do That  DBT  DBZ  DC  DCF  DCI  DCOI  DCT  DDB  DDF  DDG  DDI  DDMMYY  DDOS  DDR  DDT  DE  DEA  DEAD ASS  DEALING  DEAR  DEB  DEBO  DEC  DECENT  DECK  DED  DEEC  DEECE  DEETS  DEEZ  DEF  DEFF  DEFFO  DEFO  DEFS  DEGT  DEH  DEKE  DELISH  DEM  DEN  DENCH  DEPT  DER  DERE The Drug Enforcement Administration Serious Acting like boyfriend/girlfriend Selling drugs Drop Everything And Read Don't Even Bother Steal Decent Good, awesome Cool Punch hard Dead from joy, hilarity etc Decent Decent, cool, great Details These Cool, great, excellent Definitely Definitely Definitely Definitely Don't Even Go There (i.e. I don't want to talk about it) same as DOH Avoid, fake, decoy Delicious Them Then Private room Awesome, cool Department Duh! There  DERO  DEROB  DERP  DERR  DESI  DESPO  DESU  DET  DETAI  DEUCES  DEVO  DEY  DF  DFE  DFF  DFI  DFLI  DFO  DFS  DFTBA  DFTS  DFTSYP  DFTT  DFW  DG  DGI  DGK  DGOT  DGT  DGTWM  DH Derelict, loser Very bored Reply to stupid comment or action same as DUH Someone from the Indian subcontinent Desperate It is (Japanese) Don't Even Trip Don't Even Think About It Peace Devastated They Dumbass Frankenstein WTF Dead Fish Experience Don't Forget to Flush Don't Force It Don't Feel Like It Done Fell Out Dating For Sport Don't Forget To Be Awesome Don't Forget to Smile Don't Forget To Say Your Prayers Don't Feed The Troll Down For Whatever Don't Go Don't Get Involved Don't Get It Dirty Ghetto Kids (skateboards) Don't Go Over There Don't Go There Don't Go There With Me Darling Husband  DHCP  DHL  DHMU  DHS  DHTML  DHV  DHYB  DIAF  DIAO  DIBS  DIC  DIDDO  DIDO  DIG  DIGG  DIGITS  DIGS  DIKU  DIKY  DIL  DILLIC  DILLIGAD  DIME  DIMER  DIMM  DIN  DIN DIN  DINERO  DING  DINGBAT Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Shipping Company Don't Hit Me Up Department of Homeland Security Department of Health Services Dynamic HTML Demonstration of Higher Value Don't Hold Your Breath Die In A Fire Cool, hip A claim Do I Care? same as DITTO same as DIDDO Understand Enjoy, like Social bookmarking website Telephone number Home, lodgings Do I Know You? Do I Know You? Daughter-In-Law Does It Look Like I Care Do I Look Like I Give A Darn? $10 of a drug Very attractive person same as 10 Dual In-line Memory Module Do It Now Dinner Money Just hit new level in RPG Stupid person, idiot  DINK  DINKY  DINLO  DINT  DIP  DIPPED  DIQUE  DIRT  DIS  DISO  DISS  DISSING  DISTRO  DIT  DITD  DITTO  DITZY  DIV  DIVA  DIVX  DIY  DIZZY  DJ Dual Income No Kids Tiny, small Dual Income No Kids Yuppie Stupid person Did not, didn't Leave Fashionable Supposedly Low grade marijuana Gossip Did I Say Desperately In Search Of Disrespect Being disrespectful Distribution (software, music, etc) Details In Thread Down In The Dumps, sad The same, me too, I agree Acting dumb and innocent Stupid person Talented, but arrogant, female performer Video format Do It Yourself Crazy, mad Disc Jockey Dow Jones Dinner Jacket Don't Judge Me Don't Know Don't Know, Don't Care Don't Know For Sure Don't Kill Me Donna Karan New York  DJM  DK  DKDC  DKFS  DKM  DKNY  DKP  DKY  DL  DLAM  DLB  DLC  DLL  DLN  DLS  DLTBBB  DLTBGYD  DLTM  DLV  DM Dragon Kill Points (MMORPGs) Don't Know Yet Don't Kid Yourself Down Low Download Don't Laugh At Me Don't Look Back Downloadable Content Dynamic Link Library (computer file) Don't Look Now Dirty Little Secret Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down Don't Lie To Me Demonstration of Lower Value Don't Mind Doesn't Matter Direct Message Don't Make A Fuss Drop Me A Line Dave Matthews Band Deep Meaningful Conversation Digital Millennium Copyright Act Damage Don't Mention It Don't Mind If I Do Don't Make Me Laugh Damn Dirty Money Syndicate Di-Methyl Tryptamine (drug) Dirty Minds Think Alike Department of Motor Vehicles Dead Man Walking  DMAF  DMAL  DMB  DMC  DMCA  DMG  DMI  DMIID  DMML  DMN  DMS  DMT  DMTA  DMV  DMW  DMX  DMY  DMZ  DN  DNA Dark Man X (rapper) Don't Mess Yourself De-militarized zone Doing Nothing Deoxyribonucleic Acid Did Not Attend Does Not Apply Drum And Bass Democratic National Committee Do Not Disturb Don't Know, Don't Care Do Not Erase Does Not Exist Did Not Finish Do Not Feed The Troll Do Not Know Does Not Matter Deep and Meaningful Don't Know Do Not Post Do Not Resuscitate Domain Name Service Did Not Start Don't Don't Need To Know Do Not Want Dead On Arrival Deteriorate On Approach Date Of Birth Idiot Doctor Drug of Choice Day of Defeat Of questionable legality, morality, integrity  DNB  DNC  DND  DNDC  DNE  DNF  DNFTT  DNK  DNM  DNO  DNP  DNR  DNS  DNT  DNTK  DNW  DOA  DOB  DOBE  DOC  DOD  DODGY  DOE  DOF  DOG  DOG FOOD  DOGG  DOH  DOHC  DOI  DOJA  DOKE  DOL  DOLO  DOMO  DOMS  DON  DONE  DONNO  DOOBIE  DOOD  DOODE  DOOFUS  DOOM  DOPE  DORB  DORK  DOS Depends On Experience Depth of Field Telephone Ugly person Heroin Friend, buddy Expression of frustration, realization Dual Overhead Cam Duh Marijuana, weed Diet Coke Dying Of Laughter Alone, solo Thank you (Japanese) Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness Top man, Mafia boss Finished Drunk, intoxicated I don't know Marijuana cigarette, joint Dude same as DUDE Stupid person Classic FPS Heroin Cool, awesome Adorable Silly, socially inept person Disk Operating System Denial Of Service (attack) Dad Over Shoulder Money Marijuana Lazy person  DOSH  DOSHA  DOSSER Vagrant, Tramp  DOT  DOTA  DOUCHE  DOUGH  DOUGIE  DOW  DOWNER  DOWNS  DOX  DPI  DPS  DPU  DPYN  DQ  DQYDJ  DR  DRAG  DRED  DRINKY POO  DRIVE BY  DRM  DRO  DROVE  DRT  DS  DSD  DSL  DSLR Damage Over Time Defence Of The Ancients Idiot Money, cash Swagger Dance style Dawn Of War (game) Dow Jones Industrial Average Someone or something that brings the mood down Downs-Syndrome Documents Dots Per Inch Don't Push It Damage Per Second (MMORPG) Data Processing Unit Don't Pick Your Nose Disqualified Don't Quit Your Day Job Double Rainbow Inhale smoke from cigarette or joint Dressed as a woman Cruel, bad Alcoholic drink Recce, check out Digital Rights Management HyDROponically grown marijuana Mad, angry Dead Right There Darling Son Do Some Damage Digital Subscriber Line Digital Single Lens Reflex (camera)  DSP  DSS  DST  DT  DTA  DTAM  DTB  DTC  DTD  DTE  DTH  DTL  DTM  DTMS  DTP  DTR  DTRT  DTS  DTT  DTTC  DTTM  DTYT  DU JOUR  DUB  DUB DUB DUB  DUB SACK  DUBS  DUBSTEP  DUCES  DUCWIC Digital Signal Processing Department of Social Services Daylight Saving Time Down Town Don't Trust Anyone Death To All Men Don't Text Back Down To Cuddle Drunk Till Dawn Drunk Till Death Down To Earth Down To Hang Does The Look Doing Too Much Dead To Me Does That Make Sense? Disturbing The Peace Define The Relationship Do The Right Thing Down The Shore Down To Snuggle Don't Touch That Don't Text The Cell Don't Talk To Me Don't Take Your Time Of the day (French) Twenty (dollars, dollars of drugs, inch rims) WWW, World Wide Web A $20 bag of marijuana Twenty inch wheels Music genre Goodbye Do You See What I See?  DUCY  DUDE  DUDETTE  DUDS  DUECES  DUFUS  DUH  DUI  DULM  DUN  DUNNO  DUNZO  DUPA  DUPE  DUR  DURS  DUS  DUSS  DUST  DUSTY  DUTCH  DUTTY  DVD  DVDRIP  DVI  DVR  DW  DWA  DWAG  DWAI  DWB Do you see why? A name for anyone (esp surfers, skaters) Female dude Casual clothes Misspelling of DEUCES same as DOOFUS Of course Driving Under the Influence Do You Love Me? Son Don't Know Done, over, finished Ass Duplicate Duh Damn, You Are Sexy Does Run away Angel dust, PCP Ugly Joint Split the cost Dirty Digital Versatile Disc Video copied from a DVD Digital Visual Interface Digital Video Recorder Don't Worry Driving While Asian Misspelling of DAWG Don't Worry About It Driving While Black  DWBH  DWBI  DWEEB  DWEET  DWF  DWI  DWISNWID  DWL  DWM  DWMT  DWP  DWT  DWTH  DWTS  DWU  DX  DXC  DY  DYD  DYHWIH  DYJ  DYJHIW  DYK  DYKT  DYKWIM  DYL  DYLM  DYM  DYOR  DYS  DZ Don't Worry, Be Happy Don't Worry 'Bout It Dork, nerd Do it Divorced White Female Deal with it Do What I Say Not What I Do. Dying With Laughter Divorced White Male Don't Waste My Time Drunk While Posting Driving While Texting Don't Work Too Hard Dancing With The Stars Don't Wait Up D-generation X Deathcore (music style) same as DWAI Don't You Dare Do You Hear What I Hear? Do Your Job Don't You Just Hate It When... Did You Know Did You Know That? Do You Know What I Mean? Do You Like...? Do You Love/Like Me? Do You Mind Do You Mean Do Your Own Research Do You See? Drop Zone  E  E>  E&OE  E-DATING  E2EG  EA  EAS  EB  EBCAK  EBD  EBM  EBONY  EBT  ECG  ECO  ECT  ECW  EDD  EDDRESS  EDGY  EDJ  EDM  EDT  EEC  EEE  EEG  EEK  EEPROM  EFA  EFG  EFL Ecstasy Heart like <3 Errors and omissions excluded Online dating Ear To Ear Grin Electronic Arts End of Active Service Eyeball Error Between Chair And Keyboard End of Business Day Electronic Body Music Dark skin tone Electronic Benefits Transfer Electrocardiogram Ecological Enconomical Misspelling of 'etc' Extreme Championship Wrestling Estimated Delivery Date Email address Cutting edge Energy Drink Junkie Electronic Dance Music Eastern Daylight Time Estimated Delivery Time European Economic Community Expression of excitement Extremely Evil Grin Expression of surprise, distress Erasable EPROM Edited For Accuracy Epic Fail Guy English as a Foreign Language  EFT  EG  EGL  EH  EI  EL  ELBOW  ELE  ELF  ELITE  ELLO  ELNS  ELO  ELOL  EM  EMA  EMAW  EMCEE  EMO  EMOTICON  EMP  EMS  EMT  ENC  ENDZ  ENE  ENIAC  ENNIT  ENO  ENT  EOB Electronic Funds Transfer For example (exempli gratia) Evil Grin Elegant Gothic Lolita What? Huh? Eat It Chicago's elevated rail system A pound of marijuana Everybody Love Everybody Every Lady's Fantasy Skillful, quality, professional Hello Eller noe s Electric Light Orchestra (band) Evil Laugh Out Loud E-Mail Them E-mail Address Every Man a Wildcat MC, Master of Ceremonies Emotional Sequence of characters representing an emotion eg :) Electromagnetic Pulse Emergency Medical Service Emergency Medical Technician Enclosure Area where you live Northerner Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer Expression of agreement Awesome, cool Isn't End Of Business  EOC  EOD  EOE  EOF  EOG  EOL  EOM  EOR  EOS  EOT  EOTW  EOTWAWKI  EP  EPIC  EPIC FAIL  EPIN  EPL  EPROM  EQ  EQE  ER  ERB  ERK  ERM  ERO  ERP  ESA  ESB  ESC  ESD  ESE End Of Conversion End Of Discussion Equal Opportunity Employer End Of File End Of Grade End Of Lecture End Of Message End Of Rant End Of Show End Of Thread (i.e. end of discussion) End Of The World End Of The World As We Know It Extended Play Extremely awesome Total failure Epic Win English Premier League Electronically Programmable ROM EverQuest (game) Easy Quick Efficient Emergency Room Indicating hesitation Herb, Marijuana Irk, annoy Awkward conversation filler Erotic Erotic Role-Play European Space Agency Empire Stikes Back (Star Wars) Escape key Electro-Static Discharge Friend, homeboy (Hispanic)  ESH  ESKI  ESL  ESOL  ESP  ESPN  ESQ  ESRB  EST  ESTD  ET  ETA  ETC  ETD  ETF  ETHERNET  ETID  ETW  EU  EUA  EUC  EULA  EV  EVA  EVL  EVS  EVT  EVVK  EW  EWBA  EWE Donkey (Armenian) Type of urban music English as Second Language English for Speakers of Other Languages Extra Sensory Perception Entertainment and Sports Programming Network Esquire Entertainment Software Rating Board Eastern Standard Time Established Easier Said Than Done Extra Terrestrial Estimated Time of Arrival Edited to Add Et Cetera (and so on) Estimated Time of Departure Escape The Fate (band) same as LAN EveryTime I Die (band) Enjoy The Weekend European Union End User Agreement Excellent Used Condition End User License Agreement Expected Value Ever Evil Laugh Whatever Ei Voi Tiet Couldn't Care Less (Finnish) Exclamation of disgust Everything Will Be Alright Epilogue, What Epilogue? (Harry Potter)  EWW  EX  EXE  EXP  EXPO  EXTRA  EY  EYEBALL  EYO  EZ  EZPZ  E_E  F1  F2F  F2P  F2T  F5  F8  F9  [email protected]  FAA  FAAK  FAB  FABU  FACE PALM  FADE  FADED  FAE  FAFWOA Expression of disgust Former girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband etc Example Windows program file Experience points in games Exposition, large-scale public exhibition Over the top, excessive Hey Look at Estimate measurement by looking Hey, yo(u) Easy Easy peasy, very easy Tired, exhausted Formula One Face To Face Free To Play Files To Peers Free To Talk Refresh Fate Fine Fat Federal Aviation Administration Falling Asleep At Keyboard Fabulous Fabulous Slap forehead with the palm of your hand Kill, disgrace Haircut High, stoned, drunk From For A Friend Without Access (when about to ask a silly question)  FAG  FAI  FAIK  FAIL  FAM  FAMALAM  FAMBO  FAMO  FAMS  FANNYING  FANTABULOUS  FAO  FAQ  FASHO  FAT  FAT32  FAUX PAS  FAV  FAVE  FBC  FBF  FBG  FBI  FBM  FBO  FBTW  FBW  FC  FCFS  FCOL  FCS Cigarette Forget About It For All I Know Suck Family Family, close friend Family, close friend Friend, dude, family member etc Family Wasting time, messing about Fantastic and fabulous For Attention Of Frequently Asked Question For sure File Allocation Table 32 bit File Allocation Table Social blunder (French for 'false step') Favorite Favorite FaceBook Chat Facebook Friend Fat Bottomed Girl Federal Bureau of Investigation Fine By Me Facebook Official Fine, Be That Way Fly by wire Fingers Crossed Full Combo First Come First Served For Crying Out Loud For Christ's Sake  FDA  FDR  FE  FEAE  FEAT  FEDEX  FEDS  FEDZ  FEE  FEENING  FEH  FELLAS  FELLER  FER  FETCH  FF  FF5  FFA  FFFA  FFI  FFL  FFN  FFR  FFTL  FFWF  FFX  FG  FGJ  FGS  FHE  FHM Food and Drug Administration Franklin Delano Roosevelt Fair Enough For Ever And Ever Featuring Federal Express (shipping company) FBI agents, police Police Female Craving, wanting really badly Expression of dismissal, disgust Close friends Fellow, man For Cool, trendy, awesome Final Fantasy Family Force 5 (band) Free For All Fit From Far Away For Further Information Falling From LOLing Farewell For Now Flash Flash Revolution (game) For Future Reference From First To Last (band) Fight Fire With Fire Final Fantasy 10 (game) Fat Girl Family Guy For Great Justice For God's Sake First Hand Experience For Him Magazine  FI  FIC  FICCL  FIDDY  FIF  FIFA  FIFO  FIFY  FIL  FILO  FIN  FINA  FINK  FINNA  FINO  FIO  FIRM  FIRME  FISH  FIT  FITB  FITE  FITTIN TO  FIVE O  FIX  FIXIN TO  FIZZLE  FJ  FKA  FL  FLA Forget It Fanfiction Frankly, I Couldn't Care Less Fifty Fifth Amendment Federation International de Football Association First In First Out Fixed It For You Father-in-law First In, Last out Finished About to do (something) Snitch, informer Going To Failure Is Not an Option Figure It Out Gang of soccer hooligans Organised criminal gang Cool, good, nice First In Still Here Good lokking, hot, sexy Fill In The Blanks Fight About to, getting ready to Police A dose of drugs About to, getting ready to Fool Foot Job Formerly Known As Fake Laugh Florida  FLAFF  FLAG  FLAGGED  FLAKE  FLAKE OUT  FLAKY  FLAME  FLBP  FLEX  FLIR  FLK  FLOG  FLOSS  FLOSSING  FLOTUS  FLS  FLUFF  FLY  FLYFF  FM  FMA  FMCG  FMDIDGAD  FMH  FMI  FMJ  FMLA  FMO  FMOT  FMTKFYTFO  FMV Foot Loose And Fancy Free Bandana Banned Unreliable person Cancel at the last minute Unreliable Insult someone over the internet Future Lower Back Problems Show off Forward Looking Infra Red Funny Looking Kid Sell Show off Showing off First Lady Of The United States Flu-Like Symptoms Humorous/romantic fan fiction Zipper Awesome, cool Fly For Fun (MMORPG) Freqeuncy modulation (radio signal) Full Metal Alchemist Fast Moving Consumer Goods Frankly My Dear , I Don't Give A Damn For Him Magazine For More Information Full Metal Jacket Family and Medical Leave of Absence For Members Only Follow Me On Twitter For Me To Know, For You To Find Out Full Motion Video  FNA  FNAR  FNB  FNE  FNO  FNX  FO SHO  FO'SHIZZLE  FOA  FOAF  FOB  FOBR  FOC  FOCL  FOF  FOFL  FOFO  FOI  FOIA  FOLDED  FOM  FOMCL  FOMO  FOMS  FON  FOO  FOOD  FOOPA  FOPS  FORTE  FOSHO For Necessary Action For No Apparent Reason Snigger Football And Beer Free And Easy From Now On Thanks For Sure For Sure First Of All Friend Of A Friend Fresh Off the Boat Fall Out Boy Rock (website) Free Of Charge Falling Off Chair Laughing Full of Fail Falling On Floor Laughing Fourty Four caliber gun Freedom Of Information Freedom of Information Act Drunk, wasted Far Out Man Falling Off My Chair Laughing Fear Of Missing Out Fear Of Missing Something Freak Of Nature Fool Marijuana Fat in belly area Fake cops (security guards etc) Area of expertise, strength For Sure  FOT  FOTB  FOTC  FOTD  FOTM  FOTR  FOV  FOX  FPS  FQDN  FR  FRAG  FRAK  FRAP  FRAT  FREEBIE  FREEBSD  FRESH  FRESHIE  FRIED  FRILL  FRL  FRO  FROG  FRONT  FRONTING  FROOB  FSAS  FSB  FSBO  FSCK  FSHO Fat, but HOT Fresh Off The Boat Flight of the Conchords Friend Of The Day Flavor Of The Month Fellowship of the Ring (Tolkien) Field Of View Sexy, attractive woman First-Person Shooter (video game term) Fully Qualified Domain Name For Real Kill Swear word from Battlestar Galactica Frappuccino Fraternity Item or service one gets for free Free Berkeley Software Distribution (Unix like OS) Very good, cool Imigrant High on drugs For Real For Real Afro hairstyle Offensive word for a French person Pretend, falsely represent Misrepresenting oneself Free Noob. 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Google It Yourself Google Is Your Friend Good Job Go Jump Off A Cliff Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Good Kid Go Kill Yourself Good Luck Good Looking Good Luck, Have Fun Good Luck All Giggling Like A Girl Glamorous/luxury camping Good Life Decision Spit  GIEF  GIF  GIG  GIGO  GIMME  GIMP  GINGE  GINGER  GINGRICH  GINNEL  GIS  GIT  GIWIST  GIY  GIYF  GJ  GJOAC  GJWHF  GK  GKY  GL  GL HF  GLA  GLAG  GLAMPING  GLD  GLEAK  GLEEK  GLF  GLHF  GLIRL  GLITCH  GLOCK  GLOMP  GLOTR  GLTA  GLTY  GLU  GLUCK  GLWS  GLWT  GM A fan of the TV show Glee Group Looking For Good luck, have fun. Used in CS matches Good Luck In Real Life Error, mistake Semi-automatic pistol Hug very hard Good Luck On The Rebuild Good Luck to All Good Luck To You Guys/Girsl Like Us Good Luck Good Luck With Sale Good Luck With That General Motors Good Morning Genetically Modified Good Move Good Morning, America Give Me A Break Google web email service Gesellschaft mit Beschr General Motors Corporation Gives Me Hope Genetically Modified Organism Garry's Mod (Game) Greenwich Mean Time Great Minds Think Alike Got My Vote Good Man Yourself Good Night Extreme Girl Next Door  GMA  GMAB  GMAIL  GMBH  GMC  GMH  GMO  GMOD  GMT  GMTA  GMV  GMY  GN  GNARLY  GND  GNE  GNFB  GNITE  GNK  GNO  GNP  GNR  GNSD  GNSTDLTBBB  GNU  GOAT  GOB  GOBLIN  GOD SPEED  GOG  GOI  GOK  GOKIL  GOL  GOLD DIGGER  GOM  GOMD  GOMEN  GOMER  GOMF  GOML  GON  GONNA  GOOG  GOOH  GOOK Good Night and Everything Good Night Facebook Good Night Glitch No Kill (gaming) Girls/Guys Night Out Gross National Product Guns 'N Roses Good Night, Sweet Dreams Good Night Sleep Tight Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite GNU's Not Unix, Linux OS Greatest Of All Time Mouth Gangster Good luck Person from north Wales Get Over It God Only Knows Crazy (Indonesian) Giggle Out Loud Person who loves someone just for their money Idiot, fool Guy/Girl Of My Dreams Sorry Get Out of My Emergency Room, unwelcome patient Get Outta My Face Get On My Level Go on Going to Going to Ecstasy pill Get Out Of Here Offensive term for a Korean  GOOMF  GOOML  GOON  GOONER  GOP  GORG  GORM  GOS  GOSH  GOSU  GOTCHA  GOTTA  GOTY  GOU  GOW  GOWM  GP  GPA  GPC  GPL  GPOY  GPOYW  GPRS  GPS  GPU  GQ  GR  GR&D Get Out Of My Face Get Out Of My Life Stupid Tough guy Supporter of Arsenal Football Club Grand Old Party Gorgeous Gormless person Girlfriend Over Shoulder Game Of Soldiers Exclamation of suprise or shock Skillful person (Korean) I got you, I understand Got to ... Have you got a ...? Game Of The Year Good On You God of War (Game) Gears of War (Game) Go Out With Me General Principle Grade-Point Average Generic Pack of Cigarettes Get/Post/Cookie (web pages) General Public License Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday General Packet Radio Services Global Positioning System Graphics Processing Unit Gentlemen Quarterly (magazine) Suave, well dressed man Gotta Run Grinning, Running & Ducking  GR8  GRAF  GRASS  GRATZ  GRE  GREEN Great Graffiti Paragraph Marijuana Congratulations Graduate Record Examination Unexperienced Marijuana Environmentally beneficial Ugly girl in a group Tooth Jewelry Girl Guest Relations Officer Disgusting, nasty, gross Fully understand Grommet, young surfer Idiot, fool Great and Cool Cool, awesome Unpleasant, disgusting Great, amazing Anger, frustration Girl Food Hard work, nuisance Getting Stuff Done Global System for Mobile communications Good Sense Of Humor Gun Shot Residue God Save The Queen Gun Shot Wound Grand Touring Gran Turismo  GRENADE  GRILL  GRL  GRO  GRODY  GROK  GROM  GRONK  GROOL  GROOVY  GROSS  GROUSE  GRR  GRRL  GRUB  GRULE  GSD  GSM  GSOH  GSR  GSTQ  GSW  GT  GTA  GTBOSH  GTD  GTG  GTGG  GTH  GTHBA  GTHO  GTI  GTK  GTL  GTLD  GTM  GTO  GTOG  GTR  GTRM  GTS  GTSY  GTTS  GTW  GU  GUAP  GUCCI  GUD  GUFN  GUH  GUI  GULLY  GURL  GUTI  GUUD Grand Theft Auto Glad To Be Of Some Help Getting Things Done Got To Go Got To Get Going Go To Hell Good Times Had By All Get The Hell Out High performance hatchback (eg VW Golf) Good To Know Gym, Tan, Laundry Generic TLD Giggling To Myself Gran Turismo Omologato Got To Go Getting Ready Going To Read Mail Good Times Good To See You Got The T-Shirt Got To Work Grow Up Money Good, awesome, high quality Good Grounded Until Further Notice Annoyed, angry Graphical User Interface Rough, raw, unpolished Girl Get Used To It Good  GUV  GV  GVG  GW  GWAAN  GWAP  GWARN  GWAS  GWC  GWG  GWI  GWK  GWOP  GWP  GWR  GWS  GWTF  GWTP  GYAL  GYALDEM  GYC  GYFS  GYNO  GYO  GYPO  GYT  GZ  H  H&K  H/O  H/T  H/U Guvnor, boss Good Vibes Guild Versus Guild Good Work Go on Money Go On Game Was A Success Guy With Camera Girl With Glasses Get With It Game Winning Kill Money Gift With Purchase Guinness World Records Get Well Soon Go With The Flow Get With The Program Girl Group of girls Get Your Coat Get Your Facts Straight Gynecologist Get Your Own Gypsy Get Yourself Tested Congratulations Hug Hugs and Kisses Hold On Hat Tip Hook Up, make out  H1B  H1N1  H2CUS  H2G  H2H  H2IK  H2O  H2T  H3  H4X  H4X0R  H5  H8  H8R  H9  HA  HABBO  HABIBI  HAC  HACER  HACK  HAFL  HAFTA  HAG  HAGD  HAGE  HAGL  HAGN  HAGO  HAGS  HAGT US employment visa Swine flu virus Hope To See You Soon Had to Go Honest To God Heart To Heart Head To Head Hell If I Know Water Head To Toe Halo 3 (Game) Hacks, cheats Hacker High Five Hate Hater Really hate (H8+1) Sarcastic laugh Online community/game My darling (Arabic) Hot Asian Chick Hacker Break into computer systems or software Heart Attack From Laughing Have To Unattractive old woman Have A Good Day Have A Good Evening Have A Good Life Have A Good Night Have A Good One Have A Great Summer Have A Great Time  HAI  HAISTK  HAIZ  HAK  HALP  HAN  HAND  HANDLE  HANG  HANG UP  HANL  HAPA  HAR  HARD LINES  HARF  HASH  HASHTAG  HASIAN  HATERZ  HAWK  HAWT  HAWTSOME  HAX  HAXOR  HAXX0R  HAXXOR  HAY  HAYD  HAYT  HAYWIRE Hey, hi Yes (Japanese) How Am I Supposed To Know? Sigh Hugs And Kisses Help Alone (Han Solo) Have A Nice Day Half a gallon of liquor Nickname, alias Hang out, spend time with Inhibition, emotional difficulty Have A Nice Life Mixed race Sarcastic laugh Bad luck Vomit, throw up Marijuana Label on Twitter to aid searching Hot Asian Enemies Knife Hot Having A Wonderful Time Hot and awesome Hacking, Hackers, hacks Hacker Hacker Hacker How Are You How Are You Doing? How Are You Today? Crazy  HAZE  HB  HB  HBCU  HBD  HBK  HBN  HBO  HBP  HBT  HBTU  HBTY  HBU  HBY  HC  HCDAJFU  HCIT  HCO  HD  HDCP  HDD  HDF  HDL  HDMI  HDU  HDY  HDYK  HE  HEA  HEADS  HEADS UP Type of marijuana Hug Back Hurry Back Historically Black Colleges and Universities Happy Birthday Heart Break Kid How About Now Home Box Office Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter) How 'Bout That Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday To You How About You? How About You? Holy Cow He Could Do A Job For Us How Cool Is That? Hollister High-Definition High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection Hard Disk Drive Halt Die Fresse (Shut up in German) Hab Dich Lieb (I love you in German) High Definition Multimedia Interface How Dare You How Dare You How Do/Did You Know? Happy Ending High Explosives Happily Ever After People Advance notice  HEAT  HEAVY  HECK  HECTIC  HEH  HEINA  HELLA  HENCH  HENRY  HEP  HERB  HESHE  HEX  HEY  HEYO  HEYY  HF  HF  HFFA  HFGL  HFY  HG  HGB  HGH  HGI  HGV  HH  HH  HHIS  HHOJ Gun(s) Awesome, good Serious, intense Mild expletive Cool, good Cynical laugh Girlfriend Really, very Strong, muscular, well built High Earner, Not Rich Yet Hip, cool Stupid person Person of unidentifiable gender Hexadecimal (base 16) Curse Hello, hi Hello Hey You Have Fun Have Fun Hot From Far Away Have Fun, Good Luck Here For You Happy for You Holy Grail Hellogoodbye (band) Haters Gonna Hate How Goes It? Heavy Goods Vehicle Ha-Ha Holding Hands Hanging Head In Shame Ha-Ha, Only Joking  HHOK  HHVF  HHWW  HI  HI5  HICKEY  HICKY  HIG  HIIK  HIMYM  HINKEY  HIP  HIPSTER  HIR  HIT A LICK  HIT ME UP  HIT YOU UP  HIV  HIWTH  HIYA  HJNTIY  HK  HL  HLAS  HM  HMB  HMF  HMIHY  HML  HMP  HMPF Ha-Ha, Only Kidding Ha-Ha, Very Funny Holding Hands While Walking Hello Social networking site Love bite Love bite How's It Going? Hell If I Know How I Met Your Mother (TV show) Strange, unusual Cool, stylish, contemporary Person who is HIP Gender neutral possessive pronoun (his/her) Get a lot of money very quickly Call me later Call you later Human Immunodeficiency Virus Hate It When That Happens Hello He's Just Not That Into You Hong Kong Hostile Kids Half Life (game) Hook, Line And Sinker Thinking Hit Me Back (reply) same as HMPH How May I Help You? Hate My Life Help Me, Please Sound made when irritated  HMPH  HMS  HMU  HMUL  HMV  HMWK  HNG  HNK  HNOS  HNR  HNY  HO  HOAS  HOAY  HOBO  HOF  HOG  HOH  HOLD  HOLD UP  HOLLA  HOLLA BACK  HOLLAND  HOLLER  HOLS  HOMEBOY  HOMEDOG  HOMEGIRL  HOMES  HOMESLICE Expression of apathy or disagreement Her Majesty's Ship (UK) Hit Me Up Hit Me Up Later His Master's Voice Homework Horny Net Geek Hugs and Kisses Home Network Operating System Hit 'N' Run Happy New Year Hold On Head Office Hold On A Second How Old Are You? Itinerant worker Hall Of Fame Heavy on Flag Harley Owner Group Head Over Heels Hard Of Hearing Borrow (money) Wait a minute Used by a man to express interest in a woman Get Back To Me Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies Shout Holidays, vacation Closest friend same as HOMEBOY Closest female friend Homeboy Homeboy  HOMEY  HOMG  HOMIE  HOMMIE  HON  HONKIE  HONKY  HOOAH  HOOCHIE  HOOD  HOODIE  HOOK ME UP  HOOKED  HOOPS  HOOROO  HOOT  HOP  HOP OFF  HORNY  HORSE  HOS  HOT  HOTTIE  HOVA  HOWDY  HP  HQ  HQF  HR  HRC  HRH Homeboy same as OMG Homeboy misspelling of HOMIE Honey White person same as HONKIE same as HUA Over made up woman with trashy dress sense Neighborhood, ghetto Hooded sweatshirt Person wearing a hooded sweatshirt Share with me Addicted Basketabll Goodbye Good time Funny person Heroin Leave me alone Turned on Heroin Husband Over Shoulder Very good looking, sexy Attractive person Jehovah, God How Do You Do? Harry Potter High Quality same as LOL Human Resources Human Rights Campaign His/Her Royal Highness  HRU  HS  HSBC  HSH  HSIK  HSIT  HSL  HSM  HSP  HSPDA  HSV2  HT How Are You? Headshot Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Home Sweet Home How Should I Know? How Sad Is That Hue, Saturation, Lightness High School Musical Highly Sensitive Person High Speed Packet Data Access Herpes Simplex Virus 2 Hat Tip (Thanks) Home Time Handheld Transceiver Had To Be There Hit The Cell Hard To Explain Hard To Get Hope That Helps How The Hell Hope To Hear From You Soon Hand To Mouth Hypertext Markup Language Hope To See You Soon Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol Secure Hail To The Redskins Houston, Texas Hollywood Undead (Band) Heard Understood Acknowledged Husband The man you're looking for Heads-Up Display  HTBT  HTC  HTE  HTG  HTH  HTHFYS  HTM  HTML  HTSYS  HTTP  HTTPS  HTTR  HTX  HU  HUA  HUBBY  HUCKLEBERRY  HUD  HUFF  HUGGLE  HUH  HUN  HUNDO  HUNNED  HUNNIT  HUR  HURT  HUS  HUSPAZ  HUZZAH  HVAC  HVD  HW  HWB  HWGA  HWK  HWP  HWSNBN  HWU  HWYD  HXC  HY  HYB  HYD  HYDRO  HYFB  HYG  HYH Low grade weed Hug and snuggle Confused sound Honey Hundred (dollars) Hundred (dollars) Hundred (dollars) Here Hair Ugly, unattractive Hustler Hurray (texting) Expression of triumph, joy Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning Happy Valentine's Day Homework Hottie With Body Here We Go Again Homework Height Weight Proportional He Who Shall Not Be Named Hey, What's Up? How Was Your Day? Hardcore (music) Hell Yes Hi How You Been? How Ya Doing? Hydroponically grown marijuana Hope You Feel Better Here You Go Have You Heard Hold Your Horses  HYIP  HYNA  HYP  HYPER  HYPH  HYPO  HYS  HYU  HYUK  HZ  I<3U  I'MA  I/O  I18N  I8  IA  IAB  IABW  IAC  IAD  IAE  IAG  IAK  IAL  IAMA  IANAD  IANAL  IAS  IAU  IAW  IAWTC High Yield Investment Program Good looking girl (Hispanic) Harvard, Yale, Princeton Over energetic Hyperactive, crazy Hypodermic needle/syringe Have Your Say Hit You Up Lose, despite having a good lead Hertz (frequency) I Love You I am going to Input/Output Internationalization Aight, aite, alright I Agree I Am Bored In A Bad Way In Any Case It All Depends In Any Event It's All Good I Already Know I Ain't Laughing I Actually Laughed I Am Mildly Amused I Am Not A Doctor I Am Not A Lawyer (this is an uninformed opinion) In A Second I Adore You In Accordance With I Agree With I Agree With That/This Comment  IAWTCSM  IAWTP  IAY  IB  IB2D  IB4TL  IBAN  IBB  IBID  IBK  IBL  IBM  IBMTS  IBS  IBTD  IBTL  IBU  IBW  IBYP  IC  ICAM  ICAY  ICB  ICBB  ICBI  ICBINB  ICBM  ICBSST  ICBW  ICC  ICCL I Agree With This Comment So Much I Agree With This Post I Adore You I'm Back I Beg To Differ In Before The Lock International Bank Account Number I'll Be Back Ibidem (In the same place) Idiot Behind Keyboard In Before Lock International Business Machines I've Been Meaning To Say Irritable Bowel Syndrome In Before The Delete I Beg To Differ In Before the Lock Ibuprofen I'll Be Waiting I Beg Your Pardon I See I Couldn't Agree More I Care About You I Can't Believe... I Can't Be Bothered I Can't Believe It I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Intercontinental Ballistic Missile I Can't Believe She Said That It Could Be Worse Ice Crown Citadel (WOW) I Couldn't Care Less  ICE Diamonds Crystal meth Kill same as UGH Insane Clown Posse (band) I Seek You (Instant Messaging Program) I Can't Remember I Couldn't/Can't Stop Laughing I Can't Stop Thinking About You Information and Communication Technology Intensive Care Unit I See You In Connection With I Can't Wait I See What You Did There In Case You Didn't Know In Case You Missed It Identity Computer error caused by user I Don't Believe It I Don't Believe You I Don't Care Indeed Cheat code for Doom Integrated Development Environment Integrated Device Electronics I Don't Even Care I Don't Even Know I Don't Even Know You The same, me too I Don't Even Want To Know I Don't Feel Good I Don't Feel Like It I Don't Give A Damn  ICK  ICP  ICQ  ICR  ICSL  ICSTAY  ICT  ICU  ICW  ICWUDT  ICYDK  ICYMI  ID  ID10T  IDBI  IDBY  IDC  IDD  IDDQD  IDE  IDEC  IDEK  IDEKY  IDEM  IDEWTK  IDFG  IDFLI  IDGAD  IDGI  IDHAC  IDI  IDK  IDKE  IDKFA  IDKW  IDKWTD  IDKWYM  IDKY  IDL  IDLE  IDLI  IDLT  IDLY  IDM  IDN  IDNK  IDR  IDRC  IDRK  IDST  IDT  IDTS  IDU  IDUNNO  IDW  IDWK  IDWT  IDWTAI  IDWTK I Don't Get It I Don't Have A Clue I Doubt It I Don't Know I Don't Know Either Cheat code for Doom I Don't Know Why I Don't Know What To Do I Don't Know What You Mean I Don't Know Why I Don't Like ... Inactive I Don't Like It I Don't Like That I Don't Love/Like You It Doesn't Matter Intelligent Dance Music I Don't kNow I Do Not Know I Don't Remember I Don't Really Care I Don't Really Know If Destroyed, Still True I Don't Think I Don't Think So I Don't Understand I Don't Know I Don't Want I Don't Wanna Know I Don't Want To I Don't Wanna Talk About It I Don't Want to Know  IE  IED  IEEE  IEP  IFF Id Est (that is) Internet Explorer Improvised Explosive Device Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Individualized Education Program If and only if Identification: Friend or Foe Internet Friends Forever Dodgy, unreliable Ignorant Ignore I Gotta Go Ignore Alright I Get It I Got Mine I'll Get My Coat In Game Name I'm Going Now, Bye I've Got Nothing To Say I Guess So I Got To Go I Give Up In God We Trust I Get You I've Got Your Back I Hate You I Honestly Don't Know I Hate Mondays I Hate My Life I Have No Clue I Have No Idea In Honor Of  IFFY  IG  IGG  IGGY  IGHT  IGI  IGM  IGMC  IGN  IGNB  IGNTS  IGS  IGTG  IGU  IGWT  IGY  IGYB  IH8U  IHDK  IHM  IHML  IHNC  IHNI  IHO  IHOP  IHS  IHT  IHU  IHY  IHYDM  IHYSM  IIB  IIGHT  IIH  IIL  IINM  IIR  IIRC  IIS  IITUWUTMAS  IITYWIMIWHTKY  IITYWTMWYBMAD  IITYWTMWYKM  IIUC  IIWII  IIWY  IJ  IJAF  IJDK  IJG  IJL  IJS  IJWTK  IK  IKE International House of Pancakes I Hope So I Hate This I Hate You I Hate You I Hope You Don't Mind I Hate You So Much Ignorance Is Bliss Alright, OK If I'm Honest I'm In Love If I'm Not Mistaken Idiot In Room If I Remember Correctly Internet Information Services If I Tell You Will You Tell Me A Secret? If I Tell You What It Means I Will Have to Kill You If I Tell You What This Means Will You Buy Me a Drink? If I Tell You What This Means Will You Kiss Me? If I Understand Correctly It Is What It Is If I Were You I'm Joking It's Just A Fact I Just Don't Know I Just Giggled I Just Laughed I'm Just Saying I Just Want To Know I Know same as DUDE I Know, Eh  IKEA  IKH  IKHYF  IKLY  IKM  IKMTY  IKR  IKT  IKTR  IKWUM  IKWYDLS  IKWYL  IKWYM  IKY  IKYP  IL  ILD  ILH  ILI  ILL  ILLEST  ILLY  ILM  ILML  ILMO  ILS  ILT  ILU  ILU2  ILUM  ILUSM  ILUT Swedish furniture store I Know, Huh? I Know How You Feel I Kinda Like You I Know Man I Know More Than You I Know, Right I Knew That I Know That's Right I Know What You Mean I Know What You Did Last Summer I Know Where You Live I Know What You Mean I Know You I'll Keep You Posted In Love Ich Liebe Dich (I Love You) I Love Him/Her I Love It Cool, tight, etc Best Fresh, cool I lige m I Love My Life In Loving Memory Of Inflated Lat Syndrome I Like That I Love You I Love You Too I Love You More I Love You So Much I Love You Too  ILY  ILY2  ILYA  ILYAAF  ILYAM  ILYB  ILYF  ILYG  ILYK  ILYL  ILYLAS  ILYLT  ILYM  ILYSDM  ILYSM  ILYSMB  ILYSMM  ILYT  ILYVM  ILYWAMH  IM  IMA  IMAHO  IMAO  IMAP  IMB  IMBA  IMBO  IMCO  IMD  IMDB  IME I Love You I Love You Too I Love You All I Love You As A Friend I Love You As a Mate I Love You Both I'll Love You Forever I Love You Guys/Girls I'll Let You Know I Love You Lots I Love You Like A Sister I Love You Long Time I Love You More I Love You So Damn Much I Love You So Much I Love You So Much Baby I Love You So Much More I Love You Too I Love You Very Much I Love You With All My Heart Instant Message I am going to In My Absolutely Honest Opinion In My Arrogant Opinion Internet Message Access Protocol I'm Bored Imbalanced In My Biased Opinion In My Considered Opinion In My Defence Internet Movie Database In My Experience  IMEO  IMF  IMH  IMHO  IMING  IMK  IMMA  IMMAO  IMMD  IMML  IMNSHO  IMO  IMOO  IMP  IMPO  IMR  IMS  IMSMR  IMU  IMUSM  IMVU  IMWTK  IMY  IMYA  IMYM  IMYSM  IMYT  IN THE BAG  INAH  INB  INB4  INBD In My Educated Opinion International Monetary Fund In My Head In My Humble Opinion Instant Messaging In My Knowledge I'm Going To In My Most Arrogant Opinion It Made My Day It Made Me Laugh In My Not So Humble Opinion In My Opinion In My Own Opinion It's My Pleasure In My Personal Opinion I Mean, Really Irritable Male Syndrome If Memory Serves Me Right I Miss You I Miss You So Much Instant Messaging Virtual Universe Inquiring Minds Want To Know I Miss You I Miss You Already I Miss You More I Miss You So Much I Miss You Too Definite I Need A Hug I'm Not Bothered In Before (already mentioned) It's No Big Deal  INC  INDIE  INDY  INFO  INIT  INK  INKED  INNIT  INO  INORITE  INPO  INR  INRS  INS  INSIDER  INT  INTEL  INTK  INVU  INWLY  INY  IOAB  IOC  IOH  IOI  IOIC  IOKIYAR  IOM  IOMW Incoming Independent music Independent Information Isn't it? Initialization I Never Knew Tattoo Tattooed Isn't It I Know I Know, Right? In No Particular Order same as IKR It's Not Rocket Science I'm Not Sure Inside joke Isn't it Intelligence CPU manufacturer I Need To Know I Envy You I Never Wanna Lose You I Need You I'm On A Boat International Olympic Committee I'm Outta Here Indication of Interest I'm Over It If Only I Could It's Okay If You're A Republican Isle Of Man I'm On My Way  ION  IONO  IOU  IOW  IOYK  IP  IPA  IPC  IPO  IPOD  IPSEC  IQ  IR  IRA  IRAH  IRC  IRCOP  IRDC  IRDK  IRIE  IRL  IRLY  IRMC  IRS  ISA  ISB  ISBN  ISDK  ISDN  ISH In Other News I Don't Know I Owe You In Other Words If Only You Knew Internet Protocol Intellectual Property India Pale Ale Internet Protocol Address Ignore Post Count Initial Public Offering MP3 player from Apple Internet Protocol Security Intelligence Quotient Infrared Injured Reserve Irish Republican Army Insert Relevant Acronym Here Internet Relay Chat Internet Relay Chat Operator I Really Don't Care I Really Don't Know Feeling good, alright In Real Life I Really Like You I Rest My Case Internal Revenue Service Inshaa Allah (Arabic), OK I'm So Bored International Standard Book Number I Simply Don't Know Integrated Services Digital Network Shit Suffix indicating vagueness  ISHK  ISLY  ISO  ISP  ISS  ISSN  ISTATOY  ISTG  ISTM  ISTR  ISWYDT  ISWYM  IT  ITA  ITAI  ITALY  ITC  ITE  ITF  ITIAILWY  ITIKY  ITILU  ITILY  ITK  ITM  ITMA  ITN  ITO  ITOY  ITP I Should Have Known I Still Love You In Search Of Internet Service Provider International Space Station I'm So Sorry International Standard Serial Number I Saw This And Thought Of You I Swear To God It Seems To Me I Seem To Recall I See What You Did There I See What You Mean Information Technology I Totally Agree I'll Think About It I Trust And Love You In This Channel In That Case Alright? (Hello) In The Future I Think I Am In Love With You I Think I Know You I Think I Love You I Think I Love You In The Know In the Mouth It's That Man Again I Think Not In Terms Of I'm Thinking Of You Inside The Perimeter  ITS  ITT  ITTET  ITV  ITWYM  ITYF  ITYL  ITYM  ITYS  ITZ  IUSS  IV  IVF  IWALY  IWBB  IWC  IWHI  IWID  IWIK  IWM  IWTD  IWU  IWY  IYA  IYAM  IYBTYBA  IYD  IYDK  IYDM  IYF  IYH I Think/Thought So In This Thread In These Tough Economic Times Independent TV (UK) Is That What You Mean? I Think You'll Find I'll Tell You Later I Think You Mean I Told You So It's In The Zone If You Say So Four (Roman) Intravenous In Vitro Fertilization I Will Always Love You I Will Be Back Internet Wrestling Community I Would Hit It It's What I Do I Wish I Knew It Wasn't Me I Want To Die I Want You I Want You Hiya, hello If You Ask Me If You Believe That, You'll Believe Anything In Your Dreams If You Didn't Know If You Don't Mind In Your Face In Your Head  IYKWIM  IYL  IYO  IYQ  IYSS  IYSWIM  IYT  IYTE  IYTT  IYW  IYWW  IZ  J  J CAT  J DUB  J/K  J2LUK  J2LYK  J4F  J4L  JA  JACK WAGON  JACKASS  JAF  JAG  JAH  JAILBREAK  JAJA  JAM  JAMBO  JAND If You Know What I Mean If You're Lucky It's Your Life In Your Opinion I Like You If You Say So If You See What I Mean All right All right If You Think That If You Want/Will If You Were Wondering Is, it's Joking Category J - mentally unstable person Jehovah's Witness same as JK Just To Let You Know Just To Let You Know Just For Fun Just for Laughs Yes (German) Loser Stupid person, idiot Just A Friend Socially inept person God, Jehovah Crack an iPhone Spanish laugh Just A Minute. Hello (Swahili) England (Nigerian)  JANK  JANOE  JAP  JAPAN  JARRIN  JAS  JAT  JATQ  JAVA  JAWN  JAWOHL  JB  JBH  JBT  JBU  JBY  JC Worthless, useless I Know Jewish American Princess Person from Japan Just Always Pray At Night Annoying Just A Second Just A Thought Just Answer The Question Programming language Coffee Thing Yes, affirmative Jail Bait Jonas Brothers Just Being Honest Jack-Booted Thug Just Between Us Just Be Yourself Jesus Christ Just Curious Just Chilling Jack Daniel's Just Do It Just Doesn't Look Right Japanese Domestic Market Jealous Did you eat? Expression of annoyance Jesus Hispanic LOL People who type stupidly Jealous Jealous  JD  JDI  JDLR  JDM  JEAL  JEET  JEEZ  JEJE  JEJEMON  JEL  JELLO  JELLY  JERK  JEST  JET  JEWFRO  JFF  JFK Jealous Idiot Joke Leave quickly Curly Jewish hair style Just For Fun John Fitzgerald Kennedy New York airport Just For Kicks Just For Now Just For Today Just For The Record Just For You Just For Your Information Juicy Gossip Just Got Back Just Got Home Just Google It Just Get Lost Jesus H Christ same as OMG, wow Very, sort of Just In Case Just In Case You Didn't Know Cocaine Short period of time Rob, rip-off Young gangster Just In Time Just Joking Australian radio station Just Kidding Jeet Kune Do (Martial Art)  JFN  JFT  JFTR  JFY  JFYI  JG  JGB  JGH  JGI  JGL  JHC  JHEEZE  JI  JIC  JICYDK  JIFF  JIFFY  JIP  JIT  JJ  JJJ  JK  JKD  JKL  JKN  JKS  JKZ  JLO  JLS  JLT  JLUK  JLY  JLYK  JM  JMA  JMHO  JML  JMO  JMS  JMT  JN  JO  JOANING  JOCKER  JOHN DOE  JOINT  JONES  JONESING  JOOC  JORTS  JP  JPA  JPEG  JPG Just Kidding Loser Just Kidding, LOL Joking Jokes Jokes Jennifer Lopez Jack the Lad Swing (band) Just like that Just Letting You Know Jesus Loves You Just Letting You Know Just Messing Just Messing Around Just My Humble Opinion Just My Luck Just My Opinion Just Making Sure Just My Thoughts Just Now Yo Putting someone down, making fun of Someone who copies another's style General term for a man Rolled marijuana cigarette Craving, desire Craving, wanting really badly Just Out Of Curiosity Jean shorts Just Playin' Just Playing Around Joint Photographic Experts Group Image file format Image file format  JPOP  JROTC  JS  JSU  JSUK  JSYK  JTB  JTC  JTLUK  JTLYK  JTM  JTOL  JTOY  JTTY  JTUSK  JUAD  JUGGALO  JUICE  JUICED  JUJU  JUNGLE FEVER  JUNKIE  JUZ  JV  JW  JWAS  JWD  JWG  JWTK  JWTLYK  JWU  JWW Japanese pop music Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Just Saying Just Shut Up Just So You Know Just So You Know Just Too Bad Join The Club Just To Let You Know Just To Let You Know Je t'aime (I love you) Just Thinking Out Loud Just Thinking Of You Just To Tell You Just Thought You Should Know Jumping Up And Down Fan of ICP Respect, power Happy, excited Magic, luck Attraction between people of different race Addict Just Junior Varsity, amateur Just Wondering Just Wait And See Job Well Done Just a Wild Guess Just Wanted To Know Just Wanted To Let You Know Just Woke Up Just Was Wondering  JYEAH  K  K1  K33L  K3U  KAFM  KAM  KAWAII  KAY  KB  KBPS  KD  KDR  KEED  KEEL  KEK  KEN  KEW  KEWL  KEWT  KEY  KEYGEN  KEYS  KF  KFC  KG  KGB  KGO  KH  KHUF  KHYF Cool version of Yeah OK The best, awesome Kill I Love You (I <3 U) Keep Away From Me Gorgeous, sexy Cute, pretty (Japanese) Okay Kind Bud Kilobytes KiloBytes per second Kraft Dinner Kill/Death Ratio Kid, joke Kill LOL in WOW Know (Scottish) same as KEWL Cool Cute Kilogram (of drugs) Software serial number generator Kilogram (of a drug) Kinda Funny Kentucky Fried Chicken Kilogram Russian secret police OK, Go Kingdom Hearts (RPG) Know How You Feel Know How You Feel  KHZ  KI  KIA  KICKS  KIFF  KIG  KIK  KIKE  KILLA  KIM  KINDA  KINGS  KINO  KIO  KIP  KIR  KIRF  KIS  KISA  KISS  KIT  KITE  KITTEN  KIU  KIV  KIWI Kilohertz Kilogram (of cocaine/crack) Killed In Action Know It All Shoes Thrills Cool Keep It Gangsta A mistyped version of LOL Smartphone app for free chat Offensive term for a Jew Good quality weed Keep It Moving Kind Of Drinking game Physical flirting, touching Knock it off Sleep Bed Keepin' It Real Keeping It Real Fake Keep It Simple Knight In Shining Armour Keep It Simple, Stupid Keep In Touch Mail received in jail Woman who dates older men Keep It Up Keep In View A person from New Zealand A small brown bird from New Zealand Kiwifruit Killjoy OK, cool  KJ  KK  KKK  KKKK  KKZ  KL  KLK  KLKL  KLM  KLUTZ  KM  KMFC  KMK  KML  KMN  KMP  KMS  KMSL  KMT  KMU  KNO  KNOCK IT OFF  KNOCKED  KNOCKED UP  KNOCKOUT  KNOT  KNP  KO  KOD  KOI  KOKO  KOL  KOO Ku Klux Klan Korean LOL Okay Cool Que lo que? (Spanish for What's Up?) Cool Cool Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij (Royal Dutch Airlines) Clumsy or stupid person Keep Mum Keeping My Fingers Crossed Kottonmouth Kings (band) Killing Myself Laughing Kill Me Now Keep Me Posted Kill Myself Killing Myself Laughing Kiss My Teeth Keep Me Updated Know Stop it Caught (selling drugs) Pregnant Stunning person or thing Roll of paper money OK, No Problem Knock Out OK Kiss Of Death Koibito (Japenese for lover) Most important thing Kingdom Of Loathing (Game) Cool  KOOL  KOOLIO  KOOLS  KOS  KOSHER  KOTC  KOTH  KOTL  KOTOR  KP  KPC  KPI  KR  KRAM  KRO  KS  KTB  KTBPA  KTBSPA  KTF  KTHNXBI  KTHX  KTHXBAI  KTHXBI  KTY  KUDO  KUDOS  KUL  KUSH  KUTGW  KVM  KW Cool Cool Mentholated cigarettes Kill On Sight Good, OK Kiss On The Cheek King of the Hill (game) Kiss On The Lips Knights Of The Old Republic (Game) Korean Pride Keep Parents Clueless Key Performance Indicator Kind Regards Smoke weed Keep Right On Kill Steal Ok, Thanks, Bye same as KTBSPA Keep The Backstreet Pride Alive Keep The Faith OK, Thanks, Bye OK, Thanks OK, Thanks, Bye Okay, Thanks, Bye (usually used dismissively) Ok, Thank You Misspelling of KUDOS Respect and recognition Cool High grade marijuana Keep Up The Good Work Keyboard, Video, Mouse Kilowatt  KWAM  KWEL  KWIM  KWL  KYFC  KYOOT  KYP  KYS  KYSO  L  L2M  L2MS  L2P  L2PK  L2R  L337  L33T  L4D  L4D2  L7  L8  L8ER  L8R  LA  LAA  LABTOP  LAD  LAFS  LAG  LAGG  LAL  LALB same as KWIM Cool Know What I Mean? Cool Keep Your Fingers Crossed Cute Keep You Posted Kill Yourself Knock Yourself Out Laugh Listening To Music Laughing To Myself Learn To Play Learn To Player Kill Learn to Read LEET in LEET speak Elite Left 4 Dead (game) Left 4 Dead 2 (game) Square Late Later Later Cantonese Exclamation Lad, mate Laptop Guy Love At First Sight Slow response (computer, internet) Defeat, PWN Laughing A Lot/Little Laughing A Little Bit  LAM  LAMBO  LAME  LAMEO  LAMER  LAMO  LAMP  LAN  LAND MINE  LANK  LAPD  LAPPY  LARP  LART  LASER  LAT  LATA  LATE  LATERS  LATERZ  LATM  LAU  LAV  LAWD  LAWL  LAWLS  LAWLZ  LAX  LBC  LBD Leave A Message Run Lamborghini Stupid, Unoriginal Lame Person Annoying person Mispelling of LMAO Hit Local Area Network Ugly, skinny girl Very Los Angeles Police Department Laptop computer Live Action Role Play Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation Living Apart Together same as LATERS Missed a period, possibly pregnant Dead See you later, goodbye See you later, goodbye Laughing At The Moment Laughing At You Lavatory, toilet Love Lord same as LOL same as LOL same as LOL Lacrosse Long Beach, California Little Black Dress  LBDN  LBH  LBM  LBNL  LBR  LBRS  LBS  LBVS  LBW  LC  LCD  LCTS  LD  LDA  LDH  LDI  LDL  LDN  LDO  LDR  LDS  LE  LEAF  LED  LEDGE  LEES  LEET  LEG IT  LEGGO Look Busy Doing Nothing Let's Be Honest Loser Back Home Little Big Man Last But Not Least Loser Beyond Repair Lower Blackrock Spire (WOW) Laughing But Serious Pounds (weight) Laughing But Very Serious Leg Before Wicket (cricket) Lower Case Liquid Crystal Display Let's Change The Subject Link Dead (Disconnection From Internet) Long Distance Affair Long Distance Hug Let's Do It Long Distance Lover London Like Duh, Obviously Long Distance Relationship Latter Day Saint Limited Edition Law Enforcement Marijuana Light Emiting Diode Legend, legendary Very Attractive Man/Woman Chat room language Elite Run away Let's Go  LEGIT  LEKKER  LEL  LEMME  LENG  LEO  LEV  LEVA  LEWL  LF  LF1M  LFDY  LFG  LFM  LFMF  LFP  LFTI  LFTSU  LFW  LG  LGD  LGFB  LGMH  LGO  LGT  LGTM  LH  LHH  LHM  LHR  LHYW Real, legal Cool, sexy LOL Let Me Weapon, gun Law Enforcement Officer Low Emission Vehicle Traitor LOL Looking For Looking For One More Live Fast, Die Young Looking For Group Looking For More Learn From My Fail Looking For Party (in MMORPG) Looking Forward To It Look Forward To Seeing You Looking For Work Little Girl Let's Get Drunk Looks Good From Behind Love Gives Me Hope Life Goes On Link Goes To ... Looks Good To Me Living Hell Laughing Hella Hard Lord Have Mercy Lord Help Me London Heathrow airport Like Hell You Will  LI  LIB  LIC  LICKED  LID  LIEING  LIEK  LIFO  LIFTED  LIG  LIGIT  LIH  LIHOP  LIITA  LIKE  LIKKLE  LIL  LILABOC  LIMB  LIME  LIMH  LIMM  LIMO  LINE  LINGO  LIPSING  LIQ  LIRL  LIS  LIT  LITE Laughing Inside Liberal Like I Care Drunk or high Ounce of marijuana Misspelling of 'lying' Like Last In First Out High Let It Go Legitimate Laugh In Head Let It Happen On Purpose Love Is In The Air Introduction to a quote same as UM Little Little Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates Laughing In My Brain Hang out, socialise Laughing In My Head Laughing In My Mind Limousine, luxury car A line of a powdered drug Language Kissing Liquor Laughing In Real Life Laughing In Silence Intoxicated, stoned Light  LITS  LIU  LIVE  LJBF  LK  LL  LLAP  LLC  LLH  LLL  LLN  LLO  LLOL  LLZ  LM  LMA  LMAD  LMAM  LMAP  LMC  LMCO  LMG  LMGTFY  LMHO  LMIRL  LMK  LML  LMO  LMOA  LMPO  LMR Life Is Too Short Look It Up Exciting Let's Just Be Friends same as LOLK Laugh Loudly, LOL Live Long and Prosper Limited Liability Company Laughing Like Crazy Laughing Like Hell Loony Liberal Left LOL LOL Neanderthal Misspelt LOL Literally LOL same as LOLZ Loud Mouth Leave Me Alone Let's Make A Deal Leave Me A Message Leave Me Alone Please Let Me Check Let Me See Laughing My Cats Off Light Machine Gun Let Me Google That For You Laughing My Head Off Let's Meet In Real Life Let Me Know Love My Life Leave Me Alone Misspelling of LMAO Laughing My Pants Off Last Minute Resistance  LMS  LMSO  LMT  LMTAL  LNIB  LNT  LO  LOA  LOADED  LOAF  LOB  LOC  LOCAL  LOI  LOK  LOL  LOLAGE  LOLAK  LOLCAT  LOLED  LOLING  LOLK  LOLL  LOLLY  LOLO  LOLOL  LOLV  LOLWUT  LOLX Like My Status Last Man Standing Laughing My Socks Off Let Me Think Let Me Take A Look Like New In Box Leave No Trace Hello Little One Leave of Absence Drunk, intoxicated Rich Head Throw Line Of Business Library Of Congress Local public house, bar Laughing On the Inside LOL OK Laughing Out Loud The act of LOL Lots Of Love And Kisses Cat picture with silly caption Past tense of LOL The act of laughing out loud LOL+OK Laugh Out Loud Literally Money Lowrider Crazy Lots Of Laughing Out Loud Lots Of Love What? same as LOL  LOLZ  LOLZA  LOMB  LOML  LOMO  LOO  LOOL  LOONY  LOOT  LOP  LOPL  LOQ  LORL  LOS  LOTD  LOTI  LOTR  LOTRO  LOTTA  LOUD  LOVL  LOW  LOW IT  LOW KEY  LOWE  LOWRIDER  LOZ  LP  LPG  LPL  LQ Laugh Out Loud (with sarcasm) same as LOL Lying On My Bed Love Of My Life Lights Out, Missionary Only Toilet Laughing Outlandishly Out Loud Crazy Money (often stolen) Stupid person Misspelling of LOL Laugh Out Quietly Laugh Out Really Loud Line Of Site Link Of The Day Laughing On The Inside Lord of the Rings Lord Of The Rings Online (MMORPG) Lot of Good quality marijuana Laughing Out Very Loud Unfair, immoral Allow It, don't worry Quiet Don't tell anyone Don't bother, forget it Vehicle with modified suspension often hydraulically controlled Legend of Zelda Long Play (record) Liquefied Petroleum Gas Misspelling of LOL Liquor Lover's Quarrel  LQI  LQL  LQTM  LQTMS  LQTY  LRF  LRG  LRL  LS  LSA  LSAT  LSD  LSE  LSH  LSHIC  LSHMBH  LSI  LSMIH  LSP  LSR  LSS  LSTM  LTB  LTD  LTG  LTH  LTIC  LTL  LTM  LTMA  LTMQ Laughing Quietly Inside Laughing Quite Loudly Laughing Quietly To Myself Laughing Quietly To Myself Laughing Quietly To Yourself Low Resolution Fox, attractive at a distance Lifted Research Group (clothing) Laughing Really Loud Lovesick Life Story D-Lysergic Acid Amide similar to LSD Law School Admission Test D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide London School of Economics Low Self-Esteem Laughing So Hard Laughing So Hard I'm Crying Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts Limited Social Interaction Laughing So Much It Hurts Love Sick Puppy Loser Last Song Syndrome Laughing Silently To Myself Looking To Buy Live/Living The Dream Learn To Google Love Truth Honor Laugh Til I Cry Living The Life Laughing To Myself Less Talk, More Action Laughing To Myself Quietly  LTMS  LTNC  LTNS  LTNT  LTP  LTR  LTS  LTY  LU  LUA  LUB  LUBB  LUBE  LUFF  LUH  LUI  LUL  LULAB  LULAS  LULS  LULZ  LUMI  LUMU  LUNCHBOX  LURK  LURKER  LURV  LURVE  LUSH  LUSM  LUV Laughing To Myself Long Time No Chat Long Time No See Long Time No Talk Lost The Plot Long term relationship Laugh To Self Laugh To Yourself Love You Love You Always Love Love Lubricant Friendly Love Love Living Under the Infuence Lame Uncomfortable Laugh Love You Like A Brother Love You Like A Sister same as LOL same as LOL Love You, Mean It Love You Miss You Bulge in a man's pants Read a forum but never post Forum follower who never posts Love Love Drunk person Great, brilliant Love You So Much Love  LUVVIE  LUWAMH  LUX  LV Stage actor Love You with All My Heart Luxury Louis Vuitton Las Vegas Level Level Lucky Win Laugh Wan Kill Me (LOL) Laugh Wan Kill Me Die Laugh With Me Laughing With Passion Look Who's Talking Live While We're Young League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Love You Love You Too Love You Forever Love You Always Love You As A Friend Love You Always And Forever Love You, Bye Love You Forever Let you know Like Love You Lots Love You Like A Brother Love You Like A Friend Love You Like A Sister Love You Like Crazy Love You Like My Brother Love You Long Time Love You More  LVL  LW  LWKM  LWKMD  LWM  LWP  LWT  LWWY  LXG  LY  LY2  LY4E  LYA  LYAAF  LYB  LYF  LYK  LYKE  LYL  LYLAB  LYLAF  LYLAS  LYLC  LYLMB  LYLT  LYM  LYMI  LYMY  LYMYWY  LYR  LYSM  LYT  LZ  M$  M&D  M&M  M&S  M/F  M/O  M2  M2AF  M2D  M2FP  M3  M33T  M4W  M8  MA  MAC  MACHING  MACK  MAD  MADD  MAG  MAGGOT  MAH  MAJ Love You, Mean It Love You, Miss You Love You, Miss You, Want You Love You Really Love You So Much Love You Too Landing Zone Microsoft Mum and Dad Small chocolate candy Marks & Spencer Male/Female Make Out Me Too Message To All Friends Make my day My Two( three , four etc...) Favorite People BMW sports car Meet Man looking for a woman Mate Mom alert Master of Arts Media Access Control Macintosh Going at maximum Speed (skiing or biking) Flirt Really, extremely Mothers Against Drunk Driving Magazine Fan of the band Slipknot My Major  MAL  MAMAW  MAMI  MAN U  MANC  MANDEM  MANDO  MANDY  MANG  MANKY  MANU  MAP  MARK  MARY JANE  MAS  MASC  MASH UP  MATE  MAUH  MAUI WOWIE  MAW  MAWOY  MAYN  MB  MBA  MBF  MBFAM  MBM  MBN  MBO  MBPS Mean, bad, evil Grandmother Sexy, Baby Manchester United Football Club Person from Manchester Group of men, boys Mandatory MDMA, ecstasy Man Nasty, dirty same as MAN U Man-Alien-Predator Target, sucker Marijuana Mildly Amused Smirk Masculine Song made from bits of other songs Friend Kiss Marijuana, weed from Hawaii Might As Well May Angels Watch Over You Man Megabyte Masters of Business Association Married But Available My Best Friend My Brother From Another Mother Married Black Male Must Be Nice Must Be Off Management Buy-Out MegaBits/Bytes Per Second  MBR  MBT  MBW  MC  MCD  MCL  MCP  MCR  MD  MDA  MDF  MDK  MDMA  MDR  MDW  ME GUSTA  ME2  MEAN  MEATHEAD  MEC  MED  MEDS  MEEP  MEETER  MEG  MEGO  MEH  MELT  MEME  MENTHOL  MEP Master Boot Record Masai Barefoot Technology (trainers) Married Black Woman Master of Ceremonies McDonald's Much Clown Love Male Chauvanist Pig My Chemical Romance (band) Doctor of Medicine Managing Director Drug related to Ecstasy (MDMA) Medium Density Fiberboard Murder Death Kill 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (Ecstasy) Mort De Rire (LOL in French) Memorial Day Weekend I like (Spanish) Me Too Cool Muscular, but thick, person Dude Medication Medications An exclamation for any situation Person who likes to look at fat men Megabyte My Eyes Glazed Over Indifference, equivalent to shoulder shrug Idiot An idea that spreads like a virus by word of mouth, email, blogs etc Mint flavored cigarette Member of the European Parliament  MER  MERC  MERK  MERT  MESOS  MESSRS  METH  MEX  MFC  MFEO  MFG  MFL  MFW  MG  MGBY  MGD  MGM  MGMT  MGS  MH  MHBFY  MHM  MHMM  MHO  MHOTY  MHR  MHZ  MI6  MIA  MIB Expression of boredom, nonchalance Mercenary Injure or kill Kill Mate Currency in the game Maple Story Messieurs (plural of Mister) Methamphetamine (drug) Low grade marijuana from Mexico Mildly Fat Chick Microsoft Foundation Classes Made For Each Other Mit Freundlichen Gruessen (German) Marked For Later My Face When ... Machine Gun Milligram May God Bless You Miller Genuine Draft Male Genital Mutilation The Management (band) Metal Gear Solid (game) Map Hack My Heart Bleeds For You same as MHMM Yes, sure, OK My Honest Opinion My Hat's Off To You Many Happy Returns Megahertz Military Intelligence Service 6 Missing In Action Men In Black Mint In Box  MIC  MID  MIDI  MIFF  MIH  MIHOP  MIL  MILEAGE  MILL  MIMBO  MIMO  MIN  MINES  MINGA  MINGER  MINGING  MINT  MINTED  MINX  MIP  MIPS  MIRIN  MIRL  MIS  MISB  MISC  MISH  MISO  MISSION  MIT Microphone Mid grade marijuana Mobile Internet Device Musical Instrument Digital Interface Annoy Make It Happen Made It Happen on Purpose Mother In Law Value for money Million (dollars) Male BIMBO Multiple Input Multiple Output Minute Mine Minger, ugly person Ugly person Dirty, disgusting, ugly Nice, cool Rich, wealthy Cheeky, mischievous girl Minor In Possession Million Instructions Per Second Admiring Meet In Real Life Miserable Mint (condition) In Sealed Box Miscellaneous Missionary position My Internet Shut Off Arduous or boring task Massachusetts Institute of Technology  MIXOLOGY  MIZ  MJ Study of mixing drinks Miserable Michael Jackson Michael Jordan Marijuana Mm OK Okay Facebook (derogatory) Much Love My Lips Are Sealed Major League Baseball Major League Gaming My Life Is Average My Life Is Bro My Life Is Great/Good My Life Is Magic Multi-Level Marketing Middle finger (mlm) My Little Pony My Life Sucks Multiple Long Term Relationships Much Like Your Post Married Man Message Mode 2 (CS) Meet Me At... Meet Me At My Place MultiMedia Card Make My Day Me Myself and I Medical Marijuana Mm OK Made Me Laugh Expression of pleasure or contentment  MK  MKAY  MKZ  ML  MLAS  MLB  MLG  MLIA  MLIB  MLIG  MLIM  MLM  MLP  MLS  MLTR  MLYP  MM  MM2  MMA  MMAMP  MMC  MMD  MMI  MMJ  MMK  MML  MMM  MMO  MMOFPS  MMORPG  MMS  MMT  MMV  MNC  MNF  MNM  MNT  MO  MO PO  MOAB  MOAR  MOAS  MOBA  MOBBING  MOBO  MOC  MOD  MODEM  MOE  MOH  MOI  MOJO  MOL  MOLL  MOMO  MON Short for MMORPG Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Multimedia Messaging Service Makes Me Think Mileage May Vary Mobile Network Code Monday Night Football Eminem (rapper) Maybe Next Time Modus Operandi (method of operation) Mounted Police Mother of All Bombs Massive Ordnance Air Blast More Mother Of All Secrets Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Bullying Motherboard Marriage Of Convenience My Own Creation Modification 1960s youth culture Modulator-Demodulator Fetish, mania, taste My Other Half Me (French) Sex appeal Charm, spell More Or Less Gangster's GF Annoying person, idiot Man  MONG  MONROE  MOO  MOOK  MOOLA  MOOLAH  MOP  MOQ  MORF  MOS  MOSH  MOSS  MOT  MOTA  MOTD  MOTKU  MOTO  MOTWYW  MOU  MOW  MOXY  MP  MP3  MP4  MP5  MPA  MPAA  MPE  MPEG Complete idiot Piercing between nose and upper lip Matter of Opinion My Own Opinion Idiot, JERK Money Money Hair on head Minimum Order Quantity Male or Female Mom Over Shoulder Push/shove at rock/punk concert Relax, chill Ministry Of Transport test for car safety Marijuana, weed Message Of The Day Match Of The Day Master Of The Known Universe Master Of The Obvious Make Of That What You Will Memorandum Of Understanding Eat very fast Courage, confidence Military Police Member of Parliament Music file (MPEG Layer 3) Music/video file (MPEG Layer 4) Heckler and Koch submachine gun Music Publishers' Association Motion Picture Assosciation of America My Point Exactly Moving Picture Experts Group Audio/visual file format  MPG  MPH  MPO  MPOG  MPOS  MPUA  MPV  MR  MRA  MRE  MRI  MRP  MS  MSDN  MSDOS  MSF  MSFAM  MSG  MSI  MSM  MSN  MSR  MSRP  MST  MT  MTA  MTB  MTBF  MTBMW  MTC  MTD Miles Per Gallon Miles Per Hour My Personal Opinion Multiplayer Online Game Multiple Positions Master Pick Up Artist Multi-Purpose Vehicle Mentally Retarded Man bra Meal, Ready to Eat Magnetic Resonance Imaging Manufacturer's Recommended Price Microsoft Maple Story (MMORPG) Microsoft Developer Network Microsoft Disk Operating System Male Seeking Female My Sister From Another Mister Message Monosodium Glutamate Mindless Self Indulgence (band) Mainstream Media Microsoft Network Mulder/Scully Romance Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price Mystery Science Theater Mistell (Gaming) More Than Anything Mountain Bike Mean Time Between Failures (reliability) May The Best Man Win More To Come Month To Date  MTE  MTF  MTFBWU  MTFBWY  MTG  MTH  MTL  MTLBWY  MTO  MTUK  MTV  MTW  MTYK  MU  MUA  MUAH  MUAHA  MUAHZ  MUAK  MUCHO  MUCK  MUD  MUD DUCK  MUDKIP  MUDSHARK  MUFC  MUFFIN TOP  MUG My Thoughts Exactly Male To Female May The Force Be With You May The Force Be With You Magic: The Gathering (game) Month Montreal, Canada May The Lord Be With You Media Take Out (gossip website) More Than You Know Music Television Mum's the Word More Than You Know Multi User Make-Up Alley (website) The sound of giving a kiss An evil laugh Kisses same as MUAH Much, very Ugly Multi-User Dungeon, MMORPG Ugly woman Water Pokemon White woman dating black men Manchester United Football Club Fat spilling out over the top of pants Rob someboby Face Idiot Head and shoulders picture Me/My  MUGSHOT  MUH  MULA  MULE  MULLET  MULTI  MULU  MUM  MUNG  MUNTED  MUNTER  MUPPET  MURK  MURKED  MURSE  MUSH  MUSM  MUVM  MUX  MV  MVA  MVP  MW2  MW3  MWA  MWAH  MWC  MWF  MWHA  MWI  MWM  MX  MY Money Person who carries something for someone else Hairstyle Player with multiple online accounts Miss You, Love You Mom Mash Until No Good Drunk, intoxicated Ugly woman Stupid person, idiot Kill, murder Badly defeated, killed Man purse Male nurse Friend Miss You So Much Miss You Very Much Multiplex Music Video Motor Vehicle Accident Most Valuable Player Modern Warfare 2 (game) Modern Warfare 3 (game) Kiss Kiss Married With Children Married White Female Kiss Mad With It (drunk) Married White Male Motocross Miss You  MY BAD  MY BOO  MY FOOT  MY SIZE  MYB  MYCH  MYF  MYGGWY  MYL  MYMP  MYOB  MYODB  MYSM  MYSPACE  MYT  N  N/A  N/C  N/T  N00B  N1  N2B  N2G  N2K  N2M  N2MU  N3  N4P  N8  NA (Flippant) apology My Boyfriend/girlfriend Expression of disbelief My type of girl Mind Your Business Maybe You Can Help Miss Your Face May Your God Go With You Miss You Loads Make Your Mama Proud Mind Your Own Business Mind Your Own Damn Business Miss You So Much A social networking site Meet You There And same as NA Not Cool No Text (subject says it all) Newbie Nice One Not Too Bad Need To Go Nice To Know Need To Know Not Too Much Nice To Meet You No Name Noob Noob Night Not Available Not Applicable Not Announced  NAA  NAB  NABD  NAC  NACKER  NACKERED  NADA  NADDA  NAE  NAFF  NAGL  NAH  NAHMEAN  NAIJA  NAIL IT  NAK  NALGO  NALOPKT  NAMASTE  NAMBLA  NAMEAN  NANA  NANG  NAO  NAP  NAPES  NAPSTER  NARF  NARK  NARP  NARU Not At All NOOB Not A Big Deal Not A Chance Not A Chain (letter) Irish gypsy, traveller Tired, worn out Nothing Nothing No Poor quality, uncool Substitute swear word Not A Good Look No You know what I mean Nigerian Complete, get right Nursing At Keyboard Not A Lot Going On Not A Lot Of People Know That. Sanskrit greeting North American Man/Boy Love Association Do you know what I mean? Grandmother Cool, wicked, good Now Not A Problem No File sharing site Random interjection Informer Non-Athletic Regular Person Not A Registered User  NAS  NASA  NASCAR  NASDAQ  NASL  NATCH  NATI  NATM  NATO  NATTY  NATTY LIGHT  NAW  NAWF  NAWM  NAWT  NAY  NB  NBA  NBB  NBC  NBD  NBF  NBG  NBK  NBM  NBSB  NBT  NBTD  NC Network Attached Storage National Aeronautics and Space Administration National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation Name, Age, Sex, Location Naturally Cincinnati Not At The Moment North Atlantic Treaty Organization No Action Talk Only Natural Light beer Smart, good, cool Natural Light beer No North Know What I Mean? Not No Not Bad Nota Bene (Latin for please note) National Basketball Association Never Been Better National Broadcasting Company No Big Deal New Best Friend Nasty But Good Natural Born Killers Never Been Kissed Nil By Mouth Not Before Midnight No Boyfriend Since Birth Nothing But Trouble Nothing Better To Do No Comment No Choice  NC-17  NCAA  NCB  NCIS  NCMO  NCNS  NCO  ND  NDA  NDE  NDI  NDN  NDP  NDR  NDS  NE  NE1  NEA  NEAT-O  NED  NEDM  NEE  NEEK  NEET  NEF  NEFIN  NEG  NEGL  NEI  NEL  NEOCON No Children under 17 (movie rating) National Collegiate Athletic Association Never Coming Back Naval Criminal Investigative Service (TV show) Non-Committal Make Out No Call, No Show Non-Commissioned Officer And Non-Disclosure Agreement Near Death Experience Neither Do I Indian New Democratic Party Non-Delivery Report/Receipt Nintendo DS Any Anyone National Education Association Cool Non-Educated Delinquent Not Even Doom Music Maiden name indicator A cross between a Nerd and a Geek Not in Education, Employment or Training Person who posts pointless messages on forums Anything Negative Not Even Gonna Lie Not Enough Information No (Spanish) Neo-conservative  NER  NERD  NERF  NES  NET  NETIQUETTE  NETWORK  NEW  NEWAY  NEWB  NEWBIE  NEWFAG  NEWPORT  NEY  NF  NFA  NFAA  NFI  NFL  NFM  NFN  NFS  NFSW  NFT  NFY  NFZ  NG  NGH  NGL  NGO  NGU  NH Non-Existent Relationship Intelligent but socially inept person Weaken Nintendo Entertainment System Internet Etiquette on the internet Two or more connected computers Clueless Anyway Newbie New Person Newcomer Cigarette brand No Not Funny No Further Action Not Funny At All No Freakin Idea National Football League No Further Message Normal For Norfolk Not For Sale Not For Showing Wife No Further Text Not Fixed Yet No Fly Zone No Good Not Gonna Happen Not Gonna Lie Non-Governmental Organization Never Give Up Nice hand (poker slang)  NHB  NHD  NHF  NHL  NHN  NHOI  NHS  NHTB  NI  NIAMY  NIB  NIC  NICE  NICKED  NICKER  NID  NIHAO  NIK  NIKE  NIMBY  NIML  NIMROD  NIN  NINJA  NIP  NIR  NISM  NIT  NITE No Holding Back No Holds Barred No Harm Done No Hard Feelings National Hockey League Not Here Now Never Heard Of It National Health Service Never Heard That Before No Idea Never In A Million Years New In Box Network Interface Card National Institute of Clinical Excellence Stolen Arrested Pound, quid (British currency) Never In Doubt Hello (Chinese) Now I Know American sportswear company Not In My Back Yard Never In My Life Not In My Lifetime Stupid person, idiot Nine Inch Nails Japanese warrior Derogatory term for a Japanese person NOOB In Room Need I Say More? New In Town Idiot, nitwit Good Night  NITM  NITW  NIX  NIZZ  NJ  NK  NKOTB  NKT  NKZ  NL  NLA  NLI  NLM  NLOL  NLT  NLYG  NM Not In The Mood Not In That Way Destroy, kill Nothing No Not Joking Nice Job No Kidding Not Known New Kid On The Block Expression of annoyance No Kill Zone Netherlands No Limit No Longer Available Not Logged In No Laughing Matter Not LOL No later than... Never Let You Go Never Mind Nothing Much No Message New Musical Express (magazine) Not My Fault No Mames Guey (OMG) Nodding My Head Need More Info Not My Job Not Much Just Chat Not Much, Just Chillin', U? No Middle Name Not My Opinion Not My Problem  NME  NMF  NMG  NMH  NMI  NMJ  NMJC  NMJCU  NMN  NMO  NMP  NMR  NMS  NMT  NMU  NMW  NMWH  NMY  NN Not My Responsibility Not My Style Not My Type Not Much, You? No Matter What No Matter What Happens Nice Meeting You Night Night No Need Not Nice Not Necessarily In That Order No Need To Open Network News Transfer Protocol No Need To Reply Misspelling of 'know' No Offence No big deal OK, no problem Something that requires no thought before deciding No-One No-One Cares No One Cares Northern California Doze off New Overhauled No Offense Intended Not Okay No One Knows New Orleans, Louisana No Offence Meant None Of My Business Good, delicious Sound of eating  NNITO  NNTO  NNTP  NNTR  NO  NO BIGGIE  NO WORRIES  NO-BRAINER  NO1  NO1CURR  NOC  NOCAL  NOD  NOH  NOI  NOK  NOLA  NOM  NOMB  NOMMY  NOMNOM  NOMS  NON  NONG  NONY  NONYA  NOOB  NOOB TUBE  NOOBLET  NOOPS  NOP  NOPE  NORCAL  NORLY  NORM  NOS  NOSA  NOTA  NOTB  NOTTIE  NOTW  NOU  NOUT  NOV  NOWT  NOYB  NOYDB  NOZ  NP  NPAA  NPC  NPI Food Now Or Never Idiot, twit Anonymous person None of Your (business) New, inexperienced person Grenade launcher attachment in COD4 Young NOOB Backward spoon Not Our Problem No Problem No Northern California No, Really? Normal New Old Stock No Sir, just kidding None Of The Above None Of Their Business Unattractive person, not a HOTTIE Not Of This World No, You Nothing (northern UK) Novice Nothing None Of Your Business None Of Your Damn Business Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) No Problem No Problem At All Non Player Character (MMORPG) No Pun Intended  NPNT  NPO  NPR  NPS  NPW  NPZ  NQAT  NQR  NR  NRA  NRE  NRFB  NRG  NRI  NRL  NRN  NSA  NSAW  NSF  NSFA  NSFL  NSFTBC  NSFV  NSFW  NSM  NSN  NSPCC  NSW  NT No Picture, No Talk Never Pull Out National Public Radio No Purchase Required No Problems No Problem Whatsoever No Problems No Question About That Not Quite Right No Reply No Reserve National Rifle Association New Relationship Energy Never Removed From Box Energy Non-Resident Indian Non-Repairable Item National Rugby League No Reply Necessary No Strings Attached Not Saying A Word Not Sufficient Funds Not So Fast Not Safe For Anyone Not Safe For Life Not Sorry For The Broadcast Not Safe for Viewing/Vegetarians/Vegans Not Safe For Work Not So Much Not So Nice National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children New South Wales No Thanks  NTB  NTBCW  NTD  NTFS  NTH  NTK  NTL  NTM  NTMU  NTMY  NTN  NTR  NTS  NTSC  NTT  NTTAWWT  NTTU  NTW  NTWF  NTY  NU  NUB  NUBE  NUF  NUFF  NUFFIN  NUG  NUH  NUKE Not That Bothered Not Too Bad Not To Be Confused With Nothing To Do New Technology File System Nothing Need To Know NeverTheLess Not Too Much Nothing Much Nice To Meet You Nice To Meet You No Thanks Needed Nothing To Report Nothing To Say Note To Self National Television System Committee video standard Name That Tune Not Touching That! Not That There's Anything Wrong With That Not Talking To You Not To Worry Neopian Times Writers Forum No Thank You No Someone who should know better same as NOOB Enough Nothing Enough Nothing High quality bud of marijuana No To attack with a nuclear weapon  NUM  NUMPTY  NUN  NUNYA  NUS  NUTCASE  NUTZ  NUU  NV  NVM  NVMD  NVMS  NVN  NVNG  NVRM  NW  NWIH  NWIM  NWJ  NWLY  NWM  NWNC  NWO  NWOT  NWS  NWT  NY  NYC  NYE  NYERK  NYF  NYK Tasty Idiot Nothing None of Your (business) National Union of Students Crazy person Nuts, crazy, insane No Never Nevermind Never Mind No Visible Means of Support Not Very Nice Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained Never Mind No Way No Way In Hell Not What I Mean No Way Jose Never Wanna Lose You No Worries Mate No Woman, No Cry New World Order New Without Tags (eBay) Not Work Safe - for messages/sites containing adult content New With Tags New York New York City New Years Eve Replacement swearword Not Your Fault Not Yet Known Now You Know  NYOB  NYPD  NYSE  NYT  O  O RLY  O&O  O-O  O.O  O/  O/\O  O7  O:)  O:-)  OA  OAN  OAO  OAP  OATUS  OAUS  OB  OBBY  OBE Not Your Own Business New York Police Department New York Stock Exchange Not Your Type New York Times Ounce (of drugs) Oh, Really? Over and Out Shock Wide eyed High five High five Salute Innocent, angelic Innocent, angelic Over Acting Over Achiever On Another Note Over And Out Old Age Pensioner On A Totally Unrelated Subject On An Unrelated Subject Oh, Brother Oh, Baby Overcome By Events Out of Body Experience Order of the British Empire Gynecologist (OBstetrics and GYNecology) One Big Happy Weasely Family Or Best Offer Oh, Be Quiet Obviously  OBGYN  OBHWF  OBO  OBQ  OBS  OBTW  OBV  OBVI  OBVS  OBVZ  OBX  OC Oh, By The Way Obviously Obviously Obviously Obviously Outer Banks North Carolina Of Course Original Character Orange County Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Oh (Scottish) Of Course Not Oh, Come On Optical Character Recognition On Company Time Overdose Over Doing it One Day At A Time same as OD Oh Dear God Oh Dear Lord Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (Gaming) On Dis Ting Outlook Express Operator Error Oxford English Dictionary Original Equipment Manufacurer Offensive term for a white person Of Course Old Folks' Home Overwhelming Feelings of Concern Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (rappers) Original Gangster Old Git  OCD  OCH  OCN  OCO  OCR  OCT  OD  ODAAT  ODEE  ODG  ODL  ODST  ODT  OE  OED  OEM  OFAY  OFC  OFH  OFOC  OFWGKTA  OG  OGIM  OGK  OGM  OH  OHAC  OHAI  OHIM  OHK  OHKO  OHN  OHS  OHT  OI  OIC  OIK  OIY  OJ  OJD  OJT  OK  OKC  OKEY DOKEY  OKI  OKIES  OKW/E  OL  OLD BAG  OLD LADY  OLDFAG  OLED  OLLG Oh God It's Monday Only God Knows misspelling of OMG Other Half Own House And Car Oh, Hi Oh Hell, It's Monday Oh,Ok One Hit Knock Out Oh Hell, No! Operator Head Space One Handed Typing Hey Oh, I See Unpleasant, unpopular person Hey Only Joking Obsessive Jonas (Brothers) Disorder On Job Training Only Kidding Oklahoma City OK Okey Dokey, OK Okay OK What-Ever Online Office Lady Grumpy old woman Wife, GF Long established member of an online community Organic Light-Emitting Diode One Less Lonely Girl  OM  OM NOM  OMA  OMB  OMD  OMDB  OMDZ  OMFSM  OMG  OMGA  OMGD  OMGNA  OMGSH  OMGZ  OMJ  OMJC  OML  OMS  OMSJ  OMT  OMW  OMWH  OMZ  ON  ON ONE  ON9  ONCO  ONE  ONG  ONION  ONL Old Man Sound of eating Oh My Allah On My Break Oh My Days Over My Dead Body Oh My Dayz Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster Oh My God Oh My Giddy Aunt Oh My God Dude Oh My Gosh, Not Again Oh My Gosh same as OMG Oh My Jonas (JB) Oh My Jesus Christ Oh My Lord Oh My Science Oh My Sweet Jesus! One More Thing On My Way On My Way Home Oh My Zeus Drunk, high Under the influence of drugs Stupid (Chinese) Online Or Nearest Cash Offer One Love, goodbye Misspelling of OMG Ounce of a drug Online  ONNA  ONNTA  ONO  ONOZ  ONS  ONTD  ONUD  ONYD  OO  OOA  OOAK  OOBE  OOC  OOF  OOFT  OOH  OOI  OOM  OOMF  OOML  OOO  OOP  OOPS  OOS  OOSOOM  OOT  OOTB  OOTC  OOTD  OOTO  OOTW Oh No, Not Again Oh No, Not This Again Or Nearest Offer Oh No One Night Stand Oh No They Didn't Oh No You Didn't Oh No You Didn't Object Orientated Suprised Out Of Ammo One Of A Kind Out Of Body Experience Out Of Control/Character/Context Out Of Office Sound made when impressed by something Out Of Here Out Of Interest Out Of Mana (MMORPG) One Of My Friends/Followers Out Of My League Out Of Office Out Of Place Word said after doing something wrong Out Of Style Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind Out Of Town Out Of The Box Obligatory On-Topic Comment Outfit Of The Day Out Of The Office Out Of This World  OOYL  OP  OPA  OPB  OPK  OPM  OPPA  OPPS  OPS  OPSEC  OREO  ORG  ORITE  ORKUT  ORLY  ORN  ORO  ORZ  OS  OSFA  OSLT  OSM  OSO  OSS  OSSIM  OST  OT  OT3  OTA  OTAKU  OTAY Out Of Your League Original Poster Greek exclamation Other People's Business Other People's Kids Other People's Money Older brother, male friend Misspelling of 'oops' Operations Oops Operations Security Black on the outside, white on the inside Online Reality Games Organization Alright, hello Google's social network Oh Really Oh Really Now Expression of confusion Frustration, despair Operating System One Size Fits All Or Something Like That Awesome Other Significant Other Open Source Software Awesome Original Sound Track Off Topic One True Threesome Over The Air Obsessive fan Okay  OTB  OTC  OTD  OTE  OTF  OTFL  OTG  OTH  OTK  OTL  OTLTA  OTM  OTN  OTOH  OTOOH  OTP  OTR  OTS  OTT  OTTH  OTTOMH  OTW  OTW  OTY  OTZ  OU  OUAT  OUCH  OUGHTA Off The boat Over The Counter On The Dot Out The Door Over The Edge Off Topic Forum On The Floor Laughing On The Go Off The Ground Off The Hook Over The Knee like ORZ stick figure on hands and knees Out To Lunch One Thing Led To Another Of The Moment One Track Mind On That Note On The Other Hand On The Other Other Hand One True Pairing On The Run On The Side Over The Top On The Third Hand Off The Top Of My Head On The Way On The Whole Over To You same as ORZ Open University Once Upon A Time Interjection said when experiencing pain Ought to  OUNCE  OUTTA  OVA  OVNO  OVO  OW 28 grams of drugs (usually marijuana) Out Of Original Video Animation Or Very Near Offer Obviously Ouch Other Woman Oh, Well Crouching and staring like an owl Beat, dominate (gaming) Dominated Oh Well, Never Mind Occupy Wall Street Anything Or Words To That Effect Sharp blade OxyContin (or oxycodone), painkiller Oh Yeah On Your Bike Listen up Oh Your God On Your Own Australia Ounce Confused Penny, pence Panic! At The Disco (band) Point and Click Profit And Loss Peace And Love Party And Play Postage And Packaging Pirate Pick Up  OWLING  OWN  OWNED  OWNM  OWS  OWT  OWTTE  OX  OXY  OY  OYB  OYE  OYG  OYO  OZ  O_O  P  P!ATD  P&C  P&L  P&P  P)  P/U  P/X  P12  P2C2E  P2P  P2W  P45  P4P  P90X  P911  PA  PABX  PAC  PAD  PADDY  PAF  PAKI  PAN  PANSY  PANTHER  PANTS Part exchange Childish person Process Too Complicated To Explain Peer To Peer Pay To Play Pay To Win Employment severance form (UK) Pound For Pound Type of workout schedule Parent Alert Personal Assistant Private Automatic Branch Exchange Gangsta rapper Tupac Shakur House, room Offensive term for an Irishman Phone A Friend Offensive term for a Pakistani Personal Area Network Sissy, unmanly person Woman who likes older men Rubbish Trousers Underpants Photo-journalists Money Disrespect Paralytic, very drunk Friend, pal A person who ruins the mood with their attitude Correction applied to a computer program Panic At The Disco (band) Party All The Time Finished, done  PAPARAZZI  PAPER  PAR  PARA  PARE  PARTY POOPER  PATCH  PATD  PATT  PAU  PAW  PAX  PAYCE  PAYE  PAYG  PB  PB&J  PBJ  PBQ  PBR  PBS  PBUH  PBWU  PBWY  PC  PC 4 PC  PC4PC  PCB  PCD  PCE  PCI  PCM  PCMCIA  PCMIA  PCP  PD  PDA  PDBAZ  PDEA  PDF Parents are watching Peace Peace Pay As You Earn Pay As You Go Personal Best Peanut Butter and Jelly Peanut Butter and Jelly Please Be Quiet Pabst Blue Ribbon (beer) Public Broadcasting Service Peace Be Upon Him Peace Be With You Peace Be With You Politically Correct Personal Computer Picture Comment For Picture Comment Picture Comment For Picture Comment. Printed Circuit Board Please Come Back Pussycat Dolls Peace Goodbye Peripheral Component Interconnect Please Call Me Personal Computer Memory Card International Association Personal Computer Manufacturer Interface Adaptor Phencyclidine, Angel dust Public Domain Personal Digital Assistant Please Don't Be A Zombie Public Display of Elderly Affection Portable Document Format  PDG  PDOA  PDP  PDQ  PDT  PE  PEACE  PEACE OUT  PEAK  PEANUT  PEAR  PEBCAC  PEBCAK  PEBKAC  PEEPS  PEEPZ  PEER TO PEER  PEERS  PEMDAS  PEN  PENDEJO  PENG  PENG A LENG  PEON  PEPS  PER SE  PERF  PERO  PERV  PERVING  PERVY  PETA Pretty Damn Good Public Display Of Affection Pretty Darn Precious Pretty Damn Quick Pacific Daylight Time Physical Education Goodbye Goodbye Humiliating Pet name for BF or GF Pear shaped, wrong Problem Exists Between Chair And Computer Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair People People Computer network without a central server People in the same group, equals in age, background etc Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiply, Divide, Add, Subtract Penitentiary, jail, prison Idiot, fool Good looking person Really sexy, very fit Low ranking person People By or in itself, intrinsically Perfect But Pervert Flirting in a creepy way Perverted, creepy People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals  PEWPEW  PFA  PFB  PFC  PFF  PFFT  PFP  PFT  PG  PG-13  PGA  PGDA  PGM  PGP  PH  PHAIL  PHAT  PHB  PHD  PHEW  PHISHING  PHOAR  PHONY  PHP  PHR33  PHU  PHWOAR  PI  PIBE  PIC  PICNIC Laser sound Please Find Attached Please Find Below Private First Class Expression of disagreement Expression of dismissal Picture For Proof An exlamation of disbelief Parental Guidance Parental Guidance if under 13 (movie rating) Professional Golfers' Association Pretty Goddamn Awesome Pro Gamer Pretty Good Privacy (encryption) Pantyhose Fail Pretty Hot And Tempting Pointy-Haired Boss (from Dilbert) Doctor of Philosphy Expression of relief Scamming method used to get personal information Expression of lust, physical attraction Fake object or person Personal Home Page Free Potential Hook Up Acknowledgement that a person is fit, sexy,hot Greek letter Ratio of circle's diameter to its circumference Play It By Ear Picture Partner In Crime Problem In Chair Not In Computer  PIECE Gun, weapon Work of graffiti (masterpiece) Pipe for smoking drugs Marijuana Purple weed Police officer Woman using a man for personal gain The police Idiot, fool Pee In My Pants Laughing Personal Identification Number Caught, arrested Send a packet to a computer and wait for its return (Packet INternet Groper) White girl Thin marijuana cigarette Filipino man Protect IP Act Easy, not difficult Person In Question Parent In Room Angry Drunk Mad, angry Contribute money Peace In the Middle East Parent In The Room Pictures Poor/Personal Joke Cheap alcoholic beverage Pyjamas, night wear Pajamas Player Kill (MMORPG) Pot, Kettle, Black  PIF  PIFF  PIG  PIGEON  PIGS  PILLOCK  PIMPL  PIN  PINCHED  PING  PINK TOE  PINNER  PINOY  PIPA  PIPS  PIQ  PIR  PISSED  PISSED OFF  PITCH  PITME  PITR  PIX  PJ  PJ'S  PJS  PK  PKB  PKI  PKIT  PKMN  PKS  PL  PL0X  PLA  PLANK  PLANKING  PLASTIC  PLC  PLD  PLEB  PLH  PLI  PLIES  PLIX  PLL  PLMA  PLMK  PLONK  PLONKER  PLOS  PLOX  PLR  PLS  PLU  PLUMBUM  PLUR  PLX  PLZ  PM Public Key Infrastructure Please Keep In Touch Pokemon Painkillers OK (typo) Please People's Liberation Army Idiot, stupid person Lying face down in an unusual place Credit Card Public Limited Company Poor Life Decision Commoner, inferior person Peace, Love and Happiness Potential Love Interest American rapper Please Pretty Little Liar Please Leave Me Alone Please Let Me Know Cheap wine Idiot Parents Looking Over Shoulder Please Private Label Rights Please People Like Us Plumber's crack Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect Please Please Private Message Post Meridiem (afternoon)  PMA  PMB  PMC  PMD  PMF  PMFJI  PMIGBOM  PMJI  PMT  PMYMHMMFSWGAD  PNC  PNG  PNL  PNP  PNR  PNW  POA  POCKET DIAL  POCKO  POD  POF  POI  POIDH  POKER FACE  POKEY  POLY  POM  POMG  PON Positive Mental Attitude Private Message Box Post Meal Cigarette Put Me Down Pardon My French Pardon Me For Jumping In Put Mind In Gear, Before Opening Mouth! Pardon My Jumping In Pre-Menstrual Tension Pardon Me, You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives A Damn Point and Click Partner in Crime Image file format Peace And Love Party and Play Passenger Name Record Pacific North West Plan Of Action Accidentally make a call with the phone in your pocket Pocket Passed Out Drunk Plenty of Fish (dating site) Point(s) Of Interest Pics Or It Didn't Happen Expressionless face Prison Polyamory, loving more than one person at a time Australian name for an English person Oh My God (variation) On same as PWN  PONED  PONR  POOL SHARK  POP  POP A SQUAT  POP3  POPO  POPPER  POPPERS  POPPIN  POPPING  POPS  PORCH MONKEY  POSE  POSS  POST  POT  POT HEAD  POTC  POTD  POTO  POTS  POTUS  POTW  POV  POW  POWN  POZ  PPB  PPC  PPD Powerfully owned, dominated Point Of No Return Good pool player Popular (music) Sit down Post Office Protocol v3 (for email) Police Officer(s) Amyl Nitrate Amyl nitrate (recreational drug) Going on, happening Dance style Father Person who sits on their porch, lazy person Suppose Possibly Hang out Mariujana Person who smokes WEED Pirates Of The Carribean Post Of The Day Phantom Of The Opera Parents Over The Shoulder (parents watching, I can't really talk) President of the United States Patient of the Week (House M.D.) Point Of View Prisioner of War same as PWN HIV positive Parts Per Billion Pay Per Click Post Potter Depression  PPL  PPLE  PPLZ  PPM  PPPW  PPS  PPT  PPU  PPV  PQ  PR  PRANG  PRATT  PRAWN  PRC  PREE  PREGGERS  PREGGO  PREGO  PREP  PRESH  PRESSIE  PRI  PRIT  PRO BONO  PROB  PROBS  PROBZ  PROC  PROD  PROG People People People Parts Per Million Per Person, Per Week Post-Post Script Microsoft PowerPoint Please Pick Up Pay Per View Party Quest (game) Public Relations Scared Stupid person Girl who is good looking except for her face People's Republic of China Watch, stare at Pregnant Pregnant Pregnant Prepare Precious Awesome, cool Present, gift Pretty Ugly For (public) good (Latin) Probably Probably Probably Programmed Random Occurrence Protestant Progressive rock music Program  PROJECT  PROLLY  PROMO  PROPS  PROXY  PROZZIE  PRW  PRY  PS same as HOOD Probably Promotional material Respect, recognition Agent, middle man Prostitute Parents Are Watching Probably PhotoShop Play Station Post Script Pints and Quarts Please and Thank Yous Computer port for keyboard or mouse Play Station 2 Play Station 3 Publice Service Announcement Please See Below Photoshop Data file Dismissive expression Expression of disbelief, scepticism Pounds per Square Inch (pressure) Greek letter Personal Short Message Playstation Network PlayStation Portable Pretty Standard, Really Please Send Tell Pacific Standard Time Public Switched Telephone Network Power Supply Unit Excited, pumped up Phantasy Tour Physical Training  PS & QS  PS/2  PS2  PS3  PSA  PSB  PSD  PSH  PSHAW  PSI  PSM  PSN  PSP  PSR  PST  PSTN  PSU  PSYCHED  PT  PTB Powers That Be Pass The Buck Please Text Back Pete De Rire (French for LOL) Pardon The Interruption Praise The Lord Please Tell Me Paid Time Off Pay To Play Peer To Peer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Push-To-Talk Play To Win Professional Time Waster Pan-Tilt-Zoom Pick Up Artist Public house, bar Marijuana Pick Up Group Genuine, top quality Make out with Woman who dates younger men Exhilarated, fired up Music genre Customer Pretty same as PURPLE Strong marijuana Sell (drugs) Public Utility Vehicle Promotional Video Polyvinyl Chloride, vinyl Player versus Environment (MMORPG)  PTDR  PTI  PTL  PTM  PTO  PTP  PTSD  PTT  PTW  PTZ  PUA  PUB  PUFF  PUG  PUKKA  PULL  PUMA  PUMPED  PUNK  PUNTER  PURDY  PURP  PURPLE  PUSH  PUV  PV  PVC  PVE  PVM  PVP  PVR  PVT  PWD  PWEASE  PWN  PWND  PWNED  PWNT  PWOR  PWOS  PWP  PWT  PYP  PYT  PZ  Q  Q&A  Q/A  Q1  Q4U  Q8  QA  QANTAS  QB  QC  QED  QFE  QFP Player Versus Monster Player v Player Personal Video Recorder Private Password Babyish form of Please Own, dominate same as PWNED Owned, dominated Perfectly Owned same as PWNED Proceeding With Orders Recieved Parents Watching Over Shoulder Plot? What Plot? Poor White Trash Play Your Position Pretty Young Thing Peace Thank You Question and Answer Question and Answer First Quarter Quake 1 (Game) Question For You Kuwait Quality Assurance Question and Answer Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Service Quarter Back Quality Control Quod Erat Demonstrandum (it has been proved) Quoted For Emphasis Quoted For Posterity  QFT  QI  QK  QL  QLD  QNA  QNO  QOS  QOTD  QOTSA  QP  QQ  QQ4U  QR  QSL  QT  QTPI  QTR  QTY  QUACK  QUE  QURL  QVC  QWERTYUIOP  R  R&B  R&D  R&R  R5  RA Quoted For Truth Quite Interesting Ninja Cool Quietly Laughing Queensland Question and Answer Quiet Night Out Quantam Of Solace Quote Of The Day Queens Of The Stone Age (Band) Quarter Pound (of weed) Crying Quit Quick Question For You Queer Confirmed Cutie Cutie Pie Quarter Quantity Doctor What? Girl Quality Value Convenience (shopping channel) Bored Are Rhythm And Blues Replicate and Duplicate Research and Development Rest and Relaxation Region 5 (DVD region) Resident Advisor Resident Assistant  RAC  RACHET  RACKS  RAD  RADAR  RAFL  RAGE  RAGO  RAH  RAILS  RAINCHECK  RAK  RAM  RANDOM  RANGA  RANK  RAOK  RAP  RAPID  RAPPER  RAR  RAS  RASTA  RAT  RATCHET  RATM  RATS  RAWK  RAWL  RAWR  RAZZ Rock Against Communism Crazy, nasty Money (in thousands) Radical, cool Radio Detection And Ranging same as ROFL Party very hard, get wasted Whatever, OK Pompous or superior person Lines of cocaine Postponement Random Act of Kindness Random Access Memory Unexpected, unpredictable Redhead (derogatory) Disgusting, gross Random Act Of Kindness Music genre Cool, excellent Urban poet File compression type Remote Access Server Rastafarian Snitch, telltale Undesirable, coarse woman Rage Against the Machine (band) Damn Rock Roll Around While Laughing Right Answer, Wrong Reason Make fun of Get drunk  RBAU  RBAY  RBG  RBTL  RBV  RC  RCH  RCON  RCT  RD  RDJ  RDM  RDO  RDR  RDRR  RDY  RE  RE-GIFT  REC  RED COAT  REDBONE  REDNECK  REDONCULOUS  REEFA  REEFER  REEM  REF  REG  REGGIE  REGS Right Back At You Right Back At You Revolutionary But Gangsta Read Between The Lines Red Bull and Vodka Random Chat Radio Controlled A very small unit of measurement Remote Console Roller Coster Tycoon Real Deal Robert Downey Jr. Random Death Match Regular Day Off Red Dead Redemption (Game) Har-de-har-har Ready Regarding Pass an unwanted gift on to someone else Recreation (ground) British soldier Holiday camp worker Light skinned colored person Unsophisticated rural person from Southeast USA Ridiculous same as REEFER Marijuana Gorgeous, sexy, nice Refugee Regular Regular weed Regular Low quality marijuana  REL  RELLIES  REM  RENTS  REP Relative Irrelevant Relatives Rapid Eye Movement Rock band Parents Represent Reputation Repetition Request Required Resin Depressing Respect (Ali G) Old fashioned style Make an engine go faster Reverend Indian reservation Request For Comment Request For Information Radio Frequency Identification Request for Proposal Request For Quotation Right First Time Run For Your Life Red, Green, Blue Regards Roger Road Head Red Hot Chili Peppers (Band) Right Hand Drive Rumour Has It Older man looking for a younger woman  REQ  RES  RESH  RESTECPA  RETRO  REV  REZ  RFC  RFI  RFID  RFP  RFQ  RFT  RFYL  RGB  RGDS  RGR  RH  RHCP  RHD  RHI  RHINO  RHIP  RIB  RICE  RICK ROLL  RIDIC  RIF  RIFRAF  RIH  RINGTONE  RINO  RIP  RIPPED  RIS  RITE  RIYL  RKBA  RL  RLF  RLTW  RLY  RLZ  RM  RMA  RME  RML  RMR  RMT  RMV  RN Rank Has Its Privileges Make fun of Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements Trick someone with a link to Rick Astley video Ridiculous Reduction In Force Common people, trailer trash Rot In Hell Sound a cell phone makes when receiving a call Republican In Name Only Convert music/video on CD to MP3s Rest In Peace Well defined muscles Stoned Received In Swap Right Write Recommended If You Like Right to Keep and Bear Arms Real Life Real Life Friend Rangers Lead The Way Really Rules Remake Return Merchandise Authorization Rolling My Eyes Read My Lips Remember Real-Money Trading Results May Vary Right Now Registered Nurse  RNA  RNB  RNG  RNR  RO  ROACH  ROAR  ROCKBAND  ROCKIN  ROCKS  ROE  ROF  ROFC  ROFL  ROFLCOPTER  ROFLOL  ROFTL  ROG  ROGER THAT  ROH  ROI  ROLF  ROLL  ROLLED  ROLLIN  ROM  ROM COM  ROOTS  ROR  ROS  ROSES Ribonucleic Acid Rhythm And Blues Random Number Generator Rock 'N Roll Ragnarok Online (MMORPG) The end of a JOINT Right Of Admission Reserved Music video game Awesome Crack cocaine Rules Of Engagement Rate Of Fire ROFL Rolling On Floor Crying Rolling On Floor Laughing LOL, ROFL etc Rolling On Floor, Laughing Out Loud Misspelling of ROTFL Really Old Git I Understand, OK Ring of Honor (wrestling) Return on Investment Rolling On Laughing Floor Experience the effects of Ecstasy Robbed, beaten High on drugs Read-Only Memory Romantic Comedy Type of Reggae music Raughing out Roud Right On Schedule Money  ROTC  ROTF  ROTFFNAR  ROTFL  ROTFLOL  ROTGL  ROTK  ROTM  ROW  ROX  ROXOR  ROXORZ  ROY  ROZZERS  RP  RPC  RPF  RPG  RPM  RPS  RQ  RR  RRD  RRP  RRR  RS  RSA  RSI  RSN  RSPB  RSPCA Reserve Officer Training Corps Rolling On The Floor (laughing is implied) Rolling On The Floor For No Apparent Reason Rolling On The Floor Laughing Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud Rolling On The Ground Laughing Return of the King (Tolkien) Run Of The Mill Rest Of the World Rocks Rocks, Awesome Rocks Relative of yours? Police Role Play Role Playing Chat Real Person Fiction Rocket Propelled Grenade Role Playing Game Revolutions Per Minute Rock Paper Scissors (game) Random Questions (Livejournal community) Restroom Rick Rolled Recommended Retail Price Reading, 'Riting, 'Rithmetic RuneScape, a MMORPG An encryption algorithm Repetitive Strain Injury Real Soon Now Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals  RSRSRS  RSS  RSVP  RT  RTA  RTB  RTD  RTE  RTF  RTFAQ  RTFI  RTFM  RTG  RTHX  RTM  RTO  RTR  RTS  RTV  RTW  RU  RUA  RUCA  RUDEBOY  RUGGER  RUH ROH  RUKA  RUKM  RUMBLE same as LOL Rich Site Summary Really Simple Syndication Repondez s'il vous plait (Please reply) Retweet Real Time Road Traffic Accident Return To Base Ready To Drink National broadcaster in Ireland Return The Favour Read The FAQ Read The Flipping Instructions Read The Flipping Manual Ready To Go Thank you for the Retweet Read The Manual Radio Telephone Operator Roll Tide Roll Real Time Strategy Rock The Vote Ready To Wear Round The World Are You? Are You Alone? Girlfriend Gangster Ska fan Rugby Uh Oh, Scooby Doo style Gangster girl, MOLL Are You Kidding Me? Brawl, fight  RUO  RUOK  RUS  RUT  RV  RVB  RVR  RW  RWL  RWNJ  RWP  RWYS  RX  RYC  RYN  RYO  RYT  S&D  S&M  S&P  S/  S/B  S/N  S/O  S/T  S2  S2G  S2R  S2S  S2U Weak (Chinese) Are You OK? Are You Serious? Are You There Recreational Vehicle Red Versus Blue (popular web-series) Realm Versus Realm (MMORPG) Read-Write Roaring With Laughter Right Wing Nut Job Random Wall Post Reap What You Sow Prescription Regarding Your Comment Read Your Note Regarding Your Note Roll Your Own Right, alright Search and Destroy Sadism and Masochism Salt and Pepper Substitute first word with second Should Be Serial Number Shout Out Significant Other Self Titled Love (heart shape) Swear To God Send To Receive Sorry To Say Safe To Say Same To You  S4S  SA  SAB  SACK  SAD  SAE  SAF  SAFE  SAFM  SAG  SAGE  SAHD  SAHM  SAHN  SAHW  SALA  SALAM  SALTS  SALTY  SALUT  SAM  SAMEFAG  SAN  SANGA  SANK  SANS  SAP  SARCY  SARGE  SARKY  SAS Support For Support (MySpace) Sibling Alert Smoking A Blunt Bed Pathetic Seasonal Adjustment Disorder Stamped/Self Addressed Envelope Single Asian Female Something or someone good Stay Away From Me Wear trousers low around the waist Word added to a post to stop it getting bumped Stay At Home Dad Stay At Home Mom Son Stay At Home Wife Idiot, moron Peace (Arabic) Smiled A Little Then Stopped Upset, annoyed, embarrassed Hi Stop Annoying Me Person with multiple aliases on forums Japanese name suffix, Mr or Ms Sandwich Something Without (French) Sad And Pathetic Fool Sarcastic Chat up Sarcastic Special Air Service  SASE  SAT  SATA  SATC  SATS  SAUCE  SAUCED  SAVAGE  SAVVY  SAWP  SAYONARA  SB  SBD  SBF  SBI  SBJ  SBM  SBS  SBT  SC  SCA  SCALLY  SCAM  SCART  SCH  SCHEMIE  SCHWAG  SCNR  SCO  SCOFF Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope Scholastic Assessment Test Serial Advanced Technology Attachment Sex And The City (TV show) Standard Attainment Tests Misspelling of 'source' Drunk Brutal but awesome Do you understand? Knowledgeable, well informed same as SUP Goodbye (Japanese) Somebody Silent But Deadly Single Black Female Surrounded By Incompetence Sweet Baby Jesus Single Black Male Step By Step Sorry 'Bout That StarCraft (game) Silent Chuckle Scandal Low life, trailer trash Rip off Make out Audio/Video TV connector School Someone from a council estate Low grade marijuana Sorry, Could Not Resist San Fransisco Food Eat fast Sneer  SCOTUS  SCOUSE  SCOUSER  SCRAM  SCRAN  SCRAP  SCREB  SCRILLA  SCRIM  SCRUB  SCSI  SCUBA  SD Supreme Court Of The United States Relating to Liverpool Person from Liverpool Go away Food Fight Dirty, scruffy person Money, cash Practice game Loser who thinks he's something Small Computer System Interface Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus Sweet Dreams Secure Digital (memory card) So Drunk Seventh-Day Adventist Software Development Kit Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory Symmetric DSL Special Edition Second Said Marijuana seeds Children I see, understood Very Sexy Calm down Picture of yourself, usually taken by yourself Search Engine Marketing Lapse of memory, logic or mental function  SDA  SDK  SDRAM  SDSL  SE  SEC  SED  SEEDS  SEEN  SEHR  SEKC  SEKKLE  SELFIE  SEM  SENIOR MOMENT  SEO  SEP  SERP  SES  SESH  SET  SETE  SETI  SEVIE  SEXPOT  SEXT  SF  SFAM  SFLR  SFO  SFP  SFR  SFSG  SFTBC  SFW  SFX  SG2M  SGO  SGT  SGTM  SH  SHADDAP  SHADE  SHADES  SHADY  SHAFT Search Engine Optimization Somebody Else's Problem Search Engine Results Page Marijuana Session (drinking, smoking, gaming etc) Division of a gang Smiling Ear To Ear Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence Seventh Grader Sexy Person Send suggestive text messages Science Fiction San Francisco Sister From Another Mister Sorry For Late Reply San Francisco International Airport Sorry for Partying Smiling For Real So Far So Good Sorry For The Broadcast Safe For Work Sound Effects Sounds Good To Me Let's Go Sergeant Sounds Good To Me Same Here Shut up Casual, disrespectful Sunglasses Shifty, sly, sneaky Screw, rip off  SHANK  SHAWN  SHAWTY  SHEILA  SHELL-LIKE  SHERM  SHH  SHILL  SHINNY  SHIOK  SHIP  SHIV  SHIZZLE  SHK  SHM  SHMILY  SHO  SHOOK  SHOOP  SHOOTER  SHOPPED  SHORTY  SHOTGUN  SHOTTA  SHOULDA  SHRINK  SHU  SHUBZ  SHUCKS Homemade knife Stab Attractive man Young girl/woman Woman Ear Cigarette dipped in PCP Be quiet, shut up Decoy, person in on a scam Informal game of hockey Expression of happiness, pleasure Romantic relationship Home made knife Sure Should Have Known Simple Harmonic Motion See How Much I Love You Sure Super High Output Scared, frightened Photoshop Gun Person who fires a gun Photoshopped, manipulated Girlfriend, attractive girl Front passenger seat Thug, gangster Drug dealer Should have Psychiatrist Secure Housing Unit House party, rave Expression of modesty or disappointment  SHUG  SHUP  SHURUP  SHUSH  SHUX  SHWE  SI  SIA  SIAP  SIAS  SIC  SICK  SICS  SID  SIDK  SIDS  SIF  SIFS  SIG  SIGH  SIK  SIKE  SIKED  SIL  SIM  SIM CARD  SIMMER  SIO  SIP  SIS  SIT Sugar Shut Up Shut Up Shut up, be quiet Shucks, expression of modesty Should We Stop It Stupid Idiot Sorry I Asked Sorry If Already Posted Say It Ain't So Latin sicut (just as) - apparent mistake Awesome, cool Sitting In Chair Snickering Acid, LSD Sorry, I Didn't Know Sudden Infant Death Syndrome As If Secret Internet Fatties Signature Exhale depressedly same as SICK Indicating the previous statement is false Psyche Psyched, excited about Son-In-Law Subscriber Identity Module Subscriber Identity Module for a mobile phone Relax, chill Bye YEP in Spanish Sister Stay In Touch  SITD  SITREP  SITTING DUCK  SITU  SIV  SIW  SIWOTI  SIZZLE  SJ  SK8  SK8R  SKANKIN  SKEED  SKEEN  SKENG  SKETCH  SKEWL  SKI  SKI INSTRUCTOR  SKIDADDLE  SKINNY  SKINS  SKINT  SKITTLES  SKITZ  SKL  SKN  SKOOL  SKRILLA Still In The Dark Situation Report Vulnerable, helpless target Situation Bad goalie in hockey Someone Is Watching Someone Is Wrong On The Internet Drug OC, oxycontin Society of Jesus San Jose Skate Skater Form of dancing High I See, Seen Knife, blade Gun, firearm Unusual, dubious School Spend Kids' Inheritance Snort cocaine Cocaine dealer Go away Information, gossip Thin Cigarette papers TV teen drama Broke, having no money Drugs Schitzophrenic School OK, cool, whatever School Money  SKU  SKUX  SKYPE  SL  SLA  SLAB  SLAP  SLAPPED  SLD  SLEW  SLF  SLFN  SLH  SLI  SLICE  SLICK  SLM  SLOB  SLOL  SLOSHED  SLR  SLT  SLUGS  SLY  SMACK  SMACKED  SMAD  SMDH  SMDHE  SME  SMEG  SMEXI Stock Keeping Unit A guy who's good with women Internet telephone So Lame Service Level Agreement Slow Low/Loud And Bangin', customized car Sounds Like A Plan Drunk Second Level Domain Cut down, kill Sounds Like Fun So Long For Now Santa's Little Helper Scalable Link Interface Eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams) of marijuana Sharp, cool, smooth Salaam (hello) Lazy, untidy, dirty person Seriously Laughing Out Loud Drunk Single Lens Reflex (camera) Salut, hello Bullets Still Love You Heroin High on marijuana Sad and mad Shaking My Damn Head Some Mothers Do Have Em Small/Medium Enterprises All purpose swear word Smart and Sexy  SMEXY  SMFT  SMG  SMGDH  SMH  SMHID  SMIDSY  SMIZE  SML  SMN  SMOG  SMOOCH  SMOOSH  SMS  SMT  SMTH  SMTP  SMURF  SN  SN1  SNAFU  SNAG  SNAIL MAIL  SNAKE  SNAKE OIL  SNAKING  SNAP  SNC  SND  SNES Smart and sexy So Much For That Sub-Machine Gun Shaking My God Damn Head Shaking My Head Shaking My Head In Despair Sorry Mate, I Didn't See You Smile with your eyes Screw My Life Story of My Life Shoot Me Now Sweet Mother Of God Kiss Hug, squeeze Short Message Service Sucking My Teeth Something Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Experienced gamer posing as a newbie Screen Name Side Note Spare No One Situation Normal, All Fouled Up Sensitive New Age Guy Sausage Regular postal service Snitch, back stabber Fake medicine Flirting Expression of dismay, surprise, joy etc Social Network Check Search And Destroy Super Nintendo Entertainment System  SNF  SNIDE  SNIFF  SNIPE  SNITCH  SNK  SNM  SNOG  SNOOKIE  SNOUT  SNOW  SNR  SNSD  SNU  SNYK  SO  SO SO  SOA  SOAD  SOAG  SOCKPUPPET  SOCOM  SOD OFF  SOE  SOF  SOFT  SOG  SOH  SOHF  SOI  SOIDH So Not Funny Fake or counterfeit Cocaine Bid on eBay just before the auction ends Person who tells on someone Video game company Say No More Kiss Pet name for BF or GF Cigarette Cocaine Signal To Noise Ratio Sho Nyo Shi Dae (Girl's Generation) Korean girl group What's New? So Now You Know Significant Other Shout Out Neither good nor bad, average State Of Alert (band) System Of A Down (Band) Son Of A Gun Person using a false identity Special Operations Command Go away, get lost Sony Online Entertainment Soldier Of Fortune (Game) Powdered cocaine Sea Of Green (cannabis growing) Sense Of Humor Sense Of Humor Failure Statement of Intent Screenshot Or It Didn't Happen  SOK  SOLID  SOML  SOMSW  SON  SONAR  SOO  SOOC  SOOD  SOOTB  SOP  SOPA  SORN  SORTA  SOS  SOTA  SOTD  SOUND  SOUR  SOW  SOWIE  SOX  SOY  SOYW  SOZ  SP2  SPAG  SPAM  SPANNER  SPARK  SPAT  SPAZ That's OK Cool, awesome Story Of My Life Someone Over My Shoulder Watching Close Friend SOund Navagation And Ranging So Straight Out Of Camera (not Photoshopped) Cool Straight Out Of The Box Standard Operating Procedure Stop Online Piracy Act Statutory Off Road Notification Sort of Save Our Souls (Help!) State Of The Art Song Of The Day Cool, awesome, good Strong WEED Female police officer Sorry Socks Shame On You Something On Your Wall Sorry Service Pack 2 Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar Unsolicted email Idiot, fool Set light to (marijuana) Fight, argument, tiff Spastic  SPCA  SPECTRE  SPED  SPEXY  SPF  SPIC  SPIM  SPINS  SPIT GAME  SPITAL  SPLIF  SPLIFF  SPM  SPN  SPOC  SPOILER  SPOOF  SPOON  SPOT  SPOT ON  SPQR  SPROG  SPRUNG  SPST  SPUN  SPURS  SQ  SQL  SQTM  SQUARE Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion Someone who needs special education Sexy with glasses Strictly Platonic Friend Offensive term for a Hispanic person Instant Messaging SPAM Effect of drinking too much Act of flirting Hospital A cigarette of tobacco and cannibis same as SPLIF South Park Mexican (rapper) Supernatural (TV show) Single Point of Contact Something you would've prefered to find out yourself Tube used to reduce smoking smells Cuddle Lend money Absolutely correct, perfect Senatus Populusque Romanus (the Senate and the people of Rome) Child Obsessed with someone, in love Same Place, Same Time Under the influence of methamphetamine US Basketball team UK football team (Tottenham Hotspur) Sound Quality Structured Query Language (for databases) Smiling Quietly To Myself Cigarette  SRH  SRM  SRO  SRS  SRSLY  SRT  SRY  SS  SSA  SSBB  SSBHM  SSC  SSD  SSDD  SSH  SSID  SSL  SSWA  ST  ST00F  STA  STACK  STAMP  STAN  STANDARD  STANG  STAR  STAT  STATS  STB  STBE Supporting Radical Habits (Clothing) Stark Raving Mad Standing Room Only Serious Seriously Street and Racing Technology Sorry Screen Shot Subject Says All Super Smash Brothers Brawl (game) Super Sized BHM Safe, Sane, Consensual Solid State Drive Same Stuff Different Day Secure Shell (Unix program) Service Set Identifier Secure Socket Layer See Subject Line So Say We All Something Stuff Surveillance and Target Acquisition $1000 OK Stalker Fan Of course, goes without saying Ford Mustang Friend, buddy Immediately (from Latin statim) Statistics Soon To Be Soon-To-Be Ex  STBX  STBY  STC  STEAL  STEEZ  STEEZE  STELLA  STELLAR  STEM  STET  STEXT  STG  STH  STHG  STHU  STK  STM  STMF  STML  STN  STNY  STOKED  STOPE  STR  STR8  STRAP  STROP  STS  STSP  STTN  STUNNER Soon-To-Be Ex Sucks To Be You Sorry To Bother You Subject to Change Punch Style with ease Style with ease Flirty girl Awesome, excellent Mix of STUD and FEM Let it stand (Latin) Sexy text message Swear To God Something Something Shut The Hell Up Shoot To Kill Short Term Memory Stay Thirsty My Friends Short Term Memory Loss Spend The Night Same Time Next Year Very happy, excited Awesome, cool Strength Short Term Relationship Straight Gun Sulk, tantrum Smirk To Self Same Time Same Place Sleeping Through the Night Good looking person  STW  STY  STYL  SU  SUBS  SUCKS  SUFI  SUGAR DADDY  SUH  SUIT  SUL  SULA  SUM  SUM1  SUMFIN  SUMMAT  SUP  SUPER  SURE  SUS  SUSS  SUV  SUX  SVP  SVS  SVU  SW Search The Web Same To You Speak To You Later Shut Up Subwoofers Is bad, is rubbish Super Finger Rich older man Sir Businessman, boss See You Later Sweaty Upper Lip Alert Some Someone Something Something What's Up Very, really Yes (often sarcastic) Suspect, suspicious Discover, understand Suspicious Sport Utility Vehicle Sucks S'il Vous Plait (please in French) Someone Very Special Special Victims Unit So What? Star Wars Street Worker Style, coolness, confidence Style or personality A person's style  SWAGG  SWAGGA  SWAGGER  SWAK  SWALK  SWAMBO  SWANK Sealed With A Kiss Sealed With A Loving Kiss She Who Always Must Be Obeyed Cool, classy Single Woman And No Kids Second Wife And No Kids Special Weapons And Tactics Like, love Smoke Weed Every Day Awesome Pet name for BF or GF same as SWEETIE Sweet and sexy Single White Female See What I Did There? Awesome Someone Who Isn't Me So Wrong, It's Right Cheap cigar used for making BLUNTs Someone Who Isn't You Con, rip-off Sweet Star Wars Kid Single White Male She Who Must Be Obeyed Sound Uncoolness, opposite of SWAGG Well built, muscular Muscular, in good shape Person who is always studying Single White Professional Female Single White Professional Male  SWAT  SWEAT  SWED  SWEET  SWEETIE  SWEETY  SWEXY  SWF  SWIDT  SWIFT  SWIM  SWIR  SWISHER  SWIY  SWIZ  SWIZZLE  SWK  SWM  SWMBO  SWND  SWOG  SWOL  SWOLE  SWOT  SWPF  SWPM  SWT  SWTOR  SWW  SWY  SWYD  SXE  SY  SYA  SYF  SYG  SYIH  SYITM  SYK  SYL  SYLA  SYM  SYMBIAN  SYNC  SYNT  SYOTOS  SYRS  SYS  SYSOP  SYT  SYTYCD  SYWISY  S^  T-T  T.T  T2M Sweat Sweet Star Wars: The Old Republic (game) Slippery When Wet Sowwy (sorry) Sleep When You're Dead Straightedge (no drink, no drugs, no sex) Sincerely Yours See You Shut Your Face Shut Your Gob See You In Hell See You In The Morning So You Know See You Later See You Later Alligator Shut Your Mouth So You Mad? Mobile phone OS Synchronize See You Next Time See You On The Other Side See You Real Soon See Ya Soon System Operator See You Tomorrow See You There So You Think You Can Dance See You When I See You What's Up Crying Crying Talk To Me  T2T  T2UL  T2YL  T4P  T4T  TA  TAB  TABOO  TAC  TACKY  TAD  TADA  TAE  TAF  TAFF  TAFN  TAG  TAGL  TAHT  TAI  TAKS  TAL  TAMW  TANJ  TANK  TANSTAAFL  TAPPED  TAR  TARD  TARDIS Time To Talk Talk To You Later Talk To You Later Thanks For Posting Tit For Tat Thanks For Trade Thank you Acid, LSD Cigarette Forbidden, not talked about Cannabis resin In bad taste Small amount Exclamation when something is finished Trial And Error Tell A Friend Person from Cardiff or Wales generally That's All For Now Personal signature There's a good lad That Think About It Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills Thanks A Lot Try Again Later That Awkward Moment When ... There Ain't No Justice Large person, heavily built There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch Crazy Not very pure heroin Retarded person Time And Relative Dimentions In Space  TARFU  TASTY  TAT  TATA  TATO  TATT  TAV  TAW  TAY  TAZE  TB  TBA  TBBH  TBBT  TBC  TBCH  TBD  TBE  TBF  TBFU  TBH  TBM  TBMS  TBNT  TBQF  TBQH  TBR  TBS  TBSS  TBT Things Are Really Fouled Up Good looking Cool, awesome Tattoo Rubbish, junk Goodbye Alright, OK Tattoo Marijuana Teachers Are Watching Thinking About You Annoy, irritate Text Back To Be Announced To Be Brutally Honest The Big Bang Theory (TV Show) To Be Continued To Be Completely Honest To Be Decided To be Edited To Be Fair Too Bad For You To Be Honest Tactical Boyfriend Mention To Be More Specific Thanks, But No Thanks To Be Quite Frank To Be Quite Honest To Be Real Tablespoon To Be Specified Too Bad, So Sad Truth Be Told  TBTF  TBTG  TBTP  TBU  TBX  TBYS  TC  TCB  TCBY  TCCIC  TCFC  TCFN  TCFS  TCG  TCGB  TCH  TCK  TCL  TCOB  TCP  TCP/IP  TCTC  TD  TDDUP  TDDWP  TDF  TDG  TDH  TDI  TDL  TDM Too Big To Fail Thanks Be To God That's Beside The Point To Be Updated To Be Exact Think Before You Speak Take Care Taking Care of Business The Country's Best Yogurt Take Care 'Cause I Care Too Close For Comfort Take Care For Now Too Cool For School Trading Card Game Take Care, God Bless Sound of disagreement, frustration Third Culture Kid Tool Command Language Taking Care of Buisness Transmission Control Protocol Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol To Close To Call Touchdown Til Death Do Us Part Til Death Do We Part To Die For Too Damn Good Three Days Grace (band) Tall, Dark, and Handsome Turbo Direct Injection Turbo Diesel Injection To Do List Team DeathMatch  TDOT  TDS  TDWP  TDY  TE AMO  TEAL DEER  TEC  TECH  TEE  TEEF  TEEN  TEH  TEHO  TEK  TEKKERS  TEMP  TEN  TEOTWAWKI  TERRIBAD  TEVS  TEXT  TF2  TFA  TFCD  TFFW  TFL  TFLMK  TFLMS  TFLN Toronto Technical Dificulties The Devil Wears Prada (Band) Temporarily Deployed for a Year I love you (Spanish) same as TLDR Tec 9 handgun Technician Technology T-shirt Steal Teeth Teenager, teenage The Used to emphasise the next word To Each His/Her Own Tek-9 machine pistol Technique Technique (in sport) Temporary (worker, file, etc.) Person with a perfect body The End Of The World As We Know It Terrible and Bad, awful Whatever An SMS message sent between cell phones Team Fortress 2 (Game) Thanks For Asking Time For Compact Disc Too Funny For Words Tip For Life Transport For London Thanks For Letting Me Know Thanks For Letting Me Share Texts From Last Night  TFM  TFM2KAU2FO  TFP  TFRM  TFS  TFT  TFTA  TFTC  TFTI  TFTL  TG Total Frat Move That's For Me to Know And You To Find Out Thanks For Playing Thanks For Reminding Me Thanks For Sharing The Frozen Throne (Warcraft III) Thin Film Transistor Thanks For The Add Thanks For The (Geo)Cache Thanks For The Info Thanks for the Link Thank God Transgender Too Good Think Globally, Act Locally Misspelling of 'the' Thank God For the Internet Thank God For Life Thank God It's ... Thank God It's Almost Friday Thank God It's Friday Thank God It's Monday Thank God It's Over Thank God It's Thursday Taylor Gang Or Die Thumbnail Gallery Post Too Good To Be True The Two Heads Are Better Than One Thing Thank You Thanks There  TGAL  TGE  TGFI  TGFL  TGI  TGIAF  TGIF  TGIM  TGIO  TGIT  TGOD  TGP  TGTBT  THA  THABTO  THANG  THANQ  THANX  THAR  THC  THE BOMB  THE NICK  THICK  THIS  THIZZ  THIZZING  THIZZLE  THN  THNX  THO  THOU  THRASH  THRU  THT  THTH  THUG  THUMBNAIL  THUMBS DOWN  THUR  THURR  THWU  THX  TI  TI AMO  TIA  TIAB  TIC  TID  TIDY  TIE Tetrahydrocannabinol, active ingredient in marijuana Really cool Prison Well proportioned, not fat or skinny I agree Ecstasy Tripping on Ecstasy Esctasy tablet Then Thanks Though You Thrash metal (music style) Through That To Hot to Handle Violent criminal Person struggling to make something of their life Small version of a picture Sign of disapproval There There To Hell With You Thanks Texas Instruments Rapper from Atlanta I Love You (Italian) Thanks In Advance To Infinity And Beyond Tongue in Cheek Take It Down Cool, good Take It Easy  TIEF  TIEM  TIF  TIFF  TIGHT  TIIC  TIL  TIM  TIME  TINA  TINAG  TINALO  TINAR  TING  TINSTAFL  TINWIS  TIOLI  TIPSY  TIRF  TIS  TISA  TISNF  TITCH  TITCR  TITF  TITT  TIX  TJA  TK  TKD  TKM Thief, thieve Misspelling of 'time' That Is Funny Argument, disagreement Close Miserly The Idiots In Charge Until Today I Learned Time Is Money Tears In My Eyes Crystal Meth This Is Not A Game This Is Not A Legal Opinion This Is Not A Recommendation Thing There Is No Such Thing As Free Lunch That Is Not What I Said Take It Or Leave It Slightly drunk That/This Is Really Funny It Is That Is So Awesome That is so not fair Small person This Is The Credited Response Take It Too Far Throw In The Towel, give up Tickets Hi (Swedish) Team Killer Taekwondo Te Quiero Mucho (Spanish for I love you)  TKO  TKS  TKT  TL Technical Knock Out Thanks Don't worry (French) Talk Later True Love Team Leader same as TLDR same as TLDW Three Letter Acronym Tender Loving Care Top Level Domain Too Long; Did Not Read Too Long; Didn't Read Too Long; Didn't Watch The List Goes On Too Little Information Talk True Love Never Dies Truly Laughing Out Loud Text Message Text Me Trademark Take My Advice Tell Me About It Text Me Back They Might Be Giants (band) Damn in Chinese Too Much Detail Too Much Effort Too Much Forehead Touch My Hand Too Much Information To My Knowledge Thank Me Later  TL;DR  TL;DW  TLA  TLC  TLD  TLDNR  TLDR  TLDW  TLGO  TLI  TLK  TLND  TLOL  TM  TMA  TMAI  TMB  TMBG  TMD  TME  TMF  TMH  TMI  TMK  TML Text Me Later  TMM  TMMS  TMN  TMNT  TMO  TMP  TMR  TMRW  TMS  TMSIDK  TMT  TMTC  TMTH  TMTOWTDI  TMTS  TMTT  TMW  TMY  TMZ  TNA  TNB  TNBM  TNF  TNG  TNL  TNLN  TNO  TNOP  TNOT  TNSL  TNSTAAFL Tell Me More That Made Me Smile Touch Me Not Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tomorrow Tactical Machine Pistol Tomorrow Tomorrow Too Much Swag(ger) Tell Me Something I Don't Know Too Much Tuna Too Many To Count Too Much To Handle There's More Than One Way To Do It Too Much Too Soon Too Much To Text Tomorrow Tell Me Why Celebrity news Total Nonstop Action There's Nothing Better True Norwegian Black Metal That's Not Funny The Next Generation (Star Trek) To Next Level Took Nothing Left Nothing Trust No One Totally Not Our Problem Take Note Of That Took Nothing, Signed Logbook (geocaching) There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch  TNT  TNTM  TNX  TO  TO BOOT  TOASTIE  TOC  TOD  TOEFL  TOFT  TOFTT  TOH  TOKE  TOL  TOM  TOMBOUT  TOMBOY  TOMO  TOMOZ  TON  TONG  TONK  TOOC  TOODLE  TOOL  TOON  TOOTLES  TOOTSIES  TOPPER  TOPS  TOS Til Next Time That's News To Me Thanks Time Out As well, also Toasted sandwich Table Of Contents Time Of Death Time Of Day Test Of English as a Foreign Language Take One For the Team Take One For The Team The Other Half Inhale marijuana smoke Thinking Out Loud Thinking Of Laughing Time Of Month Talking About Girl who behaves like a boy Tomorrow Tomorrow One hundred Asian gangster Strong, muscular Totally Out Of Control Goodbye, toodle-pip Person of low intelligence, a fool Online character in RPG See you later, goodbye Toes, feet Person who always has a better story Wonderful, fantastic Terms Of Service  TOT  TOTB  TOTE  TOTES  TOTES PRESH  TOTEZ  TOTGA  TOTM  TOTS  TOTT  TOTUS  TOTZ  TOUCH  TOUCHE  TOW  TOWIE  TOY  TP  TPAM  TPB  TPE  TPK  TPS  TPT  TPTB  TQ  TQM  TR  TR00  TRA  TRAW Small child Think Outside the Box Carry Totally Totally Precious Totally The One That Got Away Time Of The Month Totally Think on These Things Teleprompter Of The United States Totally Beat, kill, rob Said when admitting opponent has made a good point The Other Wiki (Wikipedia) The Only Way Is Essex Thinking Of You Toilet Paper Town Portal (diablo 2) The Person Above Me The Pirate Bay Total Power Exchange Total Party Kill Totally pointless stuff Trailer Park Trash The Powers That Be Thank You Te Quiero Mucho (I Like You A Lot) Triple Rainbow True, loyal Bye Thick, Rich And White  TRDMC  TRDMF  TREE  TRG  TRICKIN  TRIFE  TRILL  TRIP  TRIPPING  TRM  TROL  TROLL  TROLLING  TROLOL  TROTW  TROUT  TRU  TRU DAT  TRUFAX  TRYNA  TSA  TSB  TSF  TSIA  TSK  TSM  TSP  TSTB  TSTL  TSUP  TT Tears Running Down My Cheeks Tears Running Down My Face Marijuana Tiny Rascal Gang Spending money on a girl Trifling, unimportant True and Real Experience when using a hallucinogenic drug Under the influence of drugs That Reminds Me Police patrol A deliberately provocative message board user The act of being a TROLL LOLING at somebody who is TROLLING The Rest Of The World Older man looking for a younger woman True That is True, I agree True Fact Trying To Transportation Security Administration True Story Bro That's So Funny Title Says It All Sound of annoyance Thanks So Much Teaspoon The Sooner The Better Too Stupid To Live same as SUP Telegrahic Transfer Till tomorrow  TT4N  TTBOMK  TTC  TTD  TTEOT  TTFAF  TTFL  TTFN  TTFW  TTG  TTGG  TTH  TTIUWP  TTIWWP  TTJASI  TTL  TTLY  TTM  TTML  TTO  TTOTM  TTP  TTR  TTT  TTTE  TTTH  TTTT  TTTTY  TTUL  TTUS  TTUT Ta Ta For Now To The Best Of My Knowledge Trying To Conceive Textually Transmitted Disease Till The End of Time Through The Fire And Flames (song) Ta Ta For Later Ta-Ta For Now Too Tacky For Words Time To Go Time To Go Girl Trying Too Hard This Thread Is Useless Without Pictures This Thread Is Worthless Without Pictures Take This Job And Shove It Thank The Lord Time To Live (network cache) Totally Talk To Me Talk To Me Later Time To Own That Time Of The Month To The Point Time To Relax Third Tier Toilet (bad school) Thomas The Tank Engine Talk To The Hand These Things Take Time Time To Talk To You Talk To You Later Talk To You Soon. Talk To You Tomorrow  TTUTT  TTY  TTYF  TTYIAB  TTYITM  TTYL  TTYM  TTYN  TTYRS  TTYS  TTYT  TTYTT  TTYVS  TT_TT  TUDE  TUFF  TUL  TUNE  TURF  TUVM  TUX  TVD  TVM  TWAIN  TWD  TWEAKED  TWEAKING  TWEEKER  TWEET  TWEETER  TWF To Tell You the Truth Talk To You Talk To You Forever Talk To You In A Bit Talk To You In The Morning Talk To You Later Talk to You Ma Talk To You Never Talk To You Real Soon Talk To You Soon Talk To You Tomorrow To Tell You The Truth Talk To You Very Soon Crying Bad attitude Rugged Tell You Later Text You Later Flirt Area, part of the neighborhood Thank You Very Much The penguin Linux mascot Tuxedo The Vampire Diaries Thanks Very Much Technology Without An Interesting Name Texting While Driving High on drugs same as SPUN A methamphetamine user A post on Twitter Person who posts on Twitter That Was Funny  TWFAF  TWHS  TWIMC  TWISTED  TWIT  TWITA  TWITCON  TWITTER  TWITTER JAIL  TWLOHA  TWOC  TWONK  TWOP  TWOT  TWS  TWSS  TWT  TWTMC  TWU  TWYL  TX  TXT  TY  TYB  TYBG  TYFAYS  TYFE  TYFYT  TYG  TYJ  TYL That's What Friends Are For That's What He Said To Whom It May Concern High and drunk Foolish person That's What I Thought That's What I'm Talking About Profile picture on Twitter A social networking site Having reached your tweeting limit To Write Love On Her Arms Taken Without Owner's Consent Idiot, fool Television Without Pity Total Waste Of Time Typical Woman Syndrome That's What She Said Time Will Tell To Whom This May Concern That's What's Up Talk With You Later Thanks SMS message Thank You Try Your Best Thank You Based God Thank You For All Your Support Thank You For Everything Thank You For Your Time There You Go Thank You Jesus Text You Later  TYLJ  TYM  TYMBI  TYPO  TYS  TYSM  TYSVM  TYT  TYVM  T^T  T_T  U  U.U  U2  U2B  U2U  UA4I  UAE  UAK  UARK  UAV  UB2  UB3R  UBD  UBER  UBRS  UC&P  UCAP  UCLA  UDI  UDK  UEFA Thank You Lord Jesus Thank You Much Thought You Might Be Interested Typing mistake Thank You Sir Thank You So Much Thank You So Very Much Take Your Time Thank You Very Much Crying Crying You Expressing sympathy You Too YouTube Up To You You Asked For It United Arab Emirates You Already Know You Already Know Urban Assault Vehicle You Be Too Uber, very User Brain Damage Ultimate, best (German for above) Upper Black Rock Spire (WOW) Up Close and Personal Up Close and Personal University of California at Los Angeles Unidentified Drinking Injury You Don't Know Union of European Football Associations  UES  UFC  UFG  UFO  UG  UG2BK  UGC  UGG  UGGO  UGGS  UGH  UH  UHF  UHM  UHQ  UHT  UHU  UI  UIN  UK  UKWIM  UKWUR  UL  ULT  UM  UMAD  UMBJ  UMML  UMTWTM  UN  UNCE Upper East Side (of Manhattan) Ultimate Fighting Championship Up For Grabs Unidentified Flying Object Ugly You've Got To Be Kidding User Generated Content Ugly Ugly person Brand of boots Expression of disappointment or disgust Expression of hesitation Ultra High Frequency same as UH or UM Ultra High Quality Ultra High Temperature Misspelling of HUH User Interface Unique Identification Number Are You OK? United Kingdom You Know What I Mean You Know Who You Are Upload Last month (from Latin ultimo) Expression of hesitation Are You Mad? You Must Be Joking You Make Me Laugh You Mean The World To Me United Nations Sound of club music  UNDIES  UNESCO  UNI  UNICEF  UNIX  UNK  UNO  UNTZ  UO  UPS  UPT  UR  URA  URAQT  URGH  URI  URL  URM  URP  URW  URYYFM  US  USA  USAF  USB  USBM  USC  USCG  USD  USER  USMC Underwear United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization University United Nations Children's Fund Computer operating system Crackhead You know Sound of a pulsing beat Ultima Online (game) United Parcel Service Uninterruptible Power Supply Uptown Your You Are You Are A ... You Are A Cutie Expression of annoyance, displeasure Uniform Resource Indicator, URL Uniform Resource Locator, internet address You Are Mad Vomit, throw up You Are Welcome You Are Too Wise (two y's) For Me United States United States of America United States Air Force Universal Serial Bus United States Black Metal University of Southern California United States Coast Guard United States Dollar Someone who uses other people to gain an advantage United States Marine Corps  USOA  USP  USPS  USS  USSR  USW  UT  UTC  UTD  UTE  UTF  UTFL  UTH  UTI  UTO  UTP  UTR  UTS  UTT  UV  UW  UWS  UY  V  V-SAFE  V.V  V/R  V4V  V8  VA  VAC same as USA Unique Selling Point United States Postal Service United States Ship Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Und So Weiter (German for etc) Unreal Tournament Coordinated Universal Time Under The Counter Up To Date Utility vehicle, pickup truck Unicode Transformation Format Use The Force, Luke Up The Hoods Urinary Tract Infection Unable To Obtain Up-Town Projects Under The Radar Under The Skin Under The Table Unpleasant Visual You're Welcome Upper West Side (of Manhattan) Up Yours Very Had a vasectomy Sad Very Respectfully Vote For Vote Engine type Vegetable drink Various Artists Valve Anti-Cheat  VACA  VAIR  VANILLA  VAT  VATO  VBG  VBL  VBR  VBS  VC  VCARD  VCD  VCR  VDU  VEEP  VEETA  VEG  VENT  VERLAN  VERS  VET  VEXED  VF  VFM  VFX  VG  VGA  VGC  VGG  VGL  VH1 Vacation, holiday Very Unexciting, conventional Value Added Tax Dude (Mexican) Very Big Grin Visible Bra Line Variable Bit Rate Very Big Smile Voice Chat Virtual (online) business card Video Compact Disc Video Cassette Recorder Visual Display Unit VP, Vice President Money Sit around and do nothing Ventrilo (internet chat program) French reverse slang (from l'anvers) Versatile Veteran Angry, annoyed VampireFreaks Value For Money Visual Effects Video Game Very Good Video Graphics Array/Adaptor Very Good Condition Very Good Game Very Good Looking Video Hits One (TV channel)  VHF  VHS  VIBE  VIBIN  VID  VIG  VIN  VIP  VIXEN  VIZ  VJ  VLOG  VLOGGER  VLSI  VM  VMI  VN  VNC  VNDS  VNH  VNS  VNSFW  VOA  VOD  VOIP  VOM  VP  VPL  VPN  VR  VS Very High Frequency Video Home System Atmosphere, ambience Hanging, chilling Video Interest paid on a loan Vehicle Identification Number Very Important Person Attractive woman Adult comic Namely (videlicet in Latin) Video Jockey (like DJ with lights and video) Video Log Video blogger Very Large-Scale Integration Voice Mail Virginia Military Institute Very Nice Virtual Network Computing Very Near Dead Stock Very Nice Hand (in online card games, especialy poker) Very Nice Shot Very NSFW Voice Of America Video-On-Demand Voice Over IP - internet telephony Vomit Vice President Visible Panty Line Virtual Private Network Virtual Reality Versus, against  VT  VTL  VTPR  VTR  VV  VVN  VVV  VW  VWP  W  W'EVER  W/  W/E  W/O  W00T  W2F  W2G  W3C  W4M  W8  W8AM  WA  WA GWAN  WAA  WAAB  WAAM  WAAN  WACK  WADR  WAEFRD  WAFFLE Video Tape Visible Thong Line View To Permanent Relationship Video Tape Recorder Very Very Very Very Nice Refering to comment below Volkswagen Very Well Played Very Well Put George W. Bush Whatever With Whatever Without Hurrah Way Too Funny Way To Go World Wide Web Consortium Woman looking for a man Wait Wait A Minute Wife Agro What's Going On Crying Weak As A Bitch What's going on, what's up Want Low quailty, lame With All Due Respect When All Else Fails, Read Directions Pointless talk  WAG1  WAGS  WAGWAN  WAGWARN  WAGWUN  WAH  WAHM  WAJ  WAK  WAL  WALAHI  WALE  WALLA  WALLAH  WALLHAX  WALLY  WAM  WAMH  WAMHAS  WAML  WAN  WANNA  WANNABE  WAO  WAP  WAPCE  WAREZ  WAS  WASH  WASP  WASTE MAN What's Going On? Wives And Girlfriends What's Going On? What's Going On? What's Going On? Working At Home Work At Home Mom What A Joke Weird, awful What A Loser I swear to God Rapper Voila (French for 'here it is') I swear to God in Arabic Wall hack (allows a player to walk through walls) Stupid person Wait A Minute What A Mess With All My Heart With All My Heart And Soul With All My Love What A Newb Want to Someone who wants to be what they are not Wow Wireless Access Point Women Are Pure Concentrated Evil Cracked/pirate software Wait And See Waste of time White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Someone who is a waste of time and space  WASTED  WASTEMAN  WAT  WATP  WAU  WAUD  WAVEY  WAVY  WAW  WAWA  WAX  WAY  WAYD  WAYDRN  WAYLT  WAYOA  WAYTA  WAZ UP  WB  WBM  WBN  WBR  WBS  WBT  WBU  WBW  WBY  WC  WCB Drunk, stoned Worthless person, waste of space What We Are The People What About You? What Are You Doing? Drunk, high Well dressed Very nice What A Wanker What A Waste Convenience store Without Any Experience Where Are You? What Are You Doing What Are You Doing Right Now? What Are You Listening To? What Are You On About? What Are You Talking About What's Up? Welcome Back Write Back Wanna-Be Moderator Would Be Nice With Best Regards Write Back Soon Will Be There What About You? White Boy Wasted What (A)bout You? Welcome Water Closet, toilet Will Call Back  WCD  WCG  WCIS  WCS  WCW  WCYD  WD  WD40  WDC  WDE  WDIC  WDITOT  WDMB  WDOML  WDTM  WDUD  WDUM  WDUT  WDY  WDYE  WDYG  WDYM  WDYMBT  WDYS  WDYT  WDYW  WDYWFM  WDYWT  WDYWTTA  WE  WEB  WEBA What Chu Doing? World Cyber Games What Can I Say Worst Case Scenario World Championship Wrestling What Can You Do? Well Done Multi-purpose lubricant What's Da Craic? Worst Day Ever What Do I Care? Why Didn't I Think Of That Will Do My Best Worst Day Of My Life What Does That Mean? What Do You Do? What Do You Mean? What Do You Think? Why Don't You? What Did You Expect? Where Did You Go? What Do You Mean? What Do You Mean By That? What Did You Say? What Do You Think? What Do You Want? What Do You Want From Me? What Did You Wear Today? What Do You Want To Talk About? Whatever World wide web, internet Welcome Back  WEBINAR  WEE  WEED  WEEE  WEF  WEG  WEHT  WEIN  WEL  WELC  WELL  WELP  WEML  WENG  WEP  WEPA  WERD  WERK  WET BACK  WEVA  WEWT  WEY  WFH  WFM  WFYB  WGAT  WGC  WGO  WH  WH40K  WHA Web based seminar Small Marijuana Exclamation of excitement With Effect From Wicked Evil Grin Wide Evil Grin What Ever Happened To? What Else Is New? Whatever, Loser You're Welcome Very, so Well Whatever Major Loser Good looking Wireless Encryption Protocol All right, cool, yeah! Expression of agreement Expression of approval, praise Illegal immigrant Whatever Alternative spelling of WOOT Dude, buddy Working From Home Works For Me Whatever Floats Your Boat Misspelling of 'what' Wild Goose Chase What's Going On? Wall hack (allows a player to walk through walls) Warhammer Forty-Thousand (game) What  WHACK  WHALE  WHATCHA  WHEEL  WHEELING  WHEW  WHIP  WHIPPED  WHISKEY TANGO  WHITEWASH  WHIZ  WHO  WHOA  WHS  WHT  WHUT  WHYB  WHYD  WIA  WIBNI  WIC  WICKED  WID  WIDOW  WIF  WIFEY  WIFF  WIFI  WIGGER  WIGO Bad Punch, beat What are/do you ... Chat up, pick up (a girl) Picking up women Expression of relief or amazement Expensive car Controlled by girlfriend/wife WT, White Trash Act like a white person Talented person World Health Organization Expression of surprise Slow down What He Said What What Where Have You Been? What Have You Done? Wounded In Action Wouldn't It Be Nice If Women, Infants and Children World in Conflict (game) Very, extremely Cool, great With same as WW With Serious girlfriend, wife material With Wireless Fidelity, wireless internet White person pretending to be black What Is Going On?  WII  WIIFM  WIKI  WIKTT  WILCO  WIMP  WING MAN  WINRAR  WIP  WIR  WIRED  WIT  WITH  WITW  WIUWY  WIV  WIWWU  WIWWY  WIYP  WJD  WK  WKD  WKND  WKS  WLAN  WLD  WLM  WLTM  WLYB  WLYK  WM Nintendo Game Console What's In It For Me Collaborative web site When I Kissed the Teacher Will Comply Weak, cowardly person Person who looks out for you Winner Work In Progress When It's Ready High on stimulants Online With Where In The Hell What In The World What Is Up With You? With Wish I Was With You What Is Wrong With You? What Is Your Problem? What Jesus Did White Knight Wicked Weekend Well Kept Secret Wireless LAN Would Windows Live Messenger Would Like To Meet Who Loves You Baby Will Let You Know Woman Marine  WMA  WMD  WMF  WMG  WMJ  WML  WMMOWS  WMP  WMV  WN  WNDITWB  WNL  WNOHGB  WNTT  WNWY  WOAH  WOAT  WOB  WOC  WOE  WOF  WOG  WOLS  WOM  WOMBAT  WOMP  WONGA  WONK  WONKY  WOO HOO Windows Media Audio Weapons of Mass Destruction Wagging My Finger Warner Music Group Wat maak jy? (Afrikaans - what are you doing?) Wish Me Luck Wash My Mouth Out With Soap! Windows Media Player With Much Pleasure Windows Media Video Why Not? What's New? We Never Did It This Way Before Within Normal Limits Where No One Has Gone Before We Need To Talk What's New With You? misspelling of WHOA Worst Of All Time Waste Of Bandwith Women of Color What On Earth While On Fire Offensive term for a black person A foreigner Slow Women Over Mates Waste Of Money, Brains, And Time Low bass sound Money Expert Weird, not right Expression of excitement  WOOK  WOOP  WOOSE  WOOT  WOP  WOR  WORD  WORD UP  WORDS  WORM  WOS  WOT  WOTAM  WOTCHER  WOTLK  WOTS  WOW  WOWZER  WOZ  WP  WPA  WPM  WPW  WPWW  WR  WRT  WRU  WRUD  WRUTA  WRYD Dirty hippy WOOT same as WUSS Hurrah (Wow, Loot!) Want One Of Those Offensive term for an Italian Our Ok, I agree, hey OK, I agree Response to something you don't care about Malicious computer program Waste Of Space Wife Over Shoulder What Waste of Time and Money What are you up to? WU? Wrath Of The Lich King (WOW) Word On The Street World Of Warcraft Exaggerated Wow Was Wrong Person Well Played Wi-Fi Protected Access Words Per Minute Misspelling of 'wow' White Pride World Wide Warm Regards With Regard To Where Are You? What Are You Doing? What Are You Talking About? What Are You Doing?  WRYTA  WSA  WSIC  WSM  WSP  WSS  WST  WSUL  WSWTA  WT  WT?  WTA  WTB  WTBS  WTD  WTDT  WTDTA  WTFT  WTG  WTGP  WTGP?  WTH  WTHC  WTHIGO  WTHIT  WTHIWWY  WTHN  WTHRU  WTII  WTK  WTL  WTLW What Are You Talking About? Wow, Strong Arms Why Should I Care? Woman Seeking Man What's up? Why So Serious? We're Still Friends Will See You Later What Shall We Talk About? What What The ...? or Who the ...? Winner Takes All Want To Buy With That Being Said What The Deuce? What To Do Today Where They Do That At? What The French Toast (polite WTF) Way To Go Way To Go, Partner Want To Go Private? What/Where/Who The Hell Who The Hell Cares? What The Hell Is Going On? What The Hell Is That? What The Hell Is Wrong With You? Why The Heck Not? Who The Hell Are You? What time Is It? Want To Know Will Talk Later Welcome To Last Week  WTM  WTMI  WTMW  WTO  WTP  WTT  WTTC  WTTIR  WTTJ  WTTM  WTV  WTW  WTY  WTYO  WU  WUA  WUB  WUBU  WUBU2  WUD  WUF  WUG  WUGOWM  WUH  WUL  WULA  WUM  WUN  WUP  WUS What's The Matter? Way Too Much Information Welcome To My World World Trade Organization What's The Point? Want To Trade Welcome To The club When The Time Is Right Welcome To The Jungle Without Thinking Too Much Whatever Walk Through Walls (gaming) Walk this Way Why, Thank You Whatever Turns You On What's Up What You At? Love What You Been Up to? What Have You Been Up To? What You Doing? Where are you from? What You Got? Where You Going? Will You Go Out With Me? What? Watched User List What're you Looking At? Woman Wind-Up Merchant Bye What Wimp  WUSS  WUT  WUU2  WUUP2  WUUT  WUV  WUW  WUWCB  WUWH  WUWT  WUWTA  WUWTB  WUWU  WUZ  WW  WW1  WW2  WWA  WWBD  WWCND  WWE  WWF  WWIT  WWJBD  WWJD  WWOTW  WWU  WWW  WWWY  WWY  WWYD Wimp, coward What What are You Up To? What are You Up To? same as WUU2 Love What You Want? What do You Want to Chat about? Wish You Were Here What's Up With That What You Wanna Talk About? What You Wanna Talk 'Bout? What's Up With You? Was White Widow (strong marijuana) White Woman World War One World War Two Wiggers with attitude What Would Batman Do? What Would Chuck Norris Do? World Wrestling Entertainment World Wildlife Fund World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) What Was I Thinking? What Would Jason Bourne Do? What Would Jesus Do? Wicked Witch Of The West Where Were You? World Wide Web What's Wrong With You? Where Were You? What Would You Do?  WWYDT  WY  WYATB  WYB  WYBD  WYBMV  WYCM  WYD  WYDN  WYF  WYGOWM  WYK  WYL  WYLABOCTGWTR  WYLASOMWTC  WYLION  WYLSCWTW  WYLT  WYM  WYMM  WYN  WYP  WYR  WYS  WYSIWYG  WYTA  WYUT  WYWH  WYWTA  W^ Why Would You Do That? Why Would You Wish You All The Best Watch Your Back What've You Been Doing? Will You Be My Valentine? Will You Call Me? What You Doing? What You Doing Now? What's Your Favorite ...? Will You Go Out With Me? Would You Kindly Whatever You Like Would You Like A Bowl Of Cream To Go With That Remark? Would You Like A Saucer Of Milk With That Comment? Whether You Like It Or Not Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine? What You Listening To? Watch Your Mouth What You Mean? Will You Marry Me? What's Your Name? What's Your Problem? What's Your Point? Would You Rather What You Said What You See Is What You Get What You Talking About? What You Up To Wish You Were Here What You Wanna Talk About What's up  X  X)  X.X  X3  XAXA  XB  XBF  XBL  XC  XD  XHTML  XKCD  XL  XLNT  XLR8  XLS  XM  XML  XO  XOX  XOXO  XP  XS  XT  XTC  XVID  XX  XXX  XYZ  X]  X_X Kiss Happy, mischevious Exasperated, irritated, annoyed Cute face Ha Ha XBox Ex-Boyfriend XBox Live Cross Counrty LOL Extensible Hyper-Text Markup Language Web comic Extra Large Excellent Accelerate MS Excel file extension Extreme eXtensible Markup Language Hugs & Kisses Hugs & Kisses Hugs & Kisses Windows operating system Excess Extra Small Cross Training Ecstasy Video format Kisses Kisses Examine Your Zipper Happy Dead  Y  Y/N  Y/Y  Y2K  YA Why? Yes/No Yes/Yes Year 2000 You Yes Young Adult Dude, mate (Hindi) Yet Another Compiler-Compiler And so on, blah You Ain't Grizz Baby (COD) Yob, lout The name of God in hebrew You Already Know Girl (Hispanic) Expression of excitement You All Hurry Up (Arabic) Let's Go (Arabic) Young tramp American American You Know You Know Steal, rob Young Asian Professional Yes Home Jamaican (gang member) Yeah Really Emphatic Yes You are Sexy You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet  YAAR  YACC  YADA  YAGB  YAHOO  YAHWEH  YAK  YAL  YALDI  YALL  YALLA  YALLAH  YAMP  YANK  YANKEE  YANNO  YANO  YAP  YAR  YARD  YARDIE  YARLY  YAS  YASNY  YAT  YATB  YATK  YATLOML  YAVW  YAW  YAWA  YAWN  YAY  YAYO  YBS  YBTJ  YBW  YBWM  YC  YCMIU  YCMU  YDEK  YDG  YDI  YDK  YDL  YDMS  YDMT  YDS  YDU  YDWK  YDWTK  YE  YEA Gril, woman Where You At? You Are The Best You Are Too Kind You Are The Love Of My Life You Are Very Welcome You Are Welcome Person who always uses the 'Away' status in IM systems Boring Cocaine Exclamation of approval Cocaine You'll Be Sorry You Be The Judge You've Been Warned You Belong With Me You're Cool/Cute/Crazy You Couldn't Make It Up You Crack Me Up You Don't Even Know You Dig? You Deserve It You Don't Know Yellow Dog Linux You Don't Make Sense You Don't Mean That You Don't Say You Don't Understand same as YDWTK You Don't Want to Know Yes, yeah You Yeah, yes  YEAP  YEH  YELLO  YELLOW BONE  YEP  YER  YERP  YESH  YEW  YEY  YEYO  YEZZER  YF  YFW  YG  YGG  YGI  YGLT  YGM  YGP  YGPM  YGTBK  YGTBKM  YGTR  YH  YHA  YHBT  YHBW  YHGASP  YHL  YHM Yes Yes Hello Light-skinned black woman Yes Your Yes Yes, what's up, ok Yes You same as YAY Cocaine Yes Sir Your Friend Your Face When ... Young Gangster You Go Girl You Got It You're Gonna Love This You Get Me? You've Got Mail You Got PWNED! You've Got Private Message You've Got To Be Kidding You've Got To Be Kidding Me You Got That Right Yeah Youth Hostel Association You Have Been Trolled You Have Been Warned You Have Got A Serious Problem You Have Lost You Have Mail  YHNI  YHU  YID  YIK  YIKES  YIM  YINS  YITB  YJLTG  YK  YKIMS  YKK  YKW  YKWIM  YKWIS  YKYLM  YL  YLM  YM  YMBJ  YMCA  YMCMB  YMMD  YMML  YMMS  YMMV  YMW  YN  YNK  YNT  YNWA You Have No Idea You Yes I Do Yes, I Know Expression of shock or surprise Yahoo! Instant Messenger You guys, you all Yours In The Bond You Just Lost The Game You're Kidding You Know It Makes Sense Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha (zipper manufacturer) You Know Who You Know What I Mean You Know What I'm Saying? You Know You Love Me Young Lady You Love Me? Yahoo Messenger Your Mom You Must Be Joking Young Mens Christian Association Young Money Cash Money Billionaires You Made My Day You Make Me Laugh You Make Me Smile Your Mileage May Vary You're Most Welcome Crossed fingers (MSN) You Never Know Why Not? You'll Never Walk Alone  YO Your Hi Years Old Hooligan, thug You Only Die Once Well built, muscular, ripped Cocaine You Only Live Once You Owe Me Big You You You guys, you all You, you guys You (plural) You're On Your Own Your Problem Yes, Please Misspelling of 'you' I Like You You're Quite Welcome Yea, Right. You Are Good! Your Results May Vary Your Rights Online Years You Stupid Idiot You Should Know Yves Saint Laurent You So Made That Up You Suck Severely Are you there? You Think ? You're The Best  YOB  YODO  YOKED  YOLA  YOLO  YOMB  YOO  YOOH  YOUNS  YOUS  YOUSE  YOYO  YP  YPU  YQ  YQW  YR  YRG  YRMV  YRO  YRS  YSI  YSK  YSL  YSMTU  YSS  YT  YT?  YTB  YTD  YTM  YTMND  YTO  YTP  YTTM  YUCK  YUCKY  YUH  YUM  YUMMY MUMMY  YUO  YUP  YUPPERZ  YUPPIE  YUS  YUSH  YUTE  YVW  YW  YWCA  YWIMC  YWSYLS  YWU?  ZA  ZAIN  ZECH  ZED  ZERG  ZIG ZAG  ZILCH Year To Date You're The Man You're The Man Now, Dog (website) You're The One YouTube Poop You Talk Too Much You Talking To Me? Expression of disgust Disgusting, gross Yes You Said when something tastes good or is attractive Attractive mother Misspelling of 'you' Yes Yes Young Urban Professional Yes Yes Youth You're Very Welcome You're Welcome Young Women's Christian Association Your Wish Is My Command You Win Some, You Lose Some Yo Waz Up? Pizza Beautiful (Arabic) Energy, life Zombie Defeat enemy by outnumbering rather than strategy or skill Cigarette paper Nothing, zero  ZIMBO  ZING  ZIP  ZIT  ZOMB  ZOMFG  ZOMG  ZONG  ZONKED  ZOOT  ZOOTED  ZTA  ZUP  ZUT  ZZZ  \M/  \O  \O/  \\//  ^.^  ^.~  ^5  ^O^  ^W^  ^^  ^^^  ^_^  |O|  }:-) Person from Zimbabwe Owned Ounce of marijauna Spot, pimple Zombie OMFG (hit Z instead of Shift key) Same as OMG BONG with a Z shaped tube Very tired or inebriated Spliff, joint High on drugs Zeta Tau Alpha What's up? Damn it (French) Sleepy, bored or tired Horns, metal salute Waving Happy, arms in the air Peace Vulcan salute Happy Wink High five Hurrah Happy Happy Reference to line above Happiness, satisfied same as LOL Devilish smile