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Low-temp Dabs: Everything You Should Know

Have you been thinking about getting a Dab Pen? Dab pens come in all shapes and sizes, but the most popular type is the low-temp DAB pen.


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Low-Temp Dabs: Everything You Should Know Have you been thinking about getting a Dab Pen? Dab pens come in all shapes and sizes, but the most popular type is the low-temp DAB pen. These pens are designed for people who want to get an instant high without any of the harshness of smoking traditional marijuana. If you’re still unsure if this is for you, below is some information on what lowtemp Dabs are and how they work! What are low-temp dabs? Dabs, whether done with a low-temp dab or high-temp dab, can result in receiving the same amount of medicine. How much oil one receives from a vape pen depends on what type of heating element is used. Also, it depends on how long it’s held inside the vape pen before being inhaled. A low-temperature dab means heating the oil to a lower temperature than used in hightemp dabs. Dabbing at lower temps creates less vapor and is often preferred by those who like to be discreet when using their vape pens. The reason is that there’s little to no noticeable odor or visible vapor produced from low-temp dabs. On the other hand, dabbing at higher temperatures means the oil or dab is heated to a hotter temperature than used in low-temp dabs. Consequently, this results in more vapor production. High-Temp dabs are often preferred by those who want bigger clouds of smoke. 1/3 When using vape pens, always remember that it’s best to choose the lowest temperature available for your vape pen’s coil. Dabbing is an effective way of medicating, but make sure you do it correctly and safely! Why do people use low-temp dabs? The reason people use low-temp dabs is that it tastes so much better than smoking flower. Dabbing gives you a clean, pure taste compared to the harshness of burning herbs. Also, Low-temp dabs give off a milder high. Generally, many users prefer these effects over the more intense experience from blazing up some flowers. Who should be using low-temp dabs? Newcomers to the world of cannabis concentrates may think that they only need hightemp dabs. This myth is far from true. Dabbing at lower temps can be much more enjoyable and even functional for some types of extractions like rosin, BHO (butane hash oil), or PHO (propane hash oil). Low-temp dabs can be a great way for people sensitive to cannabinoids and terpenes to get started with cannabis concentrates. Also, dabbing at lower temps is an excellent choice if you want something closer to the flavor profiles of the flower instead of the intense flavors in extracts like BHO or PHO. One of the best benefits of low-temp dabs is that you can enjoy more terpenes in your extracts. When cannabis plants are heated, their terpene profiles begin to vaporize and escape into the air. This phenomenon is similar to when essential oils do get burnt or skimmed off a hot surface. Dabbing at lower temperatures offers consumers a way to keep more terpenes in the final product. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that high-temp dabs are terrible or even bad for you! Determining what kind of extract is right for you depends on your individual preferences, your tolerance level, and the type of product you’re using. Dabbing at lower temps can be much more enjoyable for some people; however, others may prefer high-temp dabs! Dabbing at higher temps can also be very enjoyable and effective when used responsibly. When it comes to cannabis concentrates like wax or shatter, low-temperature dabbing is typically considered anything below 500 degrees Fahrenheit (250 degrees Celsius). Conversely, high-temperature dabs generally are anything above 500 degrees. How to properly inhale a low-temp dab When taking a hit off of your dab pen, you want to inhale slowly and lightly. You don’t want to try and take the biggest rip possible, like with a flower. The reason is that this will make it harder for you to get clean, flavorful hits. Dab pens were made specifically for low-temp dabs. Therefore utilizing these tips will allow you to maximize the flavor of the concentrates. 2/3 Altogether, dabbing at lower temperatures is a more efficient way to consume your wax. It produces less waste and allows you to get a higher yield. Therefore, you’ll be able to conserve the product by getting more hits away from each gram. Key Takeaway If you’re looking for a way to enjoy your cannabis without the hassle of smoke, try lowtemp dabs. You can check out the vape store for more information. Unlike smoking weed, this method uses heat from an electronic device and extracts THC and other cannabinoids in oil form with no need for combustion. With its ease of use and lack of harmful chemicals, it may be worth giving low-temperature marijuana concentrates a chance! 3/3