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How Long Does Air Duct Replacement Take?

Ductwork is a vital feature of the heating and cooling system in a building. Its role is to distribute processed air throughout the building. It also pulls air back through the ducts to create a balance in the space.


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How Long Does Air Duct Replacement Take? Ductwork is a vital feature of the heating and cooling system in a building. Its role is to distribute processed air throughout the building. It also pulls air back through the ducts to create a balance in the space. Sometimes a lousy design, old ductwork, or clogged vents might need a replacement by a professional. In our busy schedules, time is an issue, so we must know how long air duct replacement takes. Why is Air Duct Replacement Important? An HVAC system is a machine, and its regular use may cause wear and tear. As ductworks transport the air all the time, they may accumulate filth, mold, and contaminants. The best way to deal with it is to hire a professional Air Duct Cleaning in Alpharetta. Also, advancement makes the old ductwork design inefficient. Restricted airflow due to poor design, excessively dusty air due to blocked ducts and inadequate functioning due to damaged ducts necessitate a ductwork replacement. Poor ductwork in an office can negatively influence people’s health, employee productivity, and individuals’ well-being. So, if you want to enjoy the best HVAC performance, save bills, and skip system repair and replacement costs, you should never ignore timely air duct repair and replacement. If you see any of these problems, you must immediately call Air Duct Repair and Replacement in Alpharetta. Benefits of Ductwork Replacement After 15 years, ductwork starts deteriorating and leads to a significant decline in your HVAC efficiency. So, it would help if you considered replacing it. The maximum lifespan of ductwork can be twenty to twenty-five years. Timely replacement of ductwork by a professional will reap incredible benefits. An efficient system ensures proper heating, cooling, and ventilation. It will save your energy costs and utility bills. Clogged air ducts adversely affect indoor air quality, leading to health issues like allergies, asthma attacks, breathing problems, headaches, and health deterioration. 1/6 2/6 3/6 The Effects of Ignoring Ductwork Repair A majority of the homeowners tend to ignore ductworks. Unless your HVAC system shows evident signs that something is wrong, you assume that everything is in perfect condition. This assumption is simply wrong. HVAC owner must know that your ductwork functions regularly, and many things can happen to it. Ductwork undergoes thermal stress and vibration, which is challenging to manage. Winter heating causes the ductwork to inflate, while summer cooling causes it to contract. Thermal heaving can tug air ducts and seams apart, causing damage. While in a few situations, poorly connected ducts (not attached with screws or aluminum duct tape) can be completely smashed. And the same disruption can happen with the return ducts. So, if your building has a return duct flowing through the crawl space and gets damaged, it will force the cozy moist air into your lounge and bedroom. 4/6 Besides dripping duct junctions, an uninsulated metal duct can oxidate due to the condensation forming on the metal during the hot season. Rust can weaken the metal causing holes, leakages, and breakdowns. The units that have been installed without proper support may slump, clasp and restrict airflow. Hence, most of these issues can be avoided by air sealing and old insulating ducts and then regularly examining, identifying, and plugging up any seepages that might develop. Factors that Impact Ductwork Replacement Time It is impossible to determine the timeframe of ductwork replacement in homes and buildings without analyzing the situation in detail. The reason is that many factors influence the duration of duct replacement. Some of the common factors include size and age of the building, number of HVAC units, the extent to which redesigning is required to improve the airflow, type of ductwork, and complexity to access the ductwork. Building Size The minimum time required to replace ductwork in a normal-sized building is 24 to 48 hours. Huge-sized buildings may take 72 to 96 hours. A bigger home might have multiple units which require more time for repair. Building Age Replacing ductwork in a newly constructed building is usually quicker compared to an existing structure. The reason is that there are fewer hindrances in accessing the ductwork in new buildings than in older ones. Also, a new building usually has a state-of-the-art ductwork design which further facilitates the replacement task. Type of Ductwork The type of ductwork also affects the installation timeframe. Replacement of industrialstyle metal ducts demands more time than the fiber-board style ductwork. Redesigning If you require a simple system change out, the time required will be less than if you need a duct replacement of an entire system. A change-out is done when you want a brand-new HVAC unit installed, but the essential equipment is already there. The task may require just one day. On the contrary, if you require ductwork replacement or complete HVAC unit installation, you will have to spare more time for it. In this case, the technician may need more time to replace the ducts or refurbish the thermostat. The situation might be more complex if a complete system replacement is required and at least three to five days are required for this task. Type of HVAC Units 5/6 The replacement time also depends on the type of HVAC unit. If a complete system installation is required, a conventional HVAC unit might take more time for installation than a mini-split unit. Position of Ductwork If you reside in a condominium or other building with a high ridge, it will require a longer time frame. Installing ductwork in such a building requires a crane to lift the HVAC system on the rooftop. A majority of the time, an HVAC contractor involves extra technicians for significant installations. MMI Home Improvement MMI Home Improvement is a leading HVAC contractor in Georgia. We hire highly qualified technicians and state-of-the-art equipment to provide excellent commercial and residential HVAC and dryer vent cleaning services to the public. We are famous for providing quality services at highly competitive rates to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 6/6