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February Newsletter 2007



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Ashoka Volunteer Newsletter February 2007 Contents: ABOUT THE ASHOKA VOLUNTEER NEWSLETTER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES -- New Listings VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES -- Archives ASHOKA FELLOWS IN THE NEWS ABOUT THE ASHOKA VOLUNTEER NEWSLETTER Welcome to the Ashoka Volunteer Newsletter! The newsletter offers listings of virtual, Arlington-based, and international volunteer opportunities, as well as a feature on Ashoka Fellows in the News. Enjoy! To volunteer with any of the opportunities mentioned below, please email the contact person listed at the end of the project description with “Volunteers” in the subject line. If you begin volunteering with an Ashoka Fellow or staff member, please email us to let us know! Contact Scott Rechler, Peggy Carr, or Beth Inabinett at [email protected] with any questions. If you would like to unsubscribe to this newsletter, please email [email protected] with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES – New Listings Volunteer Translation Services Translate the Ashoka Welcome Packet Virtual The Ashoka Global Fellowship Team has recently revised its Welcome Packet, introductory material orienting new Fellows to Ashoka. The team is looking for volunteers to help translate the packet into a number of languages so it can be easily read by Fellows from around the world. The packet is 56 pages of general information, not very dense but with some terminology particular to Ashoka. If you are extremely proficient at translating from English to French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Indonesian, Polish, German or Arabic and would like to help with a section or more of the packet, please send a description of your experience and the time you have available to devote to the project. We will then provide you with a sample page so you can get a better feel for the material. If you can help, contact Beth Inabinett at [email protected] Translation from Spanish to English and French Virtual Larry Silberman (Ashoka Fellow, Mexico), has built a national children’s theater program in Mexico and is opening an additional office in Montreal, Canada. He needs assistance in translating project material, CV’s, and his web site content from Spanish to English and French, and from English to French. If interested, please email [email protected] Translation and Interpretation from French to English and English to French Virtual and/or Live Interpretation in Dakar, Senegal Ashoka’s Sahel office in Dakar, Senegal is looking for volunteers to translate documents of a general nature, approximately 10-20 pages in length, from English to French and from French to English. The document translation can be done virtually. They are also looking for a volunteer to act as an interpreter at a panel to be held over eight days in early June in Dakar. Food and housing will be provided. Both translators and interpreters must be extremely proficient in both languages. If interested, please email [email protected] or phone (221) 825 43 43. Translation from English to Portuguese and Portuguese to English Virtual The Association of Parents and Friends of Special People (AAPPE), led by Irae Cardoso (Ashoka Fellow, Brazil), is an organization that works with the deaf community in the 2 northeast area of Brazil. AAPPE is looking for a volunteer to help translate organizational materials into English for a partnership with an institution for deaf children in England and for general international use. They also need translation of documents from English into Portuguese. If interested, please contact Irae Cardoso at [email protected] Volunteer with Ashoka Regional Offices Support Ashoka Fellows Traveling in the United Kingdom London Ashoka in the UK provides support to Ashoka Fellows who are visiting from different parts of the world. These remarkable individuals could use your volunteer help to conduct research for their organizations, provide general logistic support, introduce them to supportive individuals or organizations, or even to host them in your homes. If you can help, please contact Silvia Giovannoni at [email protected] Volunteer with Ashoka’s Global Office Assist the Executive Team Arlington, VA Ashoka’s Executive Office is seeking a self-motivated and enthusiastic volunteer to assist in the day-to-day activities of the EO team. A consistent part of the volunteer’s activities will involve tracking and distributing EO correspondence and assisting with the distribution of articles, publications, and introductory Ashoka materials. This volunteer may also help in assisting with other long-term projects as needed. Qualifications include:      An interest in learning the functions of an executive office. Strong interpersonal skills to effectively interact with all levels of staff. Good oral and communications skills to effectively present information. Capacity to work both independently and as a member of a team. Working knowledge of PC-based word processing and spreadsheet applications.  Flexibility and Enthusiasm Qualified candidates should be able to work in the Arlington, VA office, make a minimum three month commitment and work four to six hours each week. If interested, please contact Shannon Howard at [email protected] 3 Profile Candidates for Fellowship and Help with Other Writing Projects Virtual Ashoka needs writers to help edit Ashoka Fellow profiles. An integral part of the Fellow selection process, the profile summarizes all the interviews and panel discussions. Ashoka’s global board of directors decides on candidacies based on these profiles, and the profiles are also posted to Ashoka’s website highlighting each Fellow’s new idea, their insights in identifying social problems, and their creative solutions. Volunteers will help primarily with final revisions of profiles for the board and the website, as well as with other writing projects on an on-going basis throughout the year. Interested applicants should send resumes and writing samples to Stephanie Savell at [email protected] “Young Venturer” Connection/Development Specialist Arlington, VA Youth Venture, an Ashoka partner organization, invests in the ideas and capacity of young people ages 12-20 so that they can create, launch, and lead their own social ventures as sustainable community-benefiting organizations, clubs and businesses. Become a part or full-time volunteer who will help with the Young Venturer Fellowship Program and with development projects. The qualified volunteer should be enterprising, and/or have fundraising and institution development experience. A minimum of six hours a week is requested (two half days a week) for as long as the volunteer is available. This position is located at the Global Office in Arlington, Virginia, easily accessed by the Rosslyn Metro station. If interested in this position, please contact Ms. Xing Hu, at [email protected], or 703600-8205. Become a Member of a Youth Venture Selection Panel Virtual and/or On-site in Select Cities Youth Venture is also seeking judicious adults of any background to join the Youth Venture Selection Panel, the panel to which two to four youth teams present their Venture Action Plan for evaluation. Selection panels occur either live or virtually over the phone, depending on where the venture teams are located. A panelist will receive the venture applications in advance and will be able to question the teams before participating in the final round of decision-making with their fellow panelists. Participating in a panel is a great way to right to the heart of Youth Venture and play an important role in a short amount of time. The time commitment is approximately 3 hours per panel (one hour for reading the selection booklet and up to 2 hours for the panel participation). Panels are launched throughout the year as teams in our pipeline become ready to present. While some months are busier than others, at least one virtual panel is offered every 2-3 weeks. Live panels occur most frequently in New York, and occasionally in Concord, NH; Leominster, MA; Seattle, WA; and Washington, DC. 4 If you wish to help young people who want to create positive change in the world contact Team Leader Sabeen Pirani at [email protected] For more information, check the website Update Website or Profile Universities Teaching Social Entrepreneurship Virtual As part of the Global Academy, The University Network is a network of academics and practitioners that are working to strengthen teaching and research in the field of social entrepreneurship. They are seeking a volunteer well-versed in Drupal to help them simplify their website. They anticipate this taking about 10-15 hours over the course of a few weeks. An ongoing position is a possibility. Check out the site at They are also looking for volunteers to research and profile universities actively engaged in the field of social entrepreneurship. This can be done from the comfort of your own home! If interested in helping with either of these projects, please contact Marina Kim at [email protected] Community Greens Arlington, VA or virtual Community Greens, an Ashoka initiative, works to improve social and environmental conditions in cities and suburbs across the country by creating resplendent shared gardens that are owned and managed by the residents whose homes enclose them (see for more details). Community Greens is looking for volunteers in the following areas: Marketing and Outreach:  Create a toolkit: “How to Create Community Greens” and gear it toward 3 different audiences: homeowners, municipal leaders, landscape architects/developers.  Assist in outreach to new constituency groups – including creating new marketing materials.  Media outreach – compose articles, find placements for publication; find documentary film maker interested in chronicling the social and political process of developing a real community green.  Fundraising - Help create donor data base and tracking system; research related to likely supporters; call on donors; write proposals. Scientific/Professional:  Use the GIS-model created by American Forests, CITY Green, to determine the environmental benefits of community greens in specific settings. (Volunteer must have access to proper GIS software.).  Long-term study and social examination of the interaction of people on a green vs. those not on a green. 5  Aid with the creation of a certification program for Community Greens. Administrative:  Update, maintain and improve the web site (Drupal skills required).  Write and distribute periodic newsletters and year-end appeals.  Other research and assignments as needed. All volunteers will have the opportunity to do substantive work and will work directly with the director of the program. While volunteers may work virtually (off site), regular meetings, deadlines, and deliverables are a must. If interested, please email cover letter and resume directly to the director, Kate Herrod, at: [email protected] Volunteer with an Ashoka Fellow Produce a Television Series and/or Documentary on the Disabled Benin City, Nigeria Chris Omusi (Ashoka Fellow, Nigeria) is looking for a volunteer to assist in the production of a television series and/or documentary. Chris’s organization Project Charlove provides special education and vocational training for deaf, mute, blind, and physically and mentally handicapped individuals, helping them to re-engage fully with mainstream society. The ideal volunteer should have communication skills and experience in cinematography and film production, as well as in television production and direction, and be able to spend at least six months on-site in Benin City, Nigeria. If interested, contact Mr. Omusi at [email protected] or through Lesley Gene Agams, Nigeria Representative for Ashoka at [email protected] Locate Donors Interested in Youth Development in South Africa Virtual Agape Copeland Train (ACT) was created by William Solomon (Ashoka Fellow, South Africa) to nurture a new generation of civic leadership by providing counseling, civic activities and inter-school connections to matriculating secondary school students in rural South Africa. He needs research assistance to locate potential international donors for his program. Learn more about his program and how you can help at If interested, contact [email protected] 6 Strengthen Farmers Relying on Horse Power Virtual or in Malopolska Province (and possibly other regions), Poland Jadwiga Wietrzna-Lopata (Ashoka Fellow, Poland) is creating an alternative “eco-village” economy for rural Poland, encouraging and socially supporting organic farming methods. Using well tested, traditional farming practices are crucial to maintaining the productivity and economic sustainability of family farms as well as the health of the Polish countryside. One threatened practice is the use of work horses, whose use is more economical and ecologically sound for the family farmer. Jadwiga is looking for volunteers who can find organizations in other countries that are also promoting the use of horse power and who can explore potential funding for her project. The work can be done virtually or on site, with inexpensive housing being available on an eco-tourist farm. If interested, contact Jadwiga Wietrzna-Lopata at [email protected] Help Expand Micro-Finance Bank Services and Help Develop Micro Business School for Rural Woman Mhaswad and Satara Districts in Western India Chetna Sinha (Ashoka Fellow, India), founder of the Mann Deshi Mahila Bank, a cooperative bank run by and for rural women, is requesting volunteers to expand bank services and to assist in the development of the Mann Deshi Micro Business School for Rural Women. The business school provides vocational, technical and financial literacy training along with the confidence building rural women need to successfully open or expand their businesses. In 2007, the school will open in two new locations and plans to expand to all of Mann Deshi’s branch and extension locations, as well as launch a “Business School on Wheels,” bringing a mobile classroom to remote areas. There are eight exciting volunteer internship opportunities available for a period of four months to one year. These opportunities are: 1. Establish Partnerships with Commercial Banks: The volunteer will help to establish micro-finance partnerships with major commercial banks, as well as explore partnerships on refinancing, technology and impact assessments. They may also explore establishing a pension or mutual fund program for Mann Deshi’s clients. 2. Advocate for Regulatory Change: The volunteer will identify policies and regulations that must be changed in order to meet the needs of underserved sectors in India, and will advocate for those changes along with the World Bank, FWWB, and other partners. 3. Expand Kiosk Project in Rural Areas: This summer, Mann Deshi will expand a pilot program to establish informational kiosks in rural villages. The kiosks will provide information about market prices, training opportunities, potential resources and will allow access to the internet. They will also provide employment for many of the women who wish to operate them. The volunteer will help further establish this project and expand its scale. 4. Incorporate SMART Card Technology: Mann Deshi will be one of the first rural banks in India to utilize SMART card technology for its banking operations. The cards will utilize micro-chip technology which will allow bank agents and clients to access 7 important financial data. A volunteer intern can help develop partnerships with technology providers and promote the program to donors and other funding sources that might wish to underwrite the smart cards for the women enrolled. 5. Design and Implement Impact Assessment Tools: This will require crafting assessment mechanisms and interacting with rural clients and four bank branches to judge the effectiveness of the banking and business school programs. 6. Expand Girls’ Education Competition: Design and organize the district expansion of an educational competition which has been implemented in local villages to encourage 100% enrollment of girls in school. This will involve meetings with local families, government leaders and school officials, as well as providing regular progress updates. 7. Update Mann Deshi’s Website: Updating the 2003 website will involve gathering, organizing, and writing information on new projects, programs and accomplishments of the past few years. Relevant technical skill is required. 8. Create Electronic Newsletter: Mann Deshi would like to keep its international friends and supporters updated on these and other projects by publishing a bi-yearly electronic newsletter. The volunteer intern can help to design and write the first edition to be published this summer. Volunteer Interns should be enthusiastic and have a strong interest in rural development and education, strong English skills, and while not necessary, a basic grasp of Hindi and/or Maharahati will be helpful. Volunteers will travel with staff primarily in Mhaswad and Satara Districts, with periodic travel to Mumbai for meetings. Housing will be provided with staff and their families. Volunteers should plan to stay for at least four months and up to one year. If interested in any one or more of these important and exciting projects contact Chetna Sinha at [email protected] For more information, visit her website at . Build and Expand Technological Access to Rural Indian Villages Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India Satyan Mishra (Ashoka Fellow, India) offers ten opportunities to volunteers to spend anywhere between 3 and 24 months at various locations in villages and cities in Northern India. Satyan builds service kiosks in countryside villages in India, providing internet connections and ready, affordable access to government, business, and health information. His business, Drishtee Dot Com Limited, is one of India’s leading private sector players in the Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICTD) Domain. With 1000 kiosks in over 10 states across India, Drishtee has been recognized by the President of India and has won several national and international awards. Quiver Infoservices Limited is a subsidiary of Drishtee which aims to become the leading service provider for ICTD initiatives in rural India. Quiver is working on six critical service ventures including rural to urban e-commerce, rural BPO, agriculture, microfinance and e-health. Volunteer opportunities include: 8 Human Resources Strategist – harness and develop talent in sales force recruitment; assess opportunities for outsourcing Sales Force & Channel Management – analyze inefficiencies, suggest modifications such as multi-layering and appropriateness of each sales channel; assess pricing, return on investment, and coordination of sales force Supply Chain Management – including transportation and warehousing strategies, inventory management, relationship management with vendors (and buyers in case of procurement from villages), and negotiation strategies. Finance Management – financing of kiosks, working capital, cash flow; relationmanagement with banks and financial institutions; understanding of subsidies and alternate financing schemes as Drishtee sets up its accounting procedures on par with global standards. Power Supply Development – a huge constraint and also opportunity for innovation: battery powered low cost PCs, cost-economic solar generators, wind-powered systems, bio-fuels, community generating sets, carbon trading, etc. E-Commerce & Procurement – Platform for small & marginal farmers and artisans (mostly women) to get a better prices for their produce and improve their livelihood; volunteer will address procurement strategy, quality control, logistics, and partner management. Rural Business Process Outsourcing – develop a holistic and multi-sectoral framework to harness IT and communication technology to enable development; quality-control system for data entry and transcription. Financial Services – delivery of microfinance services; negotiation with banks and financial institutions and monitoring and coordination Affordable Health Access – develop and manage an end-to-end health service; negotiation and management with health service partners; should have experience in health sector. Marketing (Branding & Promotion) – build a platform of direct and channel marketing of various Quiver applications. Volunteer applicants should be willing to spend 3 to 24 months at Drishtee and should have:  6+ years relevant experience along with relevant qualification however younger candidate are welcome.  Excellent communications skills  Knowledge of computers  Ready to travel to rural India, most importantly in Northern India, and prepared to face rural challenges Drishtee is offering housing for all participants throughout their stay. 9 If interested in any of the above, please contact Satyan Mishra at [email protected] For more information on Drishtee, check their website at Design Mobilization Plan for Micro-businesses or Create “Social Franchise” Venezuela Mireya Vargas (Ashoka Fellow, Venezuela) has created the first nonprofit management and training center in Venezuela, the Service for Local Support (SOCSAL). Her program helps to stimulate and strengthen development work, encourage long-term sustainability initiatives, and partners with public and private entities to provide direct technical services for its clients. She is looking for a volunteer to help mobilize resources for micro-enterprises related to food processing and nutrition, and educate clients on business and finance, risk management and community banks. The volunteer will design a resource mobilization plan, map opportunities, and set up a resource mobilization unit. Ms. Vargas is also looking for a volunteer with business expertise to help systematize methodologies on “social businesses.” This volunteer will integrate client experiences, design business plans and create a “social franchise.” If interested, contact Mireya Vargas at [email protected] Publicity and Fundraising for Brazilian Deaf Community Alagoas, Brazil Irae Cardoso (Ashoka Fellow, Brazil) seeks assistance with strategic planning and resource development for her organization, AAPPE, which works with the deaf community in the northeast areas of Brazil. AAPPE offers 110 deaf students education, healthcare, civil rights defense and labor market integration, and handles 4000 consultations a month. Irae is leading an effort to have states in Brazil recognize the hearing impaired as a cultural and linguistic minority with the same rights as other minority groups. AAPPE is eager to develop long-term strategies that can meet the growing demand for its services, to increase the visibility of their work and to mobilize adequate resources. The qualified volunteer should be fluent in Portuguese and based in Brazil. AAPPE can offer accommodation. If interested, please contact Irae Cardoso at [email protected] Bring Nature to Urban Dwellers by Helping OpEPA with Communication, Web Development, Data Management, and Video Production Bogota, Colombia Luis Alberto Camargo (Ashoka Fellow, Colombia) is helping young people to forge a meaningful connection to nature in a country where decades of civil war have kept urban dwellers out of the countryside. His group, Organization for the Environmental Education and Protection (OpEPA) brings nature to Colombia’s urban youth through traveling science and nature centers which employ an innovative teaching methodology. (See for more information) 10 OpEPA is looking for volunteers who can stay in Bogota for three months or more and who have one of the following interests and abilities:     A good social communicator with experience in public relations and marketing to draft press releases, surveys, and to make public presentations. Specific duties would include seeking resources, employing marketing strategies, and establishing relations with media outlets, the press, government, international NGO’s, and international foundations. Good technical ability in managing databases, web sites, and macromedia flash, specifically installing a new web platform and consolidating a database integrated in to a virtual platform Experience with Web design related to the environment and conservation. Duties would include developing communications campaigns, and creating printed and digital materials for mass dissemination. Experience in producing videos, movies or television. With OpEPA’s professional miniDV camera, this volunteer would co-produce documentaries on environmental conservation and a video on wilderness first aid. If interested, contact Mateo de Valenzuela at [email protected] Fight Poverty Through Educational Reform Xelu, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala Jorge Chojolan (Ashoka Fellow, Guatemala) has created an alternative school system designed to spur educational reforms throughout Guatemala, a country where 65% of the indigenous population is illiterate, and 66% of its children are not in school. Jorge needs help to bring his organization to the next level of professional development, particularly at Colegio Miguel Angel Asturias, an innovative nonprofit school providing quality, culturally relevant education to 200 students. He is looking for volunteers to fill the following five positions: Scholarship Program Director: This is a six month, 25 hour/week position beginning in February. The director will work with staff to further develop and expand a U.S. donor program which currently provides tuition, uniforms and school supplies to 35 underprivileged youth. A volunteer must have excellent written and verbal communication skills; advanced Spanish proficiency; an aptitude for problem solving; and a commitment to fighting poverty through educational reform. Photography or graphic design skills, Excel or database experience a plus. English Teachers: There are two teaching positions available for kindergarten through second grade and third through sixth grade. These are six month, 25 hour/week positions beginning in February. English teachers will provide basic exposure to English, making use of music, movement, games and conversation. The volunteers should be enthusiastic, love children, have some teaching experience, open to innovative pedagogical methods, and have medium proficiency in Spanish and excellent proficiency in English. 11 Graphic Designer: This is a three month position beginning in February at 25 hours/week. The designer will work with staff to design the school’s communications products, including brochures, web content, and a style template. The volunteer should have excellent graphic and some web design skills, some proficiency in Spanish and English composition. Social Enterprise Generator: This is a six month, 25 hour/week position beginning in February. The SEG will work with staff to start, run and sustain viable for-profit businesses which can provide income streams to the project and provide work skills training and employment for students. Likely markets include tourism and language instruction. The volunteer should have an entrepreneurial mind, value creation seeking, and a strong ability to make things happen, have experience starting and leading a business or project, good verbal skills, advanced Spanish proficiency, and unquestioned integrity. Grant Writer: This is a six month, 25 hour/week position to raise funds for operations and new programs. The volunteer will identify and cultivate potential supporting foundations and write for and follow through with grants. The volunteer must have excellent written and interpersonal skills, be proficient in Spanish; experience in grant writing is a plus. If you are committed to fighting poverty in Guatemala through educational reform, these are outstanding opportunities to work with award-winning project leadership and to see concrete results measured in lives transformed. They offer the Guatemalan culture, physical beauty, travel opportunities and rich social history. The Colegio is not able to offer financial support for these positions at this time, but very comfortable living can be had in Xela (including occasional travel) for an average of $400/month. If interested send resume with cover letter stating your time availability, language skills and your particular job interest to [email protected] Help Obtain Funds for Rural Development Paso delos Toros, Uruguay Aler Donadio is a new Ashoka Fellow from Uruguay who is a biologist interested sustainable aquaculture and rural development. He is seeking a volunteer who can spend up to one year helping his organization obtain funding to carry out a variety of projects. The volunteer must have advanced proficiency in English (native speakers preferred) and knowledge of Spanish or other languages is a plus. They offer comfortable accommodation, a lot of work to do, and an excellent job experience in a lovely place. If interested, contact Instituto del RAo Negro at [email protected] 12 VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES – Archives Translation! – Virtual Ashoka is always looking for volunteers to translate to and from English into the following languages:         Spanish Portuguese French German Arabic Thai Indonesian Other... If interested, please email Peggy Carr at [email protected] with TRANSLATION in the subject line. The following organizations have posted in the past and may still be looking for volunteers: Volunteer with Ashoka regional offices Translation of Documents from Spanish to English Virtual Ashoka’s Andean Region office requests multiple volunteers in December and January to translate important documents from Spanish to English. Documents include Ashoka Fellows’ progress reports as well as resumes, idea sheets, and proposals from potential candidates for Fellowship which will be analyzed by our English speaking interviewer during the selection process. Volunteers should commit to translating on a deadline at least one entire document of approximately 10-15 pages. Qualified volunteers should be native English speakers and extremely proficient in Spanish. If interested contact Natalie Zuniga, Fellowship Coordinator, at [email protected] or +1 973-998-6429 Translation between Spanish and English Virtual Ashoka’s Southern Cone office, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is looking for a volunteer to translate documents from Spanish to English, as well as from English to Spanish. A qualified volunteer should be fluent in both languages and would be helpful at any time for any duration. If interested, please contact Victoria Emanuelli at [email protected] or [email protected] 13 Volunteer with Ashoka’s Global Office Research Potential Staff Candidates Virtual Ashoka’s Recruitment team is looking for a volunteer to research potential staff candidates, reporting by memo to the sourcing team and updating the online spreadsheet. Qualified candidates should have familiarity with internet search engines, basic use of MS Excel, and good writing and editing skills. Volunteer help is needed in December with further engagement to be determined. If interested, contact Chaula Kothari at [email protected] Volunteer with an Ashoka Fellow Employment Opportunity with Rugmark Foundation USA Washington, D.C. Rugmark Foundation USA – the US branch of Rugmark, founded by Kailash Satyarthi (Ashoka Fellow, India) – is looking to employ a Communications Specialist. Rugmark USA, based in Washington, DC, is a nonprofit organization working to end illegal child labor in the handmade rug industry. Rugmark certifies handmade rugs from India, Nepal, and Pakistan as child labor-free; rescues and rehabilitates working children; and offers consumers the choice to purchase carpets bearing the Rugmark label. Rugmark is currently in an exciting strategic growth phase, focused on making products with the Rugmark certification known and more widely available in the U.S. The Communications Specialist will be part of a three-person team that will launch and execute a national consumer awareness campaign. The goal of the campaign is to increase the market-share of Rugmark-certified rugs to 15% in the next 10 years, thus eliminating illegal child labor in the carpet industries of India, Nepal and Pakistan. The Communications Specialist will be responsible for ensuring that Rugmark’s campaign and organizational messages are well-communicated throughout all of its outreach, including its website, brochures, press releases, business partner tool kits, consumer organizing materials, and annual report. They will also be responsible for event planning, building media relationships, and securing targeted partnerships with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that can help to build the Rugmark brand through grassroots mobilization. The qualified applicant should have:   3-5 years of communications and marketing experience, preferably in a socially responsible business environment. Experience managing successful communications campaigns.  Proven track record securing high-profile media placements. 14  Background in event planning and organizing.  Experience with Web marketing.  Knowledge of how to build and engage partner networks to participate in communications campaigns.  Excellent writing, interpersonal, presentation, and organizational skills.  Willingness to travel. To Apply, please email resume and cover letter (explaining why your skills and experience are suitable for this position) to: Helena Brykarz, Contract Recruiter Global Recruitment Specialists P.O. Box 7382 Berkeley, California (CA) 94707 Tel / Fax: 510-527-3316 E-mail: [email protected] URL: Teach Organic Agriculture to Young People Pirque, Chile Mary Anne Muller (Ashoka Fellow, Chile) is looking for a volunteer to work in the Agricultural School of Pirque in the area of Organic Agriculture production for six months to a year. The volunteer needs to have knowledge and experience in the production of organic horticulture and a desire to teach young people what they know. She can provide housing, some meals and will discuss a stipend. If interested contact Mary Anne Muller at [email protected] Initiate Financing Projects to Help Sustain Agrarian Work with Cognitively Disabled Children and Adults Popayan, Colombia Ricardo Cobo Diaz (Ashoka Fellow, Colombia) is looking for volunteers interested in helping those with cognitive disabilities through art and agriculture. Ricardo uses art and the land as therapeutic elements towards the achievements of independence, happiness and dignity. The organization, the Foundation Institute for Stimulating Development and the Arts (FEDAR), operates a farm which husbands animals and grows coffee and vegetables, all tended by 100 children and adults with cognitive disabilities. He is looking for a volunteer who can help FEDAR find a way to generate programs to help finance his projects on the farm. A qualified volunteer should be interested in helping those with cognitive disabilities, and enjoy working in the agrarian profession, particularly land and cattle administration. A university degree is not necessary, but it would be helpful to be familiar with clean agriculture and the operation of farm equipment, to enjoy working in rural communities and with children. The volunteer should be able to spend at least six months in 15 Popayan, 20 minutes from the central site in the Calibio, which is a small and calm city of 250,000 in southern Colombia. Other arrangements can be discussed. If interested, contact Mr. Diaz at or or call Fundación FEDAR: 0928-232263 8202300 8202310 Teach English to Learning-Disabled High School Students Santiago, Chile Helena Todd (Ashoka Fellow, Chile) seeks volunteers a) to teach English in a poor high school outside of Santiago, and b) with pre- or post-graduate engineering or technical training to assist with project administration. Helena has developed the Cognition, Development, and Learning method designed to treat learning disorders in economically disadvantaged and under stimulated children, with the goal of keeping them from failing in school. Her holistic model integrates intellectual, social, and emotional development techniques with active family participate to promote confidence and academic success. Volunteers should be comfortable with Spanish, share a love of children and an ability to work with families as well as with project staff. Qualified candidates should have an independent personality with a capacity to problem-solve and work within the norms and principles of the organization. Volunteers should be able to stay for a minimum of three months, ideally from April through June or from August through December, and will be supported therapeutically in order to ensure a good experience. If interested, contact [email protected] Help Expand Recycling Cooperative Minas Gerais, Brazil or virtual Luiz Tadeo Damaschi (Ashoka Fellow, Brazil) seeks a volunteer for his Cooperative which collects recyclable material, employing 15 low-income families. Luiz is a leading advocate of environmental change in Sao Paulo and has pioneered the “greening” of the industrial city. The Cooperative operates a broom factory that produces brooms from bottles. He would like help in expanding the Cooperative, which entails raising funds to acquire a new truck and build new storage. He also requests help in finding project partners and buyers for the Co-op’s brooms. If interested in helping Luiz Damaschi on site in Minas Gerais or virtually, please contact him at [email protected] Advise on Systems, Production and Inventory for Life in Africa Kampala and Gulu, Uganda Christina Jordan (Ashoka Fellow, Uganda) seeks multiple volunteers for her organization Life in Africa. Life in Africa is a global community of people committed to Africa and 16 promotes innovations in community development. Their Webbed Empowerment Centers in Kampala and Gulu are looking for the following qualified individuals: Systems Advisor for 6-8 weeks; 70% in Kampala and 30% in Gulu Integrate and streamline the recordkeeping systems that handle craft and coop payments, micro-loans, group production points, inventory, and member participation in community building activities. The volunteer should be well-versed in computerized office administration and database applications. The ideal person might be a retired accountant or manager with experience in an integrated services or manufacturing company. Accommodations are available nearby in Kampala for $10/day. A similarly priced guesthouse with full board is available in Gulu. Production Advisor for 6 weeks; 50% in Kampala and 50% in Gulu In the context of Life in Africa's Recycling for Peace program, this volunteer will help to organize small groups of producers learning to make crafts from locally collected recyclables for export. The challenge is to increase the group’s craft output and quality, while at the same time ensuring that both skilled and unskilled members of the community are able to participate in and learn all aspects of production. The ideal person will have experience in developing low-tech production processes and/or artistic craft design, and will offer a well rounded general perspective on selling handmade craft products in global markets. Accommodations are described above. Inventory Management Advisor for 5 weeks; 80% in Kampala and 20% in Gulu Life in Africa currently buys over 5,000 craft items per month from community members for export and local sale. The advisor will help us improve our existing intake, quality control, storage, inventory movement tracking, and order fulfillment systems. S/he will also advise on creating better displays and sales recording systems at both Webbed Empowerment Center Galleries. The ideal candidate would have wholesale/retail sales background with inventory database management experience. Accommodations are described above. If interested contact Christina Jordan at [email protected] For more information about Life in Africa please visit Provide Fundraising, Translation, Computer and Survey Assistance for Rain Harvesting Center Virtual and on-site in Chennai, India Sekhar Raghavan (Ashoka Fellow, India), founder of the first rainwater harvesting center in India, seeks volunteers in fundraising, translation, and computer assistance. The Rain Centre requests help with fundraising for implementing rainwater harvesting systems in orphanages, old age homes, and slums (can be done virtually) They also need translators who can adapt resource material on rainwater harvesting, translate a book on traditional water harvesting to English, and ideally also to German, French, Hindi, and Mahratti so it can reach a larger audience. (can be done virtually) 17 Finally, they need someone on-site who can help Sekhar Raghavan with power point presentations, Excel databases, charts and tables. He also needs help conducting surveys on various aspects of water, groundwater, and rainwater harvesting installations. Volunteer/s should know English, be well versed in computer software, and have an engineering background. On-site volunteers should be able to spend at least three months at the Centre. Inexpensive accommodations can be arranged and an allowance of 4000 Rupees per month will be offered. If interested contact Sekhar Raghavan at [email protected] or call him at 009144-2461 6134 [Rain Center]. ASHOKA FELLOWS IN THE NEWS René Schärer, Brazilian Fellow, will be speaking at the Seafood Summit in Jacksonville, Florida later in January. Rene will lead the panel on “The Re-Artisanalization of the Spiny Lobster Fishery in Brazil – Sustainability and Fair Trade.” There is information on the conference and a nice bio on Rene at “Prerana” was selected for the UNAIDS Civil Society Award 2006. The award acknowledges the exemplary role of civil society organizations in the fight against HIV in India. Priti Patkar, Executive Secretary of PRERANA, received the award on behalf of Prerana on December 1, 2006, Worlds AIDS Day, at the National Stadium, New Delhi. Bank of America has announced the 2006 recipients of its third annual Neighborhood Excellence Initiative (NEI) in Houston. The Mexican Institute of Greater Houston will receive $200,000 in grant funding and leadership training over the course of two years. José-Pablo Fernández is President & Executive Director of the Institute which has been instrumental in providing services to local Hispanic students and their families. The Institute, with more than 100 on-site program locations in Houston schools, provides technology-based distance learning programs that benefit Hispanic families and works to increase parental involvement in a child’s education. Congratulations to the 55 newly elected Ashoka Fellows from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Thailand who were officially inducted to the Ashoka Fellowship at a ceremony hosted by Narayana Murthy and Infosys in Bangalore, India on February 18, 2007. INPRESS To help ring in the New Year, please celebrate the collective media successes of the final few months of 2006 in this edition of the Ashoka Inpress. Articles are featured from all over the world, including Argentina, Indonesia, South Africa, Peru, Germany, Spain, Sri Lanka, U.S., U.K., Palestine, and many more. 18 19