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Vendors of popular ERP software (total revenue for the whole company): Revenue[3] Vendor SAP Oracle Applications Infor Global Solutions The Sage Group Microsoft Unit 4 Agresso CDC Software Lawson Software Epicor Visma Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS) Comarch QAD Cincom Systems COA Solutions Ltd NetSuite ABAS Software Ramco Systems SIV.AG Technology One Pronto Software Plex Systems Consona Corporation CMiC Syspro OpenPro Openbravo OpenERP A1 ERP Dolibarr ProfitKey International Global Shop Solutions (Native currency) 9.4 billion EUR 14.38 billion USD 2.1 billion USD 935.6 million GBP 44.3 billion USD 352.6 million EUR 409.1 million USD 390.776 million USD 384.1 million USD 1,907 million NOK 341 million USD 730 million PLN 225 million USD 180 million USD 50.5 million GBP 193.1 million USD 63 million EUR 2,648 million INR 14.2 million EUR 108.8 million AUD 51.1 million AUD 22 million USD N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) USD Revenue[4] (million $) Year 12401.4 2006 14380.0 2006 2100.0 2006 1832.0 2006 44282.0 2006 465.2 2005 409.1 2008 390.8 2006 384.1 2006 305.5 2005 341.0 2009 253.2 2009 225.0 2006 180 2008 98.47 2007 193.1 2010 83.1 2010 60.1 2006 18.7 unknown 101 2008 54.9 2008 22 2006 N/A (Private) 1984 N/A (Private) 1974 N/A (Private) 2006 N/A (Private) 1998 N/A (Private) 2010 N/A (Private) 2010 N/A (Private) 2010 N/A (Private) 2010 N/A (Private) 1979 N/A (Private) 1976 WorkBook Software A/S N/A (Private) DKK N/A (Private) 2000 SAP Products of SAP SAP's products focus on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The company's main product is SAP ERP. The current version is SAP ERP 6.0 and is part of the SAP Business Suite. Its previous name was R/3. The "R" of SAP R/3 stood for realtime – even though it is not a realtime solution. The number 3 related to the 3-tier architecture:database, application server and client (SAPgui). R/2, which ran on a Mainframe architecture, was the predecessor of R/3. Before R/2 came System RF, later dubbed R/1. SAP ECC is one of five enterprise applications in SAP's Business Suite. The other four applications are:  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – helps companies acquire and retain customers, gain marketing and customer insight Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) – helps manufacturers with product-related information Supply Chain Management (SCM) – helps companies with the process of resourcing its manufacturing and service processes Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) – enables companies to procure from suppliers    Other major product offerings include: the NetWeaver platform, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions, Duet (joint offering with Microsoft), Performance Management solutions and RFID. SAP offers SOA capabilities (calling it Enterprise SOA) in the form of web services that are wrapped around its applications. While its original products were typically used by Fortune 500 companies[citation needed], SAP now actively targets small and medium sized enterprises (SME) with its SAP Business One and SAP Business All-in-One. On 19 September 2007 SAP announced a new product named SAP Business ByDesign. SAP Business ByDesign is a software as a service (SaaS) offering, and provides a fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, On Demand. SAP Business ByDesign was previously known under the code name "A1S".[24] In October 2007, SAP AG announced the friendly takeover of Business Objects. This acquisition expanded SAP's Product Suite of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and increased the customer installed base to 89,000.[25] In February 2009 SAP AG, which invested in Coghead, purchased the start-up’s intellectual property. SAP will only be using the company’s technology as an internal resource and has no plans to offer Coghead’s products to its customers.[26] In May 2010 SAP AG announced that it is buying the database software maker Sybase for US$ 5.8 billion in cash.[27] The deal closed at the end of July 2010. Sybase will continue to run as a separate, independent unit but will be leveraged across the other SAP areas. As of July 2010 TechniData is a 100% subsidiary of SAP AG.[28] SAP Enterprise Learning (environment) is an enhancement of the previous version of the learning management system, SAP Learning Solution 600. Apart from the features in SAP Learning Solution 600, SAP Enterprise Learning (environment) contains a virtual learning room feature powered by Adobe Connect.[29] SAP officials say there are over 100,600 SAP installations serving more than 41,200 companies in more than 25 industries in more than 120 countries.[30] An example installation can be experienced in the SAP Learning on Demand Portal. SAP uses this for delivering SAP Online training as a Learning on Demand offering. Some of this content is available as free e-learning, e.g. as e-books or simulations. SAP Press has announced a book on SAP Enterprise Learning. This book is available since June 2009.[31] ERP Services provided by SAP: With the SAP ERP Corporate Services solution, your company can manage real estate; enterprise assets; project portfolios; corporate travel; environment, health, and safety compliance; quality; and global trade services more effectively. SAP ERP Corporate Services can help you realize meaningful business value in:       Real estate management – Avoid vacancies and reduce costs associated with real estate development, rentals, and property management. Enterprise asset management – Manage preventive and predictive maintenance, maintenance cost budgeting, maintenance execution, and work-clearance management. Project and portfolio management – Manage a portfolio of projects – from strategic portfolio management to project planning, execution, and accounting. Travel management – Reduce costs, streamline travel administration processes, monitor compliance with travel policies, and manage changes in compensation and pricing models from suppliers, global distribution systems, and travel agencies. Environment, health, and safety management – Implement EHS strategies on local and global levels. The SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management (SAP EHS Management) application not only empowers you to address regulatory compliance, but also to take an integrated approach to managing operational risks related to environment, health, and safety, and to address the needs of corporate sustainability initiatives. Quality management – Gain a unified approach to total quality management, delivering efficiencies that result from fewer product returns and improved asset utilization.  Global trade services – Secure your global supply chain, connect and communicate with government systems, and promote the use of shared data to streamline cross-border trade and gain sustainable competitive advantage. Oracle Within the overall rubric of Oracle Applications - Apps,[1] Oracle Corporation's E-Business Suite (also known as Applications/Apps or EB-Suite/EBS) consists of a collection of enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply-chain management (SCM) computer applications either developed by or acquired by Oracle. The software utilizes Oracle's core Oracle relational database management system technology. The E-Business Suite (current version: 12.1[2][3]) contains several product lines, including:             Oracle CRM Oracle Financials Oracle HRMS Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications Oracle Order Management Oracle Procurement Oracle Project Portfolio Management Oracle Quotes Oracle Transportation Management Oracle Warehouse Management Systems Oracle Inventory Oracle Enterprise Asset Management Each product comprises several modules, each separately licensed. Significant technologies incorporated into the applications include the Oracle database technologies, (engines for RDBMS, PL/SQL, Java, .NET, HTML and XML), the "technology stack" (Oracle Forms Server, Oracle Reports Server, Apache Web Server, Oracle Discoverer, Jinitiator and Sun's Java). Information global solutions: Products Enterprise Software, including: ERP, CRM,Enterprise Asset Management, Financial Management, HCM, PLM,Performance Management,Supply Chain Management[ ERP Services provided by Oracle: Niche areas for outsourced services / offshore delivery: • Oracle ERP applications – all modules • Oracle 11i – RICE ( Reports, Interfaces, Customizations and Enhancements) • Barcode and PDA integration Ours is a proven implementation methodology, scalable to the size of your project. It includes field-tested templates for project plans and other deliverables. We have experience executing Oracle Applications Projects for Fortune 500 companies, and medium and small enterprises (SME) on T&M or fixed cost model. Our turnkey engagements can be executed out of our facilities in Chennai, India and all the cost benefits would be passed on to our customers. The cost benefits of outsourcing are built in when you choose to work with us on a turnkey basis, without the headache of managing a team of professionals half way across the globe and holding discussions at odd hours. Oracle Applications: We offer outsourced services for Oracle Application implementation, customization, and support. The Services we offer cover all Oracle applications releases. (Rel 9.x,10.x,11.x,11i and 12): • Oracle Application software installation: Expert advice on the hardware selection based on the DB sizing, transactional volume and performance. • Oracle Application implementation: (Fixed Price and T&M) / ( Onsite / offsite / Offshore engagements) • Functional Consulting: Functional consultants execute the business process analysis, gap analysis, configure the application to suit the business process, prepare configuration documentation, setup conference room piloting, help in user acceptance testing, do production deployment, do production roll-outs and offer production support. • Technical Consulting: Technical consultants convert the data from existing legacy applications to Oracle Applications, design and develop interfaces, customize to close the gaps, write EDI transactions, integrate Bar-code technology, write custom reports using Java, Oracle Reports Designer and Discoverer, offer production support for fixing the datacorruptions if any, and work closely with Oracle on several technical TARs. • Database Administration: DBAs install the Oracle application software, apply the essential patch sets and patches, maintain the system during and after implementation, do performance tuning/ regular backups/ recovery/ System Administration, manage concurrent manager activities and batch jobs, perform operating system administration, and help technical team in reviewing/approving the code. • Support and Help Desk: Our support and help desk personnel support the users with all the first level supports, interact with the users and the technical consultants/DBAs to make sure the problem is resolved without any delay. We offer 24 hours support and help desk for the users. • Training and Documentation: Our training team develops customized training material to meet the end users requirements. Computer Based Training (CBT) material can be prepared to facilitate the end users to learn at their own pace. Technical Capabilities Data Mapping between Legacy system and Oracle Data conversion design documentation Data conversion unit testing Data conversion deployment into other test instances Effective log preparation on data converted for audit. Cross references between Legacy data with oracle setup data. Data conversion script build. Data conversion functional testing. Data conversion into Production instance before Go-Live. Production support. Data conversion work includes: Interfacing: Interface program development for integrating other third party software with Oracle. Tasks include: • Identifying the external software, which needs to be integrated with Oracle • Design and Development of outbound interface program to get the data from the external systems in XML or flat files. • Design and development of inbound programs to interface into Oracle using open interfaces or Public/Private API's. • Interface design documentation. • Handle all the validations and exceptions in the interface programs. • Unit testing and functional testing. • If needed design and development of a logger system. This will be done if the interfacing needs are more and highly volume of transactions involved. • Deployment of interface programs into the test and production instances. • Production Support. Form Customizations: Form customizations or new form development for Oracle applications using Oracle Forms 6i or 4.5 or 2.3 based on the Oracle Application release. Custom.pll changes are also classified into the form customizations. Form customization work involves: Design of the form customization or new Design of any database tables/ development other objects Development/ customization of the Form Unit Testing. using Oracle Forms tool Deployment into test and Functional testing production instances. Production support. Report Customizations: Report customizations or new report development for Oracle Applications using Reports 6i/ Reports 2.5/ Reports 2.0 or Reports 1.1 or Discoverer Rel 4i/3i. We can handle both character and bit mapped reports. Web reporting using PL/SQL or JSP/XML/XSLT is also part of the report customizations. Report Customization work involves: • Design of the report customization or new development. • Development or customization of the reports using the oracle reports designer or Discoverer or PL/SQL or JSP/XML/XSLT technology based on the need. • Unit testing. • Functional testing. • Deployment into test and production instances. • Production support. Workflow Customizations Workflow builder 2.5/2.6 will be used for workflow customizations/new developments for Oracle 11i. Workflow customization involves: • Design of the workflow customization or new workflow development. • Setup of Item type. • Development or customization of the workflows using the Workflow Builder 2.5/2.6. • Development of the pl/sql packages used for the workflow customization. • Unit testing. • Functional testing. • Deployment into test and production instances. • Production support. JSP and Java Objects Oracle self service web applications and Oracle CRM application involves JSP and Java Objects. Customizations and new developments are done using JSP and Java objects. Model1 or Model2 or MVC architecture is used for all our web application developments. Web reporting using JSP/XML/XSLT and PL/SQL Cartridges. Bar-Code/Palm extension to Oracle Applications Bar-code extension to Oracle Applications for printing bar-code labels/ bar-code forms and online-offline data transactions. Deployment of ChainSys' proprietary technology to handle the offline data synchronization using the conduits in Palm device. Design and deployment of wireless network for handling online transactions. Handle bar-code transactions using 1D/2D/3D bar-code labels. The type of the labels is decided based on the Complexity of the data captured in the label. Integrate Bar-code/Palm application to Oracle Applications for handling the following transactions: • Physical inventory and cycle counts (ODM + OPM) • Allocation + Pick Confirm (OPM) • Move Orders (ODM) • Shipping (Common) • PO Receiving (OPM + ODM + Common) • Inventory transactions (ODM - Interorg/Subinv Transfer/Misc Issue and Transfer + OPM Move/Adjust/Transfer) • Shop floor transactions (ODM - WIP/OSFM + OPM - GME) Other Services • All EDI Inbound and Outbound transactions • Specialize in translators • Extend Oracle Applications to FAX/Email the reports output. • Integrated Web store for External Customers, Internals, Dealers and Partners. • Integrated eSourcing for Auction (Buy and Sell). • Palm extension to Oracle Applications. Cell phone extension to Oracle Applications. Microsoft .NET Our Microsoft .NET consultants and offshore partners have successfully led enterprise initiatives. Our team consists of Microsoft Certified Developers for .NET with expertise in .NET architecture and development. Expertise in Microsoft Sharepoint Office Server 2007 (MOSS 2007) • Sharepoint Designer 2007 • Content Management System • RSS News feeds • Variation Hierarchy • Enterprise search • Integration with Active directory • Custom web parts creation/installation • Microsoft Office Infopath 2007 • Workflow process for publishing website/web pages • Creation of sitemap Programming Technologies ASP. NET. ASP.NET2, .NET2.0/3.0, Winforms Windows Workflow SQL Server 2000/2005 We can develop Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based systems which are independent of platforms and development technologies. We can provide you with complete turnkey solutions for web applications development. We can provide end-to-end project management from needs analysis, architecture through implementation and deployment. Data Warehousing Our team of Data Warehousing (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) consultants has been part of successful EDW implementations for our clients. Our DW /ETL Experts / BI team has been serving the customers in the Public sector, Telecom, Healthcare and Manufacturing verticals. Our Consultants have provided the following services: • DW end-to-end solutions • Business /Data analysis, data modeling • ETL design and implementation • Custom reporting • OLAP solutions • Data mining • Analytics /Dashboard solutions Our DW Consultants offer expertise using the following DW and BI tools and some of them are also certified professionals. Our DW practice consists of senior consultants with the following expertise: • Data modeling using ERWIN • BI / OLAP tools like Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion, MicroStrategy, Webfocus • Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL) tools like Informatica, Datastage, AbInitio, Cognos • Databases - Oracle, SQL Server 2000, DB2, and Teradata. • ERP tools - SAP BW suite, Oracle BI suite, OWB, SAS and Peoplesoft EP With our broad base of DW consultants, we can staff your EDW projects and can also handle outsourced services. Java / J2EE S.L. Data Solutions has been providing services related to Java technologies with its expert team of Java consultants and offshore partners. Our consultants analyze customer requirements and help them choose the best technical solutions for implementing the Java solutions. Our Java consultants have a very good understanding of both application servers and Web browsers so that we can build applications that are easy-to-use, robust and secure. Existing Web interfaces can be converted into AJAX clients, which give better user experience than a traditional web application and reducing the resource usage on the server side. Java Server Faces (JSF) enables developers to create Web applications from pre-built components, using modern IDEs that significantly increase developer productivity. Our Java consultants can migrate existing Struts applications to JSF. Our alliance partners are experts with the Oracle and Oracle ERP solutions with Java /J2EE framework. This enables us to build scalable and secure Oracle applications, using Java EE standards. Sage group Products The company's product set can be divided into: Accounting; Payroll; Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Financial forecasting; Payment processing; Job costing; Human Resources; Business intelligence; Taxation and other products for accountants; Business stationery; Development platforms; E-business; Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Sage 50 Accounts (Line 50) [UK] Sage 50 Payroll [UK] Sage 50 P11d [UK] Sage 200 (MMS) [UK] Sage 1000 [UK] Sage One Sage Coretime [Ireland][UK] Sage Accpac ERP [Australia] Sage Accpac Pro Series [Australia] Sage SalesLogix [Australia]               DacEasy [US] Document Manager [Australia] Sage ERP X3 (Adonix) [France] FacturaPlus Facturfacil FAS Fixed Assets [US]       MainLAN MAS 90 [US] MAS 200 [US] MAS 500 [US] Master Builder [US] Master Production Schedule [US] Medical Manager [US] MicrOpay Payroll [Australia] MicrOpay Meridian [Australia] MicrOpay Ingenuity [Australia] MicrOpay Outsourcing  Practice Manager [Australia] Practice Solution Practice Suite [UK] Premier Plus [UK] Prestige [UK] Pro ERP ProvideX PymePlus                 Financial Forecaster [UK]  Forte [Poland] Geode X3 [Spain] GS-Programme HandiSoft [Australia] HandiTax [Australia] HandiLedger [Australia]    Sage CRM (Accpac CRM, MME, MH) SalesLogix [US] Simply Accounting [US] (FormerlyBedford Software)      Sage CRM [Australia] Sage Timberline Office [Australia]    HandiRegister [Australia] HandiTrust [Australia] HandiAsset [Australia] HandiBiz [Australia] Sage Instant Accounts [UK] Intelligent Reporting (IntelligentApps) [UK] Intergy Jehlen Manage Right package Legend Line 100 (Sovereign)[UK] Line 200 (Sage C/S)[UK]  Line 500 (Chameleon, Chameleon 2000, CS/3, Enterprise)[UK] Ligne 30 [France] Ligne 100 [France] Ligne 500 (Ciel) [France] Ligne 1000 [France] Logic Class        [Australia] MicrOpay e-HR [Australia] MIP Fund Accounting My Business NominaPlus Office Line Pastel Partner [South Africa] Pastel Evolution [South Africa] PayPoint ePOS [UK] Payroll Services     Sage Start Up [UK] SnowdropKCS Symfonia [Poland] Take Five, Accounting & Payroll [Ireland] TAS [UK] Taxation Tetra 2000 [UK] Tetraplan [UK] Timberline Office [US] Timeslips Time+Billing [Australia] TPVplus V-ISAM database Wage Easy [Australia] XRT Treasury [Spain]    ACT! by Sage [Australia]  Sage ERP X3 [Australia]  Abra HRMS [US] Abel Enterprise [Spain] Accounts Production (Apex Accounts Production) Accounts Production Advanced Accpac ERP [US] ACT! by Sage Best Practice [Australia] Billing Boss BOB 50 BusinessVision BusinessWorks Sage BI (IntelligentApps for Line 200, Line 500) [UK] Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Classic Line Construction Solutions Corporation Tax (Powered by Abacus) ContaPlus             HandiSecurity [Australia]               Sage Instant Payroll [UK]         Sage My Business online  [Australia]  Sage Pocket [India] PC-Kaufmann [Germany] Peachtree Accounting [US] PFW (Platinum for Windows) [US]              Services provided by Sage Professional Services are provided by your Sage Accpac business partner or our Professional Services Group. Sage business partners and professional services consultants are specialists certified in all our end-to-end solutions; paired with our expertise in a wide array of industries, we can help you maximize the return from your investment in Sage Accpac products. The services we offer that will help you unlock the value of your Sage Accpac solutions include, but is not limited to: Assessments Critical success factors analysis Proof of concept development Solutions planning Business process assessment IT infrastructure assessment Implementation Support  Installation and configuration  Project management  Functional and needs analysis Product Customization  Sage Accpac Macros and Crystal reports®  Sage Pro functional modifications and custom reports  Sage Accpac CRM design and customizations  Sage Accpac Insight report development  Sage Accpac Exchange mapping Custom Training  On-site training  Customer tailored training      Unit 4 Agresso Agresso International products  Agresso Business World is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution – i.e. a single software solution that offers dedicated modules within it, each of which assists with specific business processes and/or department-related or role-related tasks across different functional areas of an organization. The software offers a choice of deployment methods[14]: a smart-client (i.e. Windowsbased client) and a platform-independent “Self Service” client that runs via a web browser. It comprises a number of core modules, which include[14]: Financials, Planning & Budgeting, Human Resources & Payroll, Project Costing & Billing,Procurement, Business Process Automation, Field Service Team Management, etc. and supports a range of technologies[15] that allow integration with third-party/legacy systems through various formats, including XML. It also allows for data warehousing and data retrieval through an integrated suite of desktop reporting tools, including "Excelerator", which provides users the ability to run queries though Microsoft Excel and returns the data set within the Excel application[15].  Coda Financials is a software package that delivers functional support for the business processes and/or department-related or role-related tasks of one particular functional area of an organization: the accounting or finance team. The software offers a choice of deployment methods[16]: an open client/server[17] edition, supported on a matrix of operating system and database server combinations; a platform-independent browser-based client; and as a web service to embed the software as the finance engine within any other application suite. It comprises a number of core financial management modules[18], which include: Accounting, Spend Management, Budgeting, Consolidation & Treasury management, Process & Control Automation, and Reporting & Analysis. So as to coexist and integrate with other business systems, the product’s Link[19] system architecture has been designed to support a range of technologies that enable integration with third-party/legacy systems, through various formats, including XML and web services. UNIT4 develops and delivers enterprise software that is ideally suited to both public and private sector organizations that operate in a state of frequent and dynamic change. Agresso Business Worldenables organizations to replace multiple, disparate third-party and internal systems, with a complete and integrated, role-focused ERP solution. Built on our innovative and unique VITA™ architecture, it offers core accounting/financials, budgeting and forecasting, procurement, HR and payroll, project management, field asset management, and reporting and analytics. It has been designed from the ground up to help users easily adapt the system, in line with ongoing business or operational change. Agresso Business World helps customers:  introduce a “Can Do” attitude to address any pressure to change – swiftly and at the lowest possible cost satisfy even the most diverse management and operational reporting requirements eliminate inefficiencies across all administrative processes control risk and improve process controls eliminate the costs of maintaining multiple legacy systems. What is the UNIT4 advantage? The big difference between Agresso Business World and traditional ERP is that you can keep your system in step with the changing needs and structure of your organization – long after it is first put in place. This “post-implementation agility” is a fundamental part of our solution design. Our VITA™ architecture keeps the system components for data, processes and information delivery in step with each other, ensuring that when a change is made in one area, it does not have to be redone and rechecked for accuracy in another. As a result, instead of being tied to a rigid information system that hinders your growth, your staff are empowered and it dramatically reduces the spend and dependency on external resources. This is true agility, which goes beyond delivering a low total cost of ownership by ensuring customers benefit from something even more significant: a low total cost of change.     CDC Software CDC Software Inc.(NASDAQ: CDCS) is a provider of hybrid enterprise software applications(on-premise / cloud deployments) and services. The company’s applications include enterprise and departmental solutions, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), manufacturing operations management, customer relationship management (CRM), and enterprise performance management. CDC Software Corporation also offers professional services, including software implementation, customer education, and training services. The company was founded in October 2002 and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.[1] CDC Software Corporation’s industry-specific solutions are used by more than 10,000 customers worldwide within the manufacturing, financial services, health care, home building, real estate, wholesale and retail distribution industries. The company also offers a range of services that includes implementation, project consulting, technical support and IT consulting.[1] CDC Front Office Solutions ]Saratoga Systems – CRM Saratoga CRM was an attractive acquisition target for CDC Software Corporation for its suitability for large companies in the chemicals, consumer products, energy, insurance and selected manufacturing industries. At acquisition Saratoga had more than 350 customers globally, including Allstate, BASF, Blue Cross Blue Shield of GA, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Dresser-Rand, Exelon (Commonwealth Edison), Johnson Controls, Konica Minolta, Metropolitan Life, Progressive Companies, Tyco Healthcare and Wellpoint Health Networks. The addition of Saratoga CRM to CDC Software Corporation was a complement to the company's Pivotal CRM applications, which were designed primarily for financial services, home building and additional manufacturing industries. The Saratoga CRM applications were also viewed as complementary to the Ross Enterprise solutions for chemicals manufacturers, and the Respond applications for complaint and feedback management.[14] [edit]Respond Group Ltd – complaints and enterprise feedback management software The acquisition of Respond Group Ltd., a leading European provider of software applications for improving customer service through the management of complaints and enterprise feedback, brought 800 more customers to the CDC Software Corporation family largely in government, financial services, and healthcare. Pivotal CRM customers in the home building and real estate industries where complaint management and customer service are critical made this acquisition a good fit. Both Respond and Pivotal CRM share complementary architectures based on standard Microsoft platforms, are Internet accessible and share a common focus on flexibility and extensibility.[15] [edit]Pivotal Corporation and MarketFirst – CRM and enterprise marketing automation The acquisition of Pivotal Corporation added marketing, sales, service and partner management capabilities to CDC Software's existing Enterprise Resources Planning ("ERP"), Supply Chain Management ("SCM") and Human Resources and Payroll ("HRP") product offerings. The acquisition of Pivotal brought an additional 1,700 customers to the Company’s customer base, also providing a solid platform for cross-selling synergies within the group and extending Pivotal’s reach further into the Asian market.[20] [edit]PeoplePoint Software Pty Ltd - solutions for aged care residential, clinical, and community services management The acquisition of PeoplePoint, a leading Australian-based provider of software solutions and services for the Aged Care Residential, Clinical and Community Services management market, helped CDC Software solutions expand into the aged care and not-for-profit markets in Australia and New Zealand while offering a platform to accelerate the expansion of PeoplePoint solutions in the fast-growing aged care markets in North America and Europe.[9] [edit]CDC Manufacturing Solutions [edit]Integrated Solutions Limited – ERP for small and medium-sized discrete manufacturing firms Integrated Solutions Limited (ISL) introduced ERP applications for 150 small and mediumsized discrete manufacturers to the CDC Software Manufacturing portfolio of products. ISL's e-M-POWER ERP suite directly addresses purchasing, sales, inventory, production, mold management, finance and compliance for small and medium-sized discrete manufacturers.[12] [edit]MVI Technology – packaged software for manufacturing operations management The acquisition of MVI Technology – re-branded CDC Factory - provided expertise and production monitoring solutions to complement CDC Software's ERP and SCM solutions.[16] [edit]Ross Systems, Inc. – ERP software for process manufacturing The acquisition of Ross Systems brought this company's comprehensive suite of modular enterprise resource planning solutions for manufacturing, financials, supply-chain management, performance management, and regulatory compliance to the CDC Software product portfolio, as well as tailored industry solutions for food and beverage, life sciences, chemicals, metals, and natural products. Ross Systems added 1,000 customers to CDC Software’s customer base.[19] [edit]CDC Supply Chain Solutions [edit]Catalyst International, Inc. – supply-chain execution solutions and services The acquisition of Catalyst International expanded the Company’s global supply-chain offerings and base of blue-chip customers, while also strengthening the CDC Global Services offerings by adding significant expertise and resources in large-scale supply-chain execution.[13] [edit]JRG Software, Inc., – on-demand supply-chain planning The acquisition of JRG Software gave the Company on-demand planning and scheduling applications that are highly complementary to the company's global suite of industry-specific enterprise applications.[17] [edit]Industri-Matematik International (IMI) – supply-chain solutions The acquisition of IMI allows CDC Software to offer customers comprehensive supply-chain solutions that serve a wide range of businesses, including complex retail, wholesale, consumer goods, distribution operations, and added a customer base that includes GE, AT&T, Starbucks, Campbell Soup, Dial, Frito Lay, Kellogg's, and Warner/Electra/Atlantic.[21] [edit]CDC SaaS [edit]Computility – web-based association and membership management software solution CDC Software acquired computility, a software as a service (SaaS) web-based association and membership management software solution, from privately held Alliance Technologies Inc., as part of its strategy to expand CDC Software's offerings in the growing on-demand software market. The computility solution will be integrated into the CDC gomembers enterprise product line and will add new functionality to that platform with an association management software solution featuring integrated web modules and web collaboration tools for Not-For-Profit (NFP) organizations.[8] [edit]gomembers, Inc. –SaaS solutions for not-for-profit (NFP) and non-governmental organizations (NGO) The acquisition of gomembers, a provider of software as a service (SaaS) and on-premise solutions for the Not-For-Profit (NFP) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) market, advances CDC Software’s goal to complement its focus in key verticals, including the NFP/NGO sector, and to offer customers multiple deployment options, such as on demand, on-premise and hybrid, a blend of both on-premise and on demand solutions, that best fit their business requirements.[10] [edit]Truition Inc. – on-demand e-commerce solutions for retailers and brand manufacturers The acquisition of Truition opens up the business to-consumer market (B2C) for CDC Software solutions and gives CDC Software the ability to offer an end-to-end supply chain execution solution, from raw materials to the end consumer. This acquisition also furthers CDC Software’s roll-up strategy to acquire SaaS companies that complement its on-premise solutions in key verticals that include retail, financial services, consumer electronics, apparel, consumer packaged goods (CPG), non-profit, travel/leisure/loyalty and sports/entertainment.[11] [edit]TradeBeam – on-demand software as a service (SaaS) supply chain visibility and global trade management solutions TradeBeam is the provider of on demand solutions that streamline global trading for enterprises and their partners. TradeBeam’s integrated solution provides import and export compliance and visibility including inventory management, shipment tracking, and supply chain event management, as well as global trade finance solutions such as open account and letter of credit management. [edit]Ross Enterprise Ross Systems was founded by Ken Ross in 1972 in Atlanta, Georgia as a contract programming and systems analysis firm. Ross Systems later became a major vendor of application software that ran on the DEC platform. The company was sold to a group of investors in 1988 and went public on NASDAQ as Ross Systems under ticker ROSS.[32] In August 2004, Ross Systems was acquired by CDC Corporation and became the cornerstone of CDC Software’s back office solutions for manufacturing. Ross ERP is an enterprise resource planning software solution that is 100% focused on the needs of process manufacturing companies. Process manufacturers have unique requirements distinct from those of discrete manufacturers. Ross ERP provides process manufacturers with the software to manage resources through every stage of the manufacturing process.[33] The Ross family of software solutions includes IRENAISSANCE, an integrated suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP), financials, materials management, manufacturing and distribution, supply chain management, advanced planning and scheduling, customer relationship management, electronic commerce, business intelligence, and analytics applications. The company also provides professional services including application consulting, technical consulting, and training.[33] [edit]CDC eCommerce CDC eCommerce provides e-commerce technology as an on-demand service, creating complete branded online storefronts and auction sites for customers on the CDC eCommerce platform and enabling organizations to outsource key elements of their online operations.[42] CDC Services: Consulting Services CDC Services offers a unique blend of operational knowledge, industry expertise and bestpractices methodologies, as well as prepackaged software deliverables, to ensure you achieve your business objectives on time and on budget. Remote Management Services Sensibly outsource application and database administration tasks to a dedicated team of specialists that performs just like an onsite IT staff, but with the ability to work remotely. The RMS team takes care of your ongoing administration functions, such as application installs, configuration, and upgrades. Application and Development Services Our application services team offers several packaged software modules that extend the current functionality of your Ross ERP solutions. With our deep solution expertise, we can rapidly deploy these modules and upgrade your current software applications to the latest releases with minimal risk and investment, allowing our Customer IT staff to focus on their core competencies. Global Technical Support We’re proud to offer highly collaborative, flexible and effective support services to our customers. You can expect our customer support organization to be responsive to your needs and results-oriented when it comes to troubleshooting your issues. Customers use our support site to access the knowledge base, submit service requests, and download patches among other services. Hosting Services We offer several levels of hosting services with Ross in the Cloud, our full-function ERP solution in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model. Services for CDC Empower CDC Software and Integrated solutions provide support in Asia and around the world for CDC Empower ERP customers.