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Best Dab Pen For 2021

The dab pen features four variable voltage settings and is powered by a 900mAh battery. For each voltage setting, the dab pen has an LED that indicates it.


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Best Dab pen for 2021 Wax concentrates may be great (highly potent), but it is impossible to enjoy them if you are not vaporizing them properly. To vaporize your dab concentrate properly, you need a high-quality dab pen that is excellent in performance and has a good safety profile. This article reviews some of the best dab pens you can buy in 2020. Kandypens Prism Plus Vaporizer. Kandypens Prism Plus combines excellent performance, portability, and style in a compact dab pen. It features two premium atomizers; one is a dual quartz rod while the other one is coilless ceramic. With these atomizers, you are guaranteed to have smooth and tasty hits from this dab pen. The dab pen features four variable voltage settings and is powered by a 900mAh battery. For each voltage setting, the dab pen has an LED that indicates it. When the LED light is yellow, it means that you have set it at 240 V, Green indicates 3.0 V, Red indicates 3.6 V, and a blue light on the LED represents 4.2 V. Kandypens prism plus heats up quickly; thus, you can start taking hits in a couple of seconds after turning on the device. It is constructed from electro-plated stainless steel, a very durable material, which ensures it is long-lasting. Mig vapor Wasp. The first thing you will notice of the Mig Vapor Wasp is its simplicity and portability. The dab pen comes in two distinct colors; Silver and Black. Before making your order, you can choose one of the two colors. 1/3 The WASP not only has some good looks, but it is also excellent in functionality. It takes 2 – 3 seconds to heat up; hence, it will not waste your time. You can set the temperature of the dab pen between 400 to 455 degrees Fahrenheit. A 900 mAh battery powers the dab pen. With this battery capacity, you don’t have to worry about your dabbing experience being disrupted because the battery is about to die, especially if you are a casual vaper. For heavy dab pen users, the battery is likely to drain faster. The package of Mig vapor Wasp includes: A carborundum coil A USB wireless charger A user manual A dab tool for loading your wax concentrate The 900 mAh battery One lovely gift box. A warranty that is valid for 90 days. Yocan Magneto. Yocan Magneto is a dab pen that utilizes ceramic coils, but it is also compatible with quartz coils. Ceramic coils are renowned for their heat retention, while quartz coils are renowned for their quick heat up time. The Yocan Magneto features an internal storage container and a hole on the side, enabling it to vaporize your wax concentrate quicker than other dab pens. It supports quick charging via micro-USB. Linx Hypnos Zero. The sleek and compact design of the Linx Hypnos Zero makes it one of the best dab pens for 2020. The dab pen utilizes a ceramic plate atomizer for vaporizing your concentrates. Linx Hypnos Zero features four temperature settings that enable you to customize your dabbing experience. It is very portable as it is only 10 cm long (pocket size). The entire dab pen is constructed from high-quality, durable material. You need not worry about your dab pen breaking or becoming dysfunctional within one year after buying it because a one-year limited warranty backs Linx Hypnos Zero. Kandypens Crystal. Kandypens Crystal is another premium dab pen made by Kandypens. It features an all quartz coil that creates smooth and tasty vapor. The dab pen is constructed from medical grade stainless steel material; hence it is very durable. 2/3 The 900 mAh battery that powers Kandpens Crystal can last for a whole day if you don’t use it heavily. Other features of the dab pen include a sesh mode, four distinct voltage settings, and a lifetime warranty. Linx Ares. Linx Ares features a ceramic rod heating system that can give you quality hits. It also has a honey straw that makes it easy to load the dab pen. With this dab pen, your dabbing concentrate will be vaporized in an instant, and none of it will go to waste. Linx Ares comes with a 750 mAh battery. It is effortless to separate the components of the dab pen and clean them. The body of the dab pen is constructed from high quality and strong material. Conclusion. Apart from those reviewed in the text, more dab pens can fit into the best for 2020. You can find all these dab pens in online stores to read the ratings and reviews for each. 3/3