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10 Facts About Hvac Cleaning

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) maintenance is totally different from air duct cleaning as the former is a professional approach to spring-cleaning the system. For this, an expert service needs to be hired.


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10 Facts About HVAC Cleaning By Vitaly Stotland 20th Jun 2020 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) maintenance is totally different from air duct cleaning as the former is a professional approach to spring-cleaning the system. For this, an expert service needs to be hired. Here in this article you will get to know about some of the most amazing facts about HVAC Cleaning that you weren’t aware before. Duct Cleaning and Health Issues According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regular air duct cleaning is not required to prevent any health problems. On the contrary, HVAC users must seek a professional service in case of need such as dirty, contaminated or verminous air ducts. If you witness mould growth in your HVAC ducts or components then it’s the time to call for an expert service. HVAC Scrubbing Process Professional HVAC spring-cleaning makes use of specialized apparatuses to vacuum out the dirt, infested or contaminated particles. At times, the air canals are dissected and a powerful vacuum system is used to clean off the accumulated filth. If this process is not done professionally, then HVAC system might get damaged. For instance, if the HVAC is not sealed or reinstalled properly after cleaning, it will exhaust pollutants to the external surroundings. 1/4 How to Curtail the Risks of HVAC Washing? If you wish to curtail the risks of HVAC dusting, then you must choose a qualified service provider. For that, you must check that your contractor must be National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) certified. As per the NADCA, the foremost HVAC Dusting service providers should have at least single Air System Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) as part of their team so that cleaning process is accomplished according to association’s standards and guidelines. Certainly, authentication of NADCA certification does not ensure that HVAC dusting process will be a flawless experience, but it will save from any unprofessional approach. Air Pipes Cleaning vs HVAC System Cleaning A major confusion regarding air canal scrubbing is that it is part of the HVAC system cleaning. In fact, air ducts are cleaned only when they are polluted and necessitates cleaning of the entire system that interacts with the air circulating through canals. This idea has been established by NADCA. According to NADCA, air canal cleaning is a part of the general HVAC system vacuuming which encompasses scrubbing and replacement of air sifters, spring-cleaning grids and diffusers, examining channel pans and lines for drainage, inspecting heat exchanger and chilling spirals, furnace air plenum, blower motor and others. Customers are provided a comprehensive checklist that enlightens the endorsed procedure. HVAC Parts Gutted in Cleaning Procedure As per the NADCA, the following items are gutted during the cleaning procedure: HVAC Ducts Scrub-off main and branch supply ducts Seal installation contact panes Grids and Diffusers Eliminate and evidently clean supply catalogues and return air grids. Vacuum furnace source air plenary and return air plenary. Furnace Components Air Filter 2/4 10 Important Facts About HVAC Cleaning While there is an argument about the benefits of air channel vacuuming, there are some exciting facts to explore. Air Network Cleaning may not thwart health issues According to EPA researches, air channel cleaning may not thwart health issues such as allergies, respiratory issues and other health problems. A detailed scrubbing of the HVAC air station and components surely plays a key role in prevention and treatment strategies. Air Waterway Cleaning Might Not Help Solve Problems If you want to get the HVAC air duct scrubbed-off, you must carefully search and choose the service provider. Hiring an unprofessional or non-certified company may potentially damage your system. Vacuuming Only Air Channel is Not Sufficient Air Channels are a dirt collecting point where pollutants accumulate, but the particles do not withdraw into the dispersed air. So, if only the air conduit is cleaned, it will not guarantee enhanced air quality. Majority of the HVAC service providers suggest main components of the system along with air pipes to be cleaned, which ensures efficient air flow and reduced electricity bills. Your Surrounding Comprise of More VOCs that external air 3/4 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) contain a substantial quantity of evaporable carbonbased chemicals being produced and used on daily basis. Researches prove that the VOC levels are much higher in the house than outdoors. Eliminate Allergens Researches show that more than 72 trillion allergen particles may enter your environment. So, cleaning off the airducts regularly help eliminate these particle accumulations within the system, and help avoid treatment plan. Save Money If the HVAC system is not properly maintained, then you might have to spend three times. 18 kgs Dust Yearly As per NADCA, an average room may comprise of 18 kgs pollutants each year, which can be a major issue for your HVAC system and budget. Appropriate maintenance and monitoring can help avoid potential problems and huge repair costs. Cleansers and sterilizers are contaminants If your HVAC service providers use risky cleansers and sterilisers for airduct cleaning, then you must understand that these are also contaminants. So, its recommended to consult EPA to choose products safe for airduct cleaning. Air Ducts are not the actual source of pollution The presence of pets, mould, pollutants and other toxins in the air seaway can be a symptom to call for a professional HVAC cleaning service. HVAC Housework and Health HVAC users must know that senior citizens and children are more vulnerable to pollutants, so regular cleaning can ensure their better health. 4/4